michael_2000These are not “my” videos but rather, videos I have stumbled upon on YouTube (and perhaps a few from other sources) which I consider to be interesting. I’ve included a few which might border on the edges of being offensive because of some of the language. I ask only that you look past the profanity and listen to the message instead. One comes readily to mind (“The Big Fat Gay Collab”) and it is one of my favorites; mostly because it speaks to the frustration many of us feel as we are constantly bombarded with the hate and prejudice of those who do not know us … but have nonetheless “judged” us.

Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy the videos; I’ll add more as time passes.

I should mention that you can click on the title within the frame of each video to launch a larger copy of the video from the YouTube site. Enjoy!


My YouTube Channel (I post very little there at this time)


I think these guys are GREAT! Jay and Bryan are a gay couple who have adopted and are raising their two children. These two decided to record and distribute (via YouTube) videos about their family after the passage of Proposition 8 in California. I love ’em and encourge other [gay] families to do the same. Click here to go directly to Jay and Bryan’s site on the Web.


Banner_2_copyThis kid is freakin hilarious! I first saw a YouTube video of him appearing on the Tyra Banks show. ROFL!! Click here to visit Fred’s site on YouTube (official site located at Borrowing from, “Fred is played by 15-year-old Lucas Cruikshank, a high school freshman from Nebraska.” Read all about Lucas (I mean “Fred”) on here.
I’m obligated to forewarn you ‘Fred’ may only be taken in VERY SMALL doses! Your mind simply isn’t strong enough to tolerate EXPOSURE to Fred’s outlandish antics, tyrades and squeeky voice for LONG periods of time!


I’m an old fart who’s been in the fight for gay equality for a quarter century. I’ve seen the progress and I’ve witnessed where we’ve lost ground as well. Much of the nonsense we’ve had to face over the years however is the direct result of conservatives who are trying to tell us how WE should be allowed to live and die. Sometimes we just get so frustrated with the rhetoric and judging that the only thing we REALLY want to say is, “Fuck You!” This song by Lily Allen is all about that. LOL! …and the job Stevie did in putting her music to video is GREAT! By the way, I absolutely love that young man with the white shirt, black earring in his lobe, shaggy hair, scruffy chin and gorgeous eyes (he’s the one doing the line dance while sitting down early on in the video)! 😛


Kiss In at the LDS Temple of Salt Lake City (UT) makes the news. The Kiss In was held after Derek Jones and his partner Matt Aune were unfairly detained, handcuffed and basically treated as second class citizens by LDS Temple security guards (Salt Lake City) as they were returning home after a concert. My blog entry on this appears here and includes a video interview as provided by Derek [Jones].


This is really a disheartening video to watch and exemplifies PRECISELY why we must continue to fight for GLBT rights, equality and (most importantly) acceptance. In the video you will observe a young man (Shane, who is eighteen) who is gay but hates himself for being so. He talks about how he is disgusted by the sexual genatalia of both men AND women. Just watch it; there’s really little I could say that will do the clip justice. I can only say that my heart goes out to kids such as these.


I’m not sure why I have this one listed here on the page (perhaps because the guy is kind of cute … dunno). The video to the left is one of MANY creating by Alex Mercado; Alex challenged himself to create and post one video on YouTube every day for a year. Some of them are funny; some a little …. well, not so entertaining (but hey, you can still get a good look at his cute face and gorgeous legs so what the hell). LOL!! Click here to visit his YouTube site for other videos.


Sean Lockhart (better known as “Brent Corrigan” in certain other circles) appears in “Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!” released in December of 2008. I’ve got to find a copy of this someplace to watch; it looks absolutely hilarious!


“Spellbound” (and you will be) during the second week of auditions for Britain’s Got Talent. Watch this amazing group of gymnasts, ranging between the ages of 12- and 24-years of age as they surprise both, Simon and their audience with a show that just continues to build and build.



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