How much longer do we continue?

26 Feb

It’s time to pull back and leave them to themselves.

Soldier in Afghanistan

The New York Times reports of the burning of an [undisclosed] number of Korans at a landfill near Bagram Air Base on Monday, February 20, 2012. It seems to me that, according to witness accounts of laborers AT the landfill, those burning the books were unaware of the significance of their actions. (In large part, because the Korans were among many other books that were being disposed of. Further evidence of this is supported by the fact that they were doing so openly. After all, who in their right mind would burn the Koran, a book of religious significance in the Middle East, openly for others to observe when people have been murdered for just drawing a cartoon of Muhammad?)

I believe it was a mistake; one that could have been avoided but a mistake all the same! It wasn’t done with malice; it was NOT done out of disrespect.

Some interesting comments were made in response to the article but one easily catches my eye:

The Koran, the book which is burned by ignorance not by malice, can be printed again, but how are these protesters going to bring back people alive, who they have killed. Is Koran word of ALLAH or a POLITICAL BOOK. If it is word of Allah no harm can come to it, burning of book only burned the paper not the, “WORD OF ALLAH,” as Allah is INDESTRUCTIBLE and OMNIPRESENT.

Another reader comments:

What happens when anyone — Iranians, Iraqis, Pakistanis or Americans — burn an American Flag? Nothing. Or (at worst) a few words about the disrespectfulness of flag burning but no violence is committed by Americans. What about destroying Bibles? Again, it provokes no response from Americans. But what happens to Christians who give Bibles to Muslims in Islamic nations? They face prosecution. Seems like something’s out of balance.

The article also indicates that it wasn’t even clear if the two persons were troops or civilians (as “some civilians also wear military uniforms and can easily be mistaken for soldiers”).

A lawmaker from Kunduz, Fatima Aziz, is quoted as saying that the “president [Hamid Karzai] said that ‘according to our investigation we have found that American soldiers mistakenly insulted the Koran and we will accept their apology.’ “He said, ‘Whoever did this should be punished, and they should avoid its repetition. Insulting holy books and religion is not acceptable at all.’”

So, let me see if I understand correctly. Two soldiers MISTAKENLY insult the Koran so they should be punished (WTF? Should we punish somebody for a mistake; something lacking any intention to do harm?!!) but others in the Middle East are oft observed burning the American flag, the Bible, persecuting Christians and Catholics and that’s alright?

My own response is not for the average citizen in the Middle East; those who appreciate the efforts that have been made by NATO and American forces on their behalf to secure peace in the region…

No, my response is made for the benefit of those stirring up unrest for their own political means (both abroad and right here at home). Simply stated, “Fuck you!”

I’m tired of hearing about our men and women suffering at the hands of the dissidents in this war-torn region. Two more American officers were killed deep inside of an Interior Ministry building in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday.

President Barack Obama offered an apology on Thursday on behalf of those of us in America and two days later, the lives of two more of our own were irrevocably taken because of a damned mistake. (I might add that the President’s apology was attacked by Republican critics; we can’t even attempt to make peace without posturing and playing party-politics right here at home!)

I’m tired of it! Bring the troops home. Let them protect our own borders. Spend the money that we’re spending to send troops overseas right here within our own borders. Quit making the Middle East richer by buying their damned oil and let’s get to work on becoming more reliant on our own resources for living, evolving and prospering. We’ve the ability to grow healthier food “for our own”, create jobs “for our own”, educate and show tolerance “for our own” but instead we send our boys and girls into the den of the lions, hoping to persuade them that our way of life is preferable over their own.

I really don’t give a rat’s ass about the politics of a region of the world that has known nothing but turmoil and war for thousands and thousands of years. It’s THEIR way of life; it sure as fuck doesn’t have to be mine (and it isn’t).

If they want to enslave, mutilate and kill one another over there… So be it. When their own citizens have had enough of the bullshit they will rise up and take care of the problem (warlords).

We cannot (and should not) do it “for them!”

Why? Consider this…

You give a teenager a car and he (or she) doesn’t take care of it because that child didn’t have to work for it. There’s no tangible appreciation for what it took to “purchase” the vehicle. However, you make the child “work” for their first car, putting blood, sweat and tears into the process and I guaran-damn-tee you he/she will appreciate that vehicle and will be much more likely to take care of it in the long run.

We cannot give the Middle-East “Democracy” and expect them to maintain it. Let them earn it all on their own and then (and ONLY then) might it result in a lasting peace.

Meanwhile, we cut them off. We isolate them, refusing to do business with the country in any form or fashion. That means we don’t import anything from there and we don’t export anything to the region. Let them do for themselves, they’re so damned prideful, arrogant and perfect. Clearly they’ve the means to take care of their own, right?

And for what it’s worth, they aren’t the only ones filled with pride and arrogance.

Am I angry today? You’re damned right, I’m angry. I’m pissed because, once again, lives have been lost because of ignorance and politics.

And to end this entry on a positive note, I do want to give a big shout out and thanks to ALL of our armed service members who have laid their lives on the line each and every day, in service to their country. Your efforts are not without recognition and appreciation.


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  1. davide

    February 26, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    ya they made mistake but the people who burned the Koran did it according to Islam own laws. The prisioners wrote in the Koran and this is considered to be defiled so the Koran must be burned. So i heard. I believe the whole thing over there is nuts. Obama should demand they apologize for killing American troops. If this violence continue by the afgan savages the American troops prolly will retaliate. I agree we need to bring NATO troops home and hopefully the good Muslims can restore order.

    • MichaelM

      February 26, 2012 at 4:04 pm

      I had not heard that the Korans being burned had been written in (but that doesn’t come as any great surprise to me either). I still maintain that there are good people over there who appreciate the efforts that we and other NATO forces have made on their behalf … but at the same time, it just (to me) isn’t worth it any longer. The troops need to come home; we need to leave them to their own devices for the next thousand or so years, isolating ourselves from them in every way imaginable and go on about our own lives. That region is and has been war-torn for millennia; there’s no good reason to believe it will change “anytime very soon” and I, for one, am simply tired of their crap. They’re so perfect; let them raise their own crops in the freaking desert to feed their people (we shouldn’t export to them). I say that if it comes to it, we park our vehicles and ride bicycles or walk to work. Use the resources that we have to keep the electric plants functional so that we’ve electricity and to hell with Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and the whole lot of ’em.

      There are those who would say that my attitude is unchristian; that I’m not thinking of those who are in need of our help over there. Perhaps it’s not (in this case) and perhaps I’m not thinking of the ones who are being held hostage over there by their freaking warlord politicians. But given what I see every time that I pick up a newspaper or watch the news, where those in the Middle East are calling Americans heathens and claiming we’re of the devil, why the hell “should I care” any longer? I refuse to turn the other cheek, time after time, as though the consequential outcome will be any different than the last. Those who expect us to do such things are delusional and insane (imo).

      So yep, I agree with you. Let the good Muslims in their own country restore the order if it’s so desired. If not, let them all kill one another – but I say bring the troops home. (I also believe that those same troops can be used to ensure that those of Middle Eastern decent DO NOT come into America. 9-11 would not have happened had the terrorists not already been in our country. Send those of Middle Eastern decent “home” unless they can prove without any doubt that they’re here because they truly want to be, because they appreciate our way of life and wish to share in it peacefully. (Else-wise, they can go the hell back to their desert roots and remain there for the duration of their lives just as all of their relatives who are still there in the region.)

      Thanks for the comment.