26 Feb

A reminder; comments made on this blog need to be “on topic.” I’m not interested in having a discussion about a dialogue that may have taken place on another blog, between myself or two total strangers. If somebody has seen a comment made by myself, on another’s blog, and he or she has an issue with or wishes to discuss it – it should be discussed there or in private.

Also, life is too short to spend a lot of the time pissing up a wall or in the wind (where you only end up getting wet anyway!)

Future comments will be considered more closely, to determine whether they’ve merit to the blog entry upon which they’re made. If it is obvious that the comment was only made as an attempt to promote an atmosphere of dis-ease and malcontent, it’ll not be approved.


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54-years old and determined to sail through life with a smile (but sometimes brash as hell). LOL. Born and raised in Carlsbad, New Mexico but having lived more than half of my life in Texas. Raised with a strong faith in God but describe myself more as simply a faithful person rather than a Christian. (Too many people rely on their religious 'beliefs' as an excuse to maintain a closed mind rather than emulate the loving nature I believe Jesus Christ did represent.) Registered as a Democrat but fiscally I'm probably more likely to identify with the Republicans. Am equally disgusted with both parties at the moment and tired of the status quo in Washington, D.C. I'm a spiritualist who believes you should reach for your dreams and believes you can attain them, for the only thing that really stands between you and your goals ... is yourself. Favorite quote of recent is "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, the present is a 'present' (a gift)..." —Author unknown

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