11:Eleven — Peace

A Bit of Info on the Portal Background Image

Some are going to take one look at the background image for the portal page and think, “My God! Michael has gone all pagan on us!” (not that I've got anything against pagans ... but no, I haven’t denounced any of my religious or spiritual beliefs).

If you are wondering what the symbol is, however, it’s a Triquetra. Triquetra is Latin and did originally mean “triangle” (according to Wikipedia) but now the word is simply used to described three-cornered shapes. While Triquetras have sometimes been identified with paganism they also have some ancient roots in Christianity, representing the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Triquetras are used as Celtic symbols also.

Personally I just think it looks kind of cool and can't really say much more than that (other than, “No, I haven’t become some devil worshiper or some such nonsense if that's what you’re thinking.”)

Notice A Change in The Domain Name?

Just a quick word to mention the obvious. You will see references in the site to my old domain name (N1Spirit.com) from time to time; that, as well as some images and links will appear to be broken. I'm working on all of this as quickly as time permits but the old site is no longer up and running. I got fed up with the web hosting service I was using (Hostonce.com) and did not renew. This site is being hosted on GoDaddy.com (I'm hopeful that the customer service, as well as technical support) will be MUCH BETTER than that I experienced with Hostonce. However, please have some patience as I work through the details of redirecting links to the correct domain. Once that is accomplished everything should go back to looking and acting more normal (and yes, I'll be changing up the graphics to reflect the new name, "QuipsNQuills" as well). Sorry for the inconvenience.

One last note; my regular blog should be back up and running soon (that is a priority of mine). In the meantime feel free to check out my backup blog at http://n1spirit.blogspot.com/.

Looking For Work

If you haven't heard yet I was laid off from my job (along with pretty much every other employee left in our office) the day before Christmas last year. The economy is what it is at the moment and I've had no luck whatsoever finding a new job. I'm hoping my luck will turn around soon but I really don't know when it will happen. I'm confident I'll find work but Lord only knows how long it's going to take so if you know of anyone who's hiring please don't hesitate to shoot me an email at n1spirit@gmail.com (I would greatly appreciate it).

So that you know, I've worked in the title industry for the past seven+ years working with one of the Senior Vice Presidents, handling commercial transactions. I was hired on full time by LandAmerica in the late summer/early Fall of 2002. It all fell apart though when our company was run into the ground by Ted Chandler and Bill Evans. I honestly don't know which of the two is the most incompetent. I'm hopeful that karma will work its wonder and both will [eventually] be brought up on criminal charges. Afterall, Bill and Ted's misadventure (and greed) resulted in our company losing over $240-million in under four months time last year. Because of this and other losses the company then filed bankruptcy and the three [still] solvent branches remaining were sold off to a competitor (Fidelity Insurance). That sell took place on December 22, 2008 and two days later the layoffs in our office and around the company began. Fidelity swooped in and bought Commonwealth Land Title, Lawyers Title, LandAmerica NJ and United Title for pennies on the dollar and from what I've been able to gather, as well as my own experience, they then began systematically laying off the majority of employees who had been working for LandAmerica or its wholly owned subsidiaries. (It saddens me that companies so often choose to do this right around the holidays.)

So yeah, I'm somewhat angry about this experience and hopeful those at Fidelity, as well as Ted Chandler and Bill Evans, all reap their reward. I'm a big believer in karma ... and honey, she can be a witch sometimes. If you don't believe me just ask my ex of 6.5 years (but that's another story for another time).

Facebook and MySpace

I've had a presence on MySpace for quite some time and also have a profile on Facebook. If you are interested in communicating with me on either of these services, go to the site and create a profile — then send a friend request to me. You can look me up by my name on Facebook; my id on MySpace is "N1Spirit" (same as this site photo of Carlsbad Cavernsand my email address). Take care, be safe and enjoy every day!

New Mexico, Here I Come (Maybe)

Having lived in Texas for twenty-four going on 25 years, yours truly was born and bred in Carlsbad (New Mexico). I may just be headed back there soon if I can't find work in Dallas. However, that's alright. I've family there including a beautiful niece and handsome nephew. But if you've never had the opportunity to visit the "Land of Enchantment" yourself I encourage you to do so.

Be sure to visit the Carlsbad Caverns; you won't be disappointed. Here are some photos of some of the beautiful cave formations found in the Kings Palace deep underground. This is just some of what you'll see if you take the time to visit.