Tommy Robinson, the U.K. and the Threat of Islam

10 Jan

I’m not racist. You can’t be “racist” against an idea or a CULT (i.e. Islam). Ideas and religions are NOT people. But hey, if it makes you “feel” better to think of me as racist then by all means think of me as such. If you are a woman (or gay or bisexual), watch this video and YOU tell ME why so many seemingly EXCUSE the behavior of Muslims. Muslims are RAISED to think of women (in THEIR country) as second-class citizens. For the record, they think of women in the countries of others as even LESS THAN [that]. As a gay, lesbian or bisexual (AND AS anyone who isn’t a card-carrying CULT member of Islam), you have even MORE to be concerned about.

Do NOT “fool” yourself; Barack Obama and others of his ilk do NOT give a damn about this country (or he would be taking actions to protect our way of life). This pretender in the White House makes excuses for Muslims and welcomes them across our borders in record measure. The only reason members of his own party do so is so that they don’t upset the apple cart and cut off the teets they are suckling upon.

And Tommy Robinson is right; watch the video.

I’ve been told Mr. Robinson was jailed for speaking out against Islam and WHILE IN JAIL, he was attacked by Muslims. I haven’t researched that claim but there’s enough evidence on the face of it that I believe it is true.

Tommy Robinson’s circumstances are disturbing enough (and if liberals in our own country had their way, we would be – and ARE ON THE VERGE of facing the same effing consequences!) BTW, Robinson is a citizen of the U.K.

I’m told that NOW those in power in his country want to bring charges against him for PROTECTING HIMSELF while in jail! What the hell? If all of this is true… that he was jailed for simply speaking out against Islam, attacked while IN jail BY Muslims, fought back to PROTECT himself – and is now facing “additional prosecution” for doing something that ANY CIVILIZED PERSON would consider to be well-within one’s right to do (protect him or herself!) than our allies have LOST THEIR EFFING MINDS!!!

(Now do you understand why it is so important to uphold the Second Amendment? If you drink the Koolaid of the “far” or “progressive” left you won’t; I understand that but anyone aside from the “mind-molded” will understand and comprehend the inherent threat posed by disarming “law-abiding citizens” in this country! And any REASONABLE PERSON would/could/SHOULD recognize the threat that is facing us by welcoming Muslims, in record numbers, across our borders to settle here.)

In MY mind, our country stands for a number of things, FREEDOM first and foremost among them. The right to the unhindered pursuit of one’s dreams and aspirations is a close second (so long as those same dreams and aspirations do not violate the rights and the reasonable expectation of the SAFETY of others who may or may not share your own views). The right to free speech as well! (The latter does not mean that one can speak his or her mind freely with the expectation he or she will not face a backlash from others if the opinions expressed are unpopular, or more importantly UNTRUE and libelous – but you’ve the right to “speak” your mind and I have the right to speak mine.) That is a GUARANTEED RIGHT here in America; it’s a principle upon which our nation was founded. Citizens of this great country also have the right (AND THE RESPONSIBILITY!) to protect themselves and these ideals; from others and from the very government formed to uphold same. That is where the Second Amendment comes in.

What this country was NEVER intended to be: We were NOT intended to be a nursery, a place where “others were not expected to do for themselves.” If you want something in life, you WORK for it. You do not expect others to simply hand it to you on a silver platter (the latter is the way of the socialist … and we are NOT a socialist country!) If you need a hand up, I’m willing to help you get back on your own two feet; if you’re a lazy, stupid son-of-a-bitch who only wants to live off of the hard work of myself and others, never doing anything for yourself – then you need to leave and never come back. Get a clue! You have the responsibility to care for yourself at some point along the way. As a baby, your parents were responsible for you – but as an adult you are your own caretaker. Anything less demeans the blessing of this life that you were given.

Let me reiterate. I am NOT saying that as a man or woman in this country we should turn a blind eye to the plight of others; what I am saying is that we are not responsible for their care “indefinitely.” If you are incapable of understanding that and are a citizen of the United States then you’re living within the wrong set of borders; get out! At the same time, if you’re incapable of or unwilling to help out someone “temporarily” who is down on his or her luck with a hand-UP (not the same as a handOUT) then you’re hard-hearted. Those who might accuse me of this because of the conservative, self-preserving (of our country’s ideals) statements I have made in the past twelve months DO NOT KNOW ME. Perhaps if they took the effing time TO know me, they would see the distinction – but that is not my responsibility.

In closing:

If I lived my life worrying about what every single person “thought” of me for speaking my mind then I would have changed my tune at the beginning of the grand exodus of liberals who “pretended” to be my friends over on Facebook. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about people I consider to be friends; I do. But if your friendship is “conditional” on (i) my NOT speaking my mind if I don’t agree with you, and (ii) that I think JUST LIKE you — then we aren’t really friends and you know where the door is.


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