11:Eleven — Peace

My photography...

Photo of myself attending the 2009 Texas Freedom ParadePhotography, for me, has been an on-again, off-again hobby through the years; something I enjoy which brings a sense of peace, tranquility, perhaps even “order” … to my life. Maybe it is because I feel a deep connection to humankind and our history and in a sense wish to document where we are ‘today’ so that others who come after may enjoy and have a better understanding of what ‘once was.’

Not to be a downer but there are days when I wonder just where we might be headed (both as a species and the world about us). Will mankind change course soon enough to save the environment around him or will we continue to live only in the moment, unwilling to consider the consequences our actions today may have on the world tomorrow? There are so very many beautiful sights to behold on earth; even today (as compared to some of that history tells of which has since been lost to us). But can we fully appreciate and value such wondrous treasures enough to protect them for the enjoyment of others tomorrow? If history is any indication I am left with a questioning doubt about that but I remain as hopeful as I can be.

This is, I suppose, what drives me to go out into the world and enjoy what I can; to take the photos I choose to take. I do not pretend to be a great artist, a photographer with a wonderful eye (there are many others who are professionally trained, who by the measures of others take better photographs) but those images I capture — I attempt to capture from the heart. Many times they are of locations or flora, wildlife and sometimes just your average, everyday person on the street. Sometimes I attend events I connect to on some personal level and I take as many photographs as I possibly can in an effort to preserve the moment. (Such was the case recently while attending the Lone Star Ride charity event, a 2-day 165-mile ride benefitting AIDS service providers. You may read all about my thoughts and appreciation for these people here.)

Some have asked if I charge for my work. I've never before taken photos with the intention of being compensated (monetarily) for my effort. Perhaps in time I'll feel more self-assured and will pursue my hobby from the perspective of a "professional" ... but for now it is a hobby and simply a love.

That said, it's true I find myself presently unemployed and looking for work SO if you are enjoying what you see here (on my Flickr photostream)... Please feel free to make a donation. Just know that such a donation is not required in order to enjoy what I have made available to you for free. All donations will be met with gratitude.

I hope you will continue to find enjoyment from the photos I have taken… and may the spirit of One bless you greatly!