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Still The Same Man I Always Have Been…

05 Mar


It isn’t that I’ve anything against Democrats (and for the record, not all Democrats are “liberals”). It’s that I was raised and taught that if you want something, you WORK for it. You don’t expect it to suddenly appear and be given to you as if money grows on trees.

(For the record, I’m registered AS a Democrat)…

A friend sent me a message this morning, expressing that he wishes he could draw because if he could… He’d draw the “Bernie”-mobile, all beat up and travelling along the freeway while siphoning gas from another car that was moving along beside it.

He’s right. THAT is how socialism works, folks. It’s what Bernie, nice as he is, stands for and it’s everything this country is NOT about.

We’re supposed to be about giving people “opportunities.” The chance to reach for their dreams — BUT to achieve those dreams, THEY must be the ones to put in the real effort.

You do not get something for nothing; in fact, you justifiably get no more than the effort you’ve put in to earn your prize.

So no, Bernie, the socialist, is not the answer. Nor is Hilary who has proven herself untrustworthy on so many occasions. Yes, I know. Those nasty Republicans have had her in their targets for years and years now, trying to rid Washington, D.C. of she and her husband. I totally understand that lame argument and I’m not arguing that the Republican Party was/is doing so in the interests of the nation.

You and I both know the vast majority of (if not all) politicians do not do such things in the interests of their constituents, because… Well, cause NO elected politician in EITHER party, since being elected, has EVER done anything without being motivated by some self-interest and/or greed.

For the politicians of today and many years past, it’s always been about preserving the power they won and securing more of the same. It’s about lining their pocketbooks with more currency. Greed and the lust for power is the human weakness — and our elected representatives display such frailty each and EVERY day!


[to be continued]


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The “Twin Towers” Remembered

10 Jan

 Capture of post on Facebook I agree with the message that the original poster made.

Fact: There is a group of people that do not like America; they consider us to be “Infidels” and it was the intention of the terrorists to strike fear into the hearts of those they wish to kill (us).

Fact: Many countries have opened their borders to an entire group of people (the Muslims) who were raised to believe that women, gays and lesbians and ANYONE who does not believe as they do themselves are unworthy of living — and their own [cult] teaches them that it is alright to LIE to “infidels” to get their way. What has that gotten these countries?

Fact: 100 women were raped, beaten and robbed on New Years even by a thuggish, worthless group of 1000 Muslim men “because they were taught and believe that women are nothing more than property, to be used and abused as they see fit.”

Fact: Islam is not a religion of peace; it is a cult that preaches hate, deception and murder and I myself tend to think that many of those terrorists responsible for bringing down the Twin Towers in NYC and other attacks around the country on 9-11-01 were in fact followers of that cult, as are many of those who would like nothing more than to repeat the event if given the opportunity.

CONCLUSION: There are far too many Muslims who are welcomed in with all of their “necessary needs” PROVIDED for them, who LIE to us and bite the hands that feed them. Dogs deserve [MUCH] better treatment than these people do and if by re-posting a photo of the Twin Towers along with a clear message they “did NOT win that day” sends a message that their fear tactics are useless in the face of freedom/liberty and all that our nation stands for — then I say “all the better!” (Even if the sitting douche-bag of a president of the United States, along with many [liberals] in his party would much prefer to invite them in, demeaning the loss of life and property that day.) Islam is incompatible with our way of life here in America; it is incompatible with the way of life in ANY/EVERY civilized society. So I say, “Screw their feelings!” and let’s send as many messages we we can to these brutish THUGS that they will never win what they most desire.

#Muslim #AntiTerrorism #Terrorism #Islam #TwinTowers

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Tommy Robinson, the U.K. and the Threat of Islam

10 Jan

I’m not racist. You can’t be “racist” against an idea or a CULT (i.e. Islam). Ideas and religions are NOT people. But hey, if it makes you “feel” better to think of me as racist then by all means think of me as such. If you are a woman (or gay or bisexual), watch this video and YOU tell ME why so many seemingly EXCUSE the behavior of Muslims. Muslims are RAISED to think of women (in THEIR country) as second-class citizens. For the record, they think of women in the countries of others as even LESS THAN [that]. As a gay, lesbian or bisexual (AND AS anyone who isn’t a card-carrying CULT member of Islam), you have even MORE to be concerned about.

Do NOT “fool” yourself; Barack Obama and others of his ilk do NOT give a damn about this country (or he would be taking actions to protect our way of life). This pretender in the White House makes excuses for Muslims and welcomes them across our borders in record measure. The only reason members of his own party do so is so that they don’t upset the apple cart and cut off the teets they are suckling upon.

And Tommy Robinson is right; watch the video.

I’ve been told Mr. Robinson was jailed for speaking out against Islam and WHILE IN JAIL, he was attacked by Muslims. I haven’t researched that claim but there’s enough evidence on the face of it that I believe it is true.

Tommy Robinson’s circumstances are disturbing enough (and if liberals in our own country had their way, we would be – and ARE ON THE VERGE of facing the same effing consequences!) BTW, Robinson is a citizen of the U.K.

I’m told that NOW those in power in his country want to bring charges against him for PROTECTING HIMSELF while in jail! What the hell? If all of this is true… that he was jailed for simply speaking out against Islam, attacked while IN jail BY Muslims, fought back to PROTECT himself – and is now facing “additional prosecution” for doing something that ANY CIVILIZED PERSON would consider to be well-within one’s right to do (protect him or herself!) than our allies have LOST THEIR EFFING MINDS!!!

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Where Do We Go, Who Do We Trust…
What do we do?

31 Mar

Snapshot of post by Americans First, as first appeared on Ted Cruz's official Facebook page.The snippet shown as a graphic (at right) is of a post by “Americans First” on Ted Cruz‘s official Facebook page.

Now, perhaps I’m mistaken but I can’t help but think that this is criticism of the job Cruz is doing (not a difficult thing to imagine, I might add) and deservedly so.

That said and as friends already know, I feel there’s equal blame on both sides of the aisle. Both, Republicans and Democrats alike have behaved terribly in recent years/decades. They’ve done anything BUT lead.

At some point it’s as though our country was raffled off to the highest bidder (business, lobbyists, etc.) and our leaders have all but forgotten who they were elected to represent.

I’m angered by that; you should be as well.

Liberal friends of mine say I am “paranoid” by insisting on making certain I’ve ample ammunition for the guns I own but seriously, why shouldn’t I be a little paranoid?

Do you honestly believe we AREN’T in for troubling times ahead and/or some serious civil unrest? I don’t know about the rest of you but I’d like to know that I at least have a chance to protect myself and my family if and when everything goes to hell in a hand-basket.

(People, we can’t keep going at this pace without paying the piper at some future point in time. Our country was founded on the principles of a hard day’s work, honesty AND altruism even. For some time now, we’ve all been taking much for granted and placing our trust in people who NEVER should have held it in the first place.)

Elected officials in both parties don’t represent OUR best interests any longer. No, most of our politicians are in the pockets of big business (and the goal of big business is to “make a profit, at any cost”) or whomever else has a shekel to throw in their direction.

“Americans First” is correct when he/she states our forefathers would be ASHAMED at the state of the Union today.

Our ancestors fought a hard fight for the freedom we all take for granted today – and instead of doing everything within our power to maintain said freedom, we willingly gobble up the crap that our own parties throw out there for us to feast upon. BOTH parties are guilty of spreading disinformation and as well, BOTH parties have contributed to the state of the Union today. I honestly don’t know which is to blame the most — and I really don’t care any longer.

What I would like is for the bullshit to simply STOP but we all know that isn’t going to happen.

What can and should happen is that we need to set aside our own divisive attitudes, admit that regardless of which of the parties we identify with the most, that party is partially to blame and we should start demanding real change and honesty.

We should demand transparency and as high a level of honesty as can be insisted upon.

And on that topic, I get and fully understand that “We the People” cannot be involved in every decision that our government makes. We can’t reasonably expect to be kept abreast of every detail of information that factors into the policy-making decisions of this country as regards international interests and/or military decisions. (If you think that you should then you’re being unreasonable and as well would be setting our own government up for a serious disadvantage at the hands of foreign interests.)

But we obviously should insist on knowing when decisions have been made that are based on lies and deception. (We’ve been in a war for damn near thirteen years because of one such lie, in my opinion.)

When it becomes obvious that an official has been dishonest and is lying, the official needs to go IMMEDIATELY and without any further compensation (in the form of health insurance, retirement, etc.)

We shouldn’t be rewarding bad behavior, either at home or in the State Capitals and Washington, D.C. We should be insisting on honesty and good behavior; after all, how many in the secret service have been held up to such scrutiny? Why are we giving our elected politicians a pass when all others do not get one?

Aren’t good behavior, honesty, respect and hard work values that every well-meaning and responsible parent tries to instill in their children? Why should we expect any less from our government officials, both elected and otherwise?

Many of our so-called leaders are nothing more than children expressing behavioral flaws that, in any reasonable school environment I ever enjoyed growing up would have justified their being sent to the principal’s office or to the corner for a nice “time out!”

So, what is next?

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Defending the First Amendment

16 Feb

I might disagree with your point of view “but I’ll fight to protect your right to espouse it.”

That’s what the First Amendment is all about and that is precisely why I feel it’s important to protect it (even when said right is abused by the lowest of the low; people and/or organizations who are simply acting like “douche-bags”).

We cannot all agree on everything all of the time so yes, even when the behavior and statements of others runs contrary to my own or is downright offensive (to me) I will still feel it’s important to protect their right to demonstrate their stupidity. {sarcasm}

So how does this apply to the Westboro Baptist Church, an organized group of very hateful, judgmental and bitter individuals who have been a nuisance to me for more than twenty-five years now?

The WBC has picketed the church I’ve been a member of since 1986 (on at least three occasions that I can readily recall) and they have been present to picket the funeral of a friend’s brother. One of their members shared a stage with that same friend many years ago, insulting and attempting to degrade him in front of the audience (only to experience firsthand, how the attempt backfired and they themselves came out the loser).

They never really learn though… For instance, 5-year old Jayden Sink set up a Lemonade stand to benefit a message of hope and peace at the Equality House located across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church.

How did they respond to this little girl? Well, as is their usual manner and classless fashion they put up a marquee that read “Fags & enablers all burn in hell; Lemonade won’t cool any tongues.” Did the WBC’s efforts dampen the spirits of this little girl or those who stood with her? Doubtfully, because as more and more people learned of Jayden’s story, she was able to raise more than $400 for the cause that day alone (and thousands of dollars since). God bless the little children. {seriously}

If you haven’t already seen the article on Huffington Post you should really read about Jayden here.

And yet…

There is one member of the Phelps family to whom I have to give some respect; he is Nate Phelps residing in Calgary, Canada. Nate is the son of Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church and (see interview at right) he apparently disagrees with the actions of his family. Thank God, a voice of reason among so many boorish members of the Phelps family. We can assume he’s not on good terms with the Phelps clan for having the strength, intelligence and good fortitude to disagree with their outrageous and obviously hateful activities. That is reason enough to give the guy kudos and a pass for having the same last name as such a hateful family.

Nate says it best when he states, “I think that as soon as we start silencing these voices that we disagree with, we are affectively saying that we are prepared to silence our own voice if we have an opinion that becomes unpopular with the general public.” I think he has hit the nail squarely on the head and that is the reason for which I will defend the rights of others to espouse their rhetoric, even when what they have to say is 180 degrees opposite of how I myself feel. (Of course, having the right to proclaim your opinion does not give you safe harbor and protection from having to experience the consequences of having done so; that’s a totally different matter altogether.)

But some people need enough rope to demonstrate (for the world to witness firsthand) just how hateful, intolerant and small-minded they can truly be. The WBC is a perfect example of such a group of people.

On a sidenote, I do find it offensive they’ve been able to legally quantify their hateful organization as a church and are able to enjoy all of the tax benefits that come along with being recognized as such. They hardly seem worthy of being described as a church but are more akin to a cult, not unlike that of Jim Jones many years ago — and just like the members of the Jone’s cult, I wish these ass-hats would drink the grape Kool-Aid. (Google it kids and you’ll then understand what I mean by that comment.)

The son of Fred Phelps does agree that the organization should not be allowed to picket at funerals (and I agree). The First Amendment should not extend the freedom of free speech in such a way that any individual or organized group is welcome to offend the sensibilities or personal feelings of another as he/she/they are burying their loved one(s).

There has to be a line drawn “somewhere” and that line should benefit the friends and families of those who have passed. Such persons in grief need time to do so privately and in peace; they shouldn’t have to endure the political, religious and cultish ravings of some lunatic fringe group that represents the “worst of what religion has to offer“.



The Beast Within Russia

15 Jan

To many this is considered “old news” because the law was enacted during the summer of last year (2013). But to those of us whose brothers and sisters face anguish, antagonism, vitriolic hatred, physical beatings and (worst case scenario) even death this isn’t old news at all.

In Russia, young men and women live in fear for their lives (just because of what and who they are) If they’re the least bit open about their sexuality.

The British protestor depicted in the embedded video is correct. If this draconian law were instead focused on persons of color (black people) or targeted a segment of society for its religious beliefs (or background, such as those of Jewish descent), there would be an overwhelming outrage; one such that the Olympic Committee would have been forced to revisit its decision to hold the Winter games in Sochi, Russia. However, because the law is “anti-gay” in nature — well, it’s just easier to digest and turn a blind eye to I suppose.

I’ve written the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and as well have signed a petition asking that they take a stand on this issue. My comments to the head of the committee read as follows:

IF the IOC cannot bring itself to do something about this outlandish and discriminatory practice from the Russian government then I will assure you that I (1) will not watch any of the games, (2) will make it clear to ALL of those who purchase advertising for the games that I’ll not be purchasing their products or services so long as the games are taking place in Russia, (3) will not purchase games memorabilia, (4) will write the networks “carrying” the games to advise them of my intent not to watch any of their daily programming during the time that the games are going on — and as well, will further research how I and other like-minded persons may negatively impact the International Olympic Committee and the games held in Russia. I have the greatest respect for the athletes and am saddened that my actions may have a negative effect on them in some fashion but in all honesty, you have had entirely enough time to get off of your ass and initiate a proactive response toward Russia and its policies with regard to this matter. (What you SHOULD have done was either move the damn games or simply call them off until the next set of games were scheduled to take place. I have lost ALL matter of confidence and respect for the IOC at this point in time — and I do know with certainty that others feel similarly.)

And I meant every word. Am I angry? Yes, I am (and as you read further you will understand just why this should anger you as well).

Has anything changed?

We have made a lot of headway in North America regarding LGBTQ issues; acceptance and understanding, tolerance and even equality to a larger degree in many states. Still, there are far too many who unfairly judge and openly discriminate against the gay, lesbian and transgender communities. LGBTQ teens and young adults by and large face higher risks; more attempt suicide, struggle with depression, are homeless and bullied, both online and offline daily — but there has been progress (just not so much in Russia!)

Russian President Vladimir PutinIt’s now open season on all who are even perceived to be gay/lesbian or transgendered in Russia, the vast majority attempting to justify their violent actions by linking homosexuality to pedophilia (a claim that has been debunked many times over).

And Russia’s “head douche-bag”, President Vladimir Putin has made it clear that the homophobic State Duma (the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia) has his full support and praise.

The law passed in Russia only this past summer bans all “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations.” Propaganda? The law is written so broadly, it’s wide open to interpretation and the perfect tool of choice to enable the police/courts and prejudiced, uninformed citizens (who are waging war on all things LGBTQ) to abuse our brothers and sisters living or visiting there. Most of what I’m reading in the news demonstrates that the law has pushed back human rights for gays and lesbians decades (or more), giving those who are prejudiced renewed motivation to discriminate, humiliate and torture LGBTQ persons in public.

For instance, a group of young men and women gather together (not unlike a rogue pack of filthy, wild dogs) weekly to go on what they refer to as “safaris.” Their sole purpose during these events is to target gay men and women, beating them severely. I believe it’s only a matter of time before they actually kill someone (or perhaps that’s already occurred and we simply don’t know about it … yet!) This ill-educated band of social misfits feel so empowered by the state, they film their attacks and upload the videos to a website for others to view. It’s as if they are peacocks preening their feathers; the difference being that these “lumbering ostriches” aren’t at all, all that beautiful — nor are their crimes of misled passion.

That is the effect this hateful law has had; it simply encourages the most dull-witted and hateful among Russia’s citizens to become more and more violent, seemingly with the state’s permission and encouragement.

Vladimir Putin must be so proud.

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  • (SPLC) Southern Poverty Law Center 10 Anti-Gay Myths Debunked — [Excerpt] “These fairy tales are important to the anti-gay right because they form the basis of its claim that homosexuality is a social evil that must be suppressed — an opinion rejected by virtually all relevant medical and scientific authorities.”

  • ABC News online: Russia expels David Satter, US journalist critical of Vladimir Putin — [Excerpt] “In one of his books, Darkness at Dawn, Satter accuses the Federal Security Service (FSB), a successor of the Soviet-era KGB, of being responsible for bombings of Russian apartment buildings in 1999 which killed more than 300 people.”

  • Google Search including the keywords anti-gay, law and Russia.

  • Google Search including the keywords Russia, “Vitaly Milonov” and anti-gay.


DNC, GOP & Libertarian

19 Oct

The three political parties (plus one group of fanatics)I’m registered as a Democrat but identify more so with the Libertarians. Conservative on some fronts (believe in SMALLER government and LESS government intervention, for instance — and a staunch supporter of gun rights). Liberal on other [fronts], such as marriage equality, etc.

I believe in a FLAT tax where EVERYBODY is responsible for paying the same percentage of each dollar they earn, into the system to support our troops, public services, etc. and do NOT believe we need the government protecting us from ourselves at every turn. (It is high time that we the people woke the hell up and started using the brains that we were born with.)

It is also about time that we make companies who are willing to ship jobs overseas pay more in taxes and give credits to those who are willing to keep the jobs and production here.

It’s time we called illegal aliens precisely what they are; criminals. You’re welcome to come into the states, live here, secure a job (even send whatever you can afford to live without back to your families across the border). I’ve NO problem with this whatsoever and I even encourage it for we are, after all a nation of immigrants — save for the native Indians who this country bilked out of all their land, shoving them onto reservations and making promises that were never kept (but I digress). But again, if you are going to immigrate here do it LEGALLY. If you cannot work within the system then you’re breaking the law and yes, that makes you a criminal.

To the fanatics (the Tea Party) who are so freaking caught up in shining the spotlight on themselves at any cost to the nation and its citizens, go the hell away. We are damned tired of your extremist tactics and willingness to shut down the government, negatively affecting the economy during what SHOULD be a time of recovery — all because you’re pissed off and throwing a freaking temper tantrum.

To Ted Cruz and Rick Perry, kiss my backside on a day when my stomach is most unsettled.

To all the rest, let’s talk and let’s LISTEN to one another and let’s reach some middle ground that makes some damned sense for a change!


Mitt Romney; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

28 Oct

Pledge to "National Organization for Marriage" as signed by Mitt RomneyI have always said (and still maintain) that every person is entitled to vote his or her conscience, for the man or woman he or she feels will do the best job.

We all know that the President’s powers are limited but the office is not without its influence. I posted a link to a Youtube video the other day about an interview of a schoolteacher who sat across the table from Mitt Romney, during which he responded to her most unkindly and rudely when she indicated she had a suggestion for how some of the issues relating to the education of our children might be addressed. Romney cut her off, saying, “I didn’t ask you a question.”

In my personal opinion, the man is totally UNQUALIFIED to lead this country.

Status post as shared on Facebook page; says it all, folks!I’m not saying that Barack Obama has been the best of leaders during the past four years; I take issue with some of the things he has done, as well. More so, I take greater issue with the actions of both the Republican and Democratic parties (as both have put the interests of this nation on the back burner while playing “partisan politics” and creating gridlock in Washington, D.C.)

As anyone who knows the slightest bit about me know, I’m a gay white male. I did NOT “choose” my sexual orientation; it simply is what it is, just like the color of my skin, my gender, the family to which I was born, etc.

That’s a far cry from those things we DO choose, such as whether to believe in a religion, what we do for a living, where we live and what we drive, etc. The LGBT community has been fighting for acceptance, understanding and equality for years; we’ve made some (a lot, actually) progress but we are nowhere close to being treated with the respect deserving of any man, woman or child just for being who he or she was born to be.

Same-gender relationships are not recognized, though most are every bit as loving and respectable as any [other] relationship between a committed man and woman. If my partner becomes ill and must be hospitalized, I’m not considered “family” and therefore not given the same access and consideration I might receive were I a straight, married male and my “partner” were a woman.

Same-sex couples who are in committed relationships, who have chosen to build a life with one another starting with the purchase of a home, vehicles, shared checking and savings accounts, etc. do NOTenjoy the same protection under the law should one or the other of them die.

Certainly they [we] can have legal documents drawn up but in the end, even that does not guarantee that their wishes will be followed — and it’s a hell of a lot more expensive than the simple execution/signing of a marriage certificate which opposite-sex couples may enjoy. ONE WOULD THINKthat since we are not given the same consideration and protection under the law that we would not have to pay taxes that are commensurate to those [straight couples] who DO enjoy all of these protections and freedoms.

Such is NOT the case; we are taxed equally to all others, regardless of our sexual orientation and acceptance.

This is why I get as angry about this issue as I do and it’s why I’m saying “Screw you, Mitt Romney!”

To those reading this blog entry, who are taking the statement I have just made personally, as an affront to your delicate political sensibilities (regardless of whether you’re family or a friend)…

If you cannot understand WHY those of us who do NOT fall into the category of heterosexual, are so angered by the personal agendas of the conservatives to restrict and diminish the civil rights of others (in this case, me), basing their actions on a SECULARbelief that we are immoral and therefore undeserving of the same consideration as any other citizen of this great nation…

Some might say that if you cannot stand WITHus in an effort to achieve what is rightfully “everybody’s” then you are standing against us.

I understand that unless you are gay or bisexual, that this might not be considered “your fight” but I’ll remind those reading of “The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have them treat you.” If you cannot stand up for the rights of others, how then can you expect them to stand up for your own rights if and when you yourselves are on the losing end of a constitutional matter/discussion?

You may have your reasons to vote for Mitt Romney and far be it from me to tell you to do otherwise (as I think every vote is important, regardless of whether it is how I myself would or would not vote). But if you cannot at the very least TELL THIS F#KERthat you do not stand with him on this personal agenda of “hate” (and that IS what it is, regardless of how some may color it), then you are no real friend to those closest to you (including family) who identify as gay or bisexual.

If you are standing with a bigot who puts his “religious” beliefs above his ability to uphold the precepts of our founding documents and all that they stand for (“EQUALITY”) without at least telling him you disagree, then you’re a part of the problem.

Personally, I feel that this hateful man is “ill-equipped to lead this nation” and he doesn’t have the interests of our country and its citizens at heart. I won’t be voting for him in the forthcoming election; he’s shown his colors on many the occasion and I just cannot stomach their shade.


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Handouts and Who To Vote For?

30 Aug

I'd Like To Vote "None of The Above!"Honestly? I did not vote for Barack Obama in the last presidential election. (I take exception to his position on inheritance taxes and capital gains taxes and as well, do NOT believe in his attitude with regard to the “redistribution of wealth” — and I don’t care how you ‘splain or try to justify it, that is his attitude.)

If you want something, get off your ass and work for it. I’ve done that my entire life and I’m quite sick and tired of those who feel “entitled” to free handouts.

I am all for giving a person a much-needed hand-up but I’m tired of those who just want a handout so they can sit on their asses and get a free ride at the expense of those who ARE working, who DO pay taxes on salaries that are the direct consequence of their having worked for them (as opposed to a “salary” that was simply given to him or her under the guise of some government subsidized welfare program).

This isn’t to say there aren’t people out there who are deserving of a hand-up to survive; they exist (I know they do).

I’m just saying that “If you want the help, GIVE SOMETHING BACK in return! Don’t just take the money and run.

You can pick up trash, volunteer to do some data entry in a government office or a charity, help out with programs for the elderly or those who are physically unable to get out to pick up their prescription medications or to do their own grocery shopping. There is always something a person can do to give something back to the community that is [financially] helping him or her. Hell, volunteer your time to be a part of a phone bank to answer frequently asked questions relating to city/state services or [again] a charitable organization of some sort.

You might get the impression I’m a Republican, listening to me say these things; you’d be wrong.

I’m a registered Democrat; I have been since I first registered to vote many years ago. Having said this, I’m also an equal-opportunity offender.

I cannot stomach the gas-bags in the Republican party who’ve an interest in legislating morality but neither do I support the idiots in my own party who want to buy votes by offering every lazy-ass citizen (and those who enter our country illegally, who’ve little to no desire to work toward their citizenship) with a handout). I am equally disgusted with both parties.

Certainly, I get that circumstances are seemingly more difficult in some of the other countries and I understand that families there are just trying to make a living and survive… That explains why some of them cross the border illegally to try and find work here. But it REALLY isn’t all that much better for a lot of our own citizens in the States (America).

We’ve a lot of homeless people on the streets; we have a lot of families who are living from paycheck to paycheck, only days away from being turned out of their own homes should luck turn against them. One thing that makes me angry is that much-needed resources, resources which could be used to assist citizens who are here legally, who have been working and have been paying their taxes all along… Those resources are mishandled and given freely to people who are NOT here legally, who have NOT been making the contributions that make those very programs possible, by paying their fair share of the taxes you and I pay (if only because they are here illegally, have been paid under the table and there’s no record of their being employed).

Sorry Mexico… You take care of yours; we’ll take care of our own, thank you very much!

There has never been an argument made in my forty-nine years of living that will convince me I’ve a responsibility to every other person in every other country, be they across the border or around the world. I do my part to help others when I can … but it’s because I “want to”, not because I feel I MUST and am expected to.

If I willingly choose to give of my own resources (those which are mine and mine alone to give) to somebody, that is one thing (and quite honestly, we should all help when we can). But it’s quite another thing for a group of politicians who are living the fat life off of our sweat and hard work, whose only agenda is to get re-elected, to STEAL the fruits of our labors and just give them away, acting dismissive toward the interests and expressed priorities of our own citizens in the process.

You think I’m kidding? Just read about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Tomorrow I may write about how I feel that Ron Paul was screwed by the GOP during the Republican convention (and in the days that led up to the convention). No surprise there, given that NEITHER party understands the concept of integrity and acting on behalf of the interests of the average citizen.

In closing, if you were to ask me who I’m voting for in the upcoming election I’d have to say “I don’t know.”

I’ll probably vote for the Democratic ticket (with reservations) simply because I cannot stomach voting for the elitist Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Ryan wants to gut Medicare and Medicaid; I’m sorry but as fiscally conservative as I am, I have serious misgivings with regard to that little shit’s attitude toward our seniors who, after having paid taxes all their lives then find themselves in need of medical assistance only to discover that the funds are no longer available for their use.

On a more personal front, I am offended by the Republican Party’s attitude toward LGBTQ issues. Many of their number are as homophobic as they come! So, for those of you who are Republican and can’t understand why I’m not on board with your causes, think about it… If you’d get the hell out of my bedroom and quit trying to legislate morality, we might be able to reach some common ground.

Till then, the Republican Party can kiss my ass (but all things being fair, color me “disgusted” with both parties!)


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Dem or Repub

13 May

So, here’s the deal… Four years ago I bought into some of the conservative rhetoric with regard to Barack Obama. More importantly, I had (and still have) a big issue with his stand on capital gains taxes and estate/inheritance taxes. (Personally, I feel that the govt. has no business taxing an estate that is already the sum of whatever was left over after the deceased paid taxes on wages/salaries, etc. while BUILDING up their estate. What he or she chooses to do with his/her personal property when that individual passes on is/should be up to the individual and the government shouldn’t get “another crack at it with their wretched, thieving little hands.)

So with these things in mind and my own doubts with regard to Barack’s true allegiance, I cast my vote for McCain. It wasn’t easy; it was very difficult in fact because I’ve never voted for a Republican for the seat of President. Other seats, certainly (I like to mix ’em up and judge the individual on what I believe he or she stands for; not what party they identify with as a general rule but as for president, I’ve always voted the party line until this last election.) I had no real reservations about doing so and perhaps if the Republicans would pull their heads out of their collective assholes THIS year, I’d do the same … but I won’t.

No, Mitt Romney has sealed my vote. Not because Barack Obama came out on the side of marriage equality (let’s face it; his track record on a great number of things, including those concerning the LGBTQ community, is fluid – meaning that he changes his mind about as often as he changes his underwear I suspect). HOWEVER (and please listen to what I am about to say, folks!) … I file my taxes at the beginning of every year just like every other poor, aging and befuddled sap who watches helplessly on while his or her hard-earned money is taken away for the “supposed purpose of doing good works” at the bequest of the IRS. True, our government has a helluva HORRIBLE record as regards any demonstration that they know better how to spend my money than I myself do — but come April 15th of every year, my dues must be paid in full (or so they say).

One would “think” this would buy me, at the very least, equal representation as regards how my/our elected officials govern but in my case that isn’t always the case.

And now I hear that this ass-hat, Mitt Romney (should he be so lucky as to be elected president), not only has a problem with marriage equality (that’s not news) BUT ALSO has a problem with civil unions and as well, would like to see a FEDERAL AMENDMENT which would define marriage as being between ONLY a man a woman. People, we don’t live in the dark ages any longer. Homosexuality has LONG SINCE been removed from the list of psychiatric illnesses and REASONABLE people agree that it isn’t something a person “chooses” but rather something you have no choice about. Your sexuality is something you have no control over, even if you can choose whether to “accept it” and/or to act on your sexual orientation.

The bottom line for me is I am a homosexual; I have been my ENTIRE LIFE. I didn’t choose to be attracted to members of my own sex; it’s just how I’m wired. I’m not ashamed of being attracted to men. Perhaps I’m ashamed of some of the decisions I’ve made during the course of my own life from time to time (I’m certainly not perfect by any stretch of the word) but I’m CERTAINLY not ashamed of anything that, in part, defines who I am as a person and over which I’ve no control.

I was also born right here in the United States and I’m proud of this country. I’m certainly not always proud of the actions that some of our elected officials have taken over the years and by no means am I proud of some of the comments made and actions taken by some citizens of the U.S. who believe it is their right to insist that everybody live by THEIR ideals and constructs (as regard to religious believes and/or civil/secular ideas of what is right and what is wrong). Provided you are not harming another or infringing on the RIGHTS of somebody else, PLEASE DO live your life as you see fit – but don’t tell me that what I am doing is wrong when my own actions and beliefs are not harming you. And don’t elect some conservative, right-wing, hatchet-job and moral NUTCASE to the office of the president just because HE is playing to your religious values by stating that he too wants to bar me (or others like myself, who are homosexual) from marrying the man or woman that we so happen to love and wish to spend the rest of our life with. There are over thirteen hundred and forty rights, provisions, protections and benefits that can be applied to a couple who are married to one another. JUST BECAUSE my relationship doesn’t happen to look exactly like your own does not mean that it is any less real, any less productive or any less meaningful!

And since I’m paying MY FAIR SHARE of freaking taxes each and every year in order to be a citizen of these United States, wouldn’t YOU THINK IT FAIR that I be able to enjoy the same level of protections and be afforded the same rights as any other tax-paying citizen? If you don’t then please do feel free to delete me as a friend from your facebook page because I have no use for assholes who cannot understand this issue simply because they are too closed-minded to reach down into their souls and REALIZE that discrimination, on ANY LEVEL at ANY TIME is WRONG.

To those in the government; SHOULD you decide at some point in time to implement an amendment at the federal level, banning marriage equality for those of us who identify as homosexual, know this. At that point in time I will consider it to be the final slap in the face to those of us who identify as such. I’m not in a relationship; I’m not even seeing anyone at the moment and don’t see it as something I’m likely to be doing anytime too soon – but this is an issue I feel strongly about on principle. As one who is PAYING the salaries of those representing us and working in government positions, I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay “an EMPLOYEE” to act so insanely insubordinate toward me. if an amendment is passed “at the Federal level” you can kiss my ass while I keep my hard-earned money to myself. Another words, don’t COUNT ON MY taxes, assholes – you’re fired!

So that you know, I’ll be casting my vote for the Democratic party this year. Even though I’m still not happy with the crap that is going on in Washington, D.C. and CERTAINLY not happy with what I’m hearing about Obama’s health care reform… That said, I’m NOT going to help put some freaking prejudiced NUTCASE into office – a person who has already clearly stated he hasn’t a care in the world for representing my interests as fairly as any other citizen with whom he might more readily identify with. Screw Mitt Romney – and I don’t make that as an offer of sexual favors! As far as I’m concerned, if it comes down to choosing between a man who openly desires to screw with my interests at a Federal level … or somebody who is screwing EVERYBODY over equally well, well, I’ll vote for the latter. Why should I be the only one to suffer just because the conservative nut-jobs can’t wrap their heads around what is right and what is fundamentally wrong, secularly and civilly speaking. since Mitt appears to be the best the Republican party has to offer, screw them (and screw those who are helping to put him in the driver’s seat).

It might be too late for THIS election but at the very least I would ask those who identify as Republicans to think long and hard about what you’re doing when you openly support such outlandish politicians who live only to discriminate.If you don’t like my opinion and/or wish only to argue about this in an attempt to justify what you SHOULD know in your heart is wrong, feel free to delete me as a friend here on facebook. I simply do not have the patience any longer to suffer idiots.

A family member suggested that this was like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I “somewhat” agree with him but at the same time, disagree. I very seldom vote for a person based on one issue. However, this is precisely what many within the conservative base do at every election. There are those who “think” they know me but those who really do (know me) know that I am very conservative as regards some issues and very forward-minded or liberal regarding others, with the balance of my values, beliefs and opinions laying somewhere in between. (I identify more with the Libertarians than I do with the Democrats… but as long as I follow my heart while casting my vote, I could not care less which party I’m registered with or if I’m voting for their guy – or gal.) As Michael’s comment suggested, that isn’t always the case with votes. Many DO base their vote “one one issue” or justify it by voting along their party lines, REGARDLESS of what their candidate may or may not believe.

What galls me however, is that so many people use the b.s. reasoning that this country is founded on Christian principles; that Christianity is somehow to credit for America’s very existence. This is how some justify their willingness to vote people into office who would further perpetuate prejudice and discrimination against those of us whose life partners are of the same sex, who simply wish to take our relationship to the next level by expressing the same level of commitment (through marriage) and have access to the same 1,341 rights that any other tax-paying citizen of these United States would/do enjoy. (The same as those who are in a committed, married relationship with his or her partner of the opposite sex.)

Religion is a part of our history but not for the reasons such people would like to believe. The truth is that the principles upon which this country was founded clearly indicate it was formed with the belief that we have just as much a freedom “FROM” religion as we have a freedom “OF” religion. Not all of the founding fathers were “good tithing Christians who attended church on Sunday.” The beliefs of some ran very contrary to what one thinks of most often when he or she is thinking about Christianity; some were even atheists.

I could go on and on about this but you get my point…

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