Why not bat for our team?

10 Feb

Photo of Be Straight haircare productI hear it all the time… People say, “I just don’t get it; why would you ‘choose’ to be gay? Why AREN’T you interested in women? Have you ever tried it? You know, you might like it if you tried just once.” Then there are those who take it a step further, making crude comparisons between the orifices of a man and a women.

(Like I really want to hear about va-jay-jay!)

Here’s an example; this is what somebody on Topix wrote earlier today:

fed up writes:

..if you wanna bang a hairy guys @ss why not join our team and bang a woman’s it would be the same thing right? same spot, same feeling, just a nice smooth hairless hot woman though, oh yeah and i’m sure she smells better.lmao.

Well, being gay isn’t about wanting to “bang a hairy guys ass” (and just why is it that people are so preoccupied with what we might or might not be doing in the bedroom anyway?)

My sexual orientation is defined by the gender of the person to whom I am attracted, that much is true but it certainly does NOT mean I’m gay only because I’m fixated on a guy’s backside. (To be completely honest, if the only thing that makes one straight is his obsession with a particular part of a woman’s body — well then, I feel sorry for that person.)

There are any number of ways in which a man differs from a woman; not all of those are “physical.”

Certainly, there are men who share some of the same qualities as are often found among women, and the same is true of some women who share characteristics and attitudes not dissimilar to a lot of men. All in all there’s an assumption that most men look and behave one way and most women, another.

The differences between the sexes in the gay community are as varied as those exhibited by heterosexuals, and stereotypes are just that—stereotypes. Such generalizations do not accurately describe each and every GLBTQ person, just the same as not every straight person looks and acts the same.

As a gay man I can honestly say that the vast majority of us pass for straight, flying under the radar until and unless we are—for whatever the reason—ASKED about our orientation (or we just willingly just choose to express it).

In response to fed up, “If my only desire were to bang a piece of ass” then I suppose I could be as happy with a woman’s [ass] as much as a man’s… but it goes so much further than this. My attraction isn’t just about cranking out a load of jism during the act of some hot, sweaty sex. It’s about connecting; really connecting on a much deeper level. Women do not do that for me; men do. Some of my best friends are both straight AND women, and they hold no attraction for me, emotionally OR sexually.

No, only a man is going to be able to do that for me — and believe it or not, it won’t be just “any” man. It isn’t about his ass and it isn’t about the size of a guy’s cock; it’s about the total package. Am I attracted to him physically, mentally and emotionally?

Since women are obviously built differently, behave differently and are CLEARLY different, emotionally… Well, are you beginning to get the idea? It’s not only about the sex; it never has been.


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