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The Heart and the Divine

05 Feb

The Heart chakra (green)As I told a cousin of mine earlier today, I’m being pulled in so many different directions this year (i.e. making amends, getting my life in order, etc.) that it’s difficult to keep track of everything that I’m trying to change.

No, the “making amends” isn’t a clue that there’s something going on that involves a group like AA, NA or any other group that ends in an “A”. It’s just that my primary focus has, for much of my life, been on the things I needed to do in order to achieve something that “I” wanted and not necessarily on what I should have been doing in order to meet the spiritual obligations OF this lifetime and the gifts I have been given.

We are not in this alone

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that all living creatures, great and small, are the creation of something much larger than ourselves (God/Spirit). I believe in evolution, yes, but my [own] faith dictates that everything resonates with the life force of the Divine.

Some would argue science and religion/spirituality do not mix; I disagree.

God gave us the brains with which to learn about and explore our lives, along with hearts to carry the life-nourishing oxygen (and the cells necessary to fight off infection) throughout our bodies to keep us alive and functioning. Oddly enough, those same hearts also “represent” our ability to feel passion, compassion, empathy [for] and our ability to forgive others. Our heart is the one physical organ we most readily associate with the sentiment of “Love”; perhaps because the organ and the sentiment (love) are both irrevocably necessary for us to be able to reach our full potential in this lifetime.

I’d originally intended to write about something else today but as often is the case, my heart is leading me to write about this instead. I’m encouraged to say, “Where love is present, so too is Spirit (or God).”

Use your head and all that you’ve learned over the years to make sound decisions but never underestimate the necessary influence of the heart. Allow your heart to play an important factor in the decisions you make and certainly, there you will find God (and as well, the experiences necessary to further your own understanding of the Life that surrounds you).

Some might believe this to mean the consequential experiences will always be enjoyable and pleasant; not so. Just as the blacksmith of the past would say, we are best served by the intense forging that is associated with heat and fire. Our struggles can help to mold us into a person of substance and integrity.

Those same struggles can help us to recognize the pain and suffering our brothers and our sisters endure every day so “Listen to your heart.”

Namaste and peace be with you,