michael_2000Here are some links to various sites that I’d like to share.


A Collection of interesting Blogs:

  • Let me tell you what I think → Michael (CA) is back and blogging about his life, his goals and dreams, his darker moments and those challenges he’s overcome with grace and compassion. I love this kid like a little brother and if you take the time to follow what he has to share here, you are likely to love him as well. Go for the gold, Mikey! lol
  • Love Wins Today → Nathan Black’s web presence. While the site is currently under development, Nathan is (from every sign I have seen thus far) a loving, compassionate young man who has a calling. I encourage you to follow him when the blog is up and running; meanwhile, feel free to make his acquaintance on Facebook here. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Holdin’ Holden → Jenny, a 20-something mother of two children muses about motherhood. As she says, “Holdin’ Holden is a Mommy blog, but not your typical Mommy Blog. It is sometimes vulgar, maybe a touch of disgusting, but ALWAYS brutally honest! You may get offended, but I hope instead if you’re here- you laugh until you cry!” I strongly recommend it for a read, if you’re a mommy or if you just want a great, big belly laugh for the day!
  • Button for "Break the Illusion" website. → Davey Wavey on the web… He’s young, good looking, gay and open about his life, positive and upbeat. None of us is perfect (as some of those following his blog have been far too quick to point out to him since Davey’s trip to Australia) but the young man has an interesting take on the world most days.
  • Deepak Chopra → Official Website
  • And I Am Somebody → Some years back I had the good fortune of making friends with Dan’s mother on the Internet. This blog is hosted by her son who is 29-years-old, single, gay and cute. Dan talks openly about his life and the fact that he’s “in recovery” (an active member of AA and NA and “sober since checking himself into an alcohol and drug treatment center in Feb of 2004”). Dan is an all-around nice guy and well worth the effort it might take to get to know him better.
  • → Gay Spirituality blog
  • The Diversity Projekt → Empowerment for All People of Color
  • Island Caretaker Blog → [Excerpt] “After a worldwide search, Ben Southall was chosen as Tourism Queensland’s Islands Caretaker, or what we like to call the ‘Best Job in the World’. The role is a newly created position designed to help promote the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef to the world.” (This is Ben’s blog)
  • Sebastians’ Focus: Religious Trends and Analyses → Haven’t spent a lot of time on this blog yet but it looks promising. Sebastian describes himself as “..a sociologist interest in macro-sociology and survey research. Other major areas of interest are current social and political events, globalization, possibilities for a global ethic, Prevention of Hate Crimes and Catholic theology informed by Vatican II”
  • Illuminati360 → The personal rants of Davide; Italian, arrogant, opinionated (like myself) and certainly does not take criticism or divergent expressions of opinions well. He’s a gay man in his twenties, Catholic and as far as I know, celibate (for reasons related to his faith). He has an artistic talent I admire but his mind is all but closed. His and I’s opinions on pretty much all things LGBTQ-related do not mix well (you’d have a better chance of getting oil and water to coexist peacefully). One final point— I make it a habit “NOT” to edit the comments that are made on my own blog; such is not the case with Davide’s realm. If he doesn’t like something you’ve said (and feels strongly enough about it) or if you have included any language that is considered “cursing” (i.e. bitch, damn, etc.) there’s a good chance your comment will be edited for content. For this reason I seldom comment over there any longer (and quite honestly, I’ve observed him expressing himself in the exact same fashion but there ARE double-standards on his blog). BTW, his site has moved to this location. You’re welcome to say what you wish on my own, provided your comment isn’t a direct attack on myself or another person who is commenting.
  • Photo of Shannon in AustraliaShannon’s Blogspot → In Shannon’s own words, he is “an out and proud Aussie boy.” His is a blog I only stumbled upon recently but I’m impressed by what appears in his “Things I know to be true” section (which is located under “My Beliefs” in the right column of the blog). The only statement that he makes, with which I would disagree is suggesting that “I want” are the most powerful words in the universe. In my opinion, they are the second most powerful; the most powerful being “I believe.” Again, this blog is new to me and I have not yet spent a lot of time reading the entries but the blog holds much promise. Shannon also includes plenty of photos of hot young studs, as well. (Yes, I admit that is what first attracted me to the blog. Discovering his “spiritual and deeper side” was simply the added benefit; one which is actually of MUCH MORE interest to me personally — but if you’re looking for cute beefcake, you won’t go wrong perusing his site. And btw, his YouTube channel may be viewed here.
  • POZ Blogs, Dave Capogna → This young man lives in New York, he’s gay, Italian, a designer by trade, a well-versed writer and is HIV-positive. I’ve just recently stumbled across his blog on POZ, as well as his website and entries on his personal journal.
  • Gay Native Living HIV Pos Today → Blog presence for thirty-three year old gay native/Hispanic Larry Mishibizhiwagwaanakozidan Estrada. I’m just now stumbling across his blog but intrigued by what I’ve seen so far (and given that he’s gay, Indian, HIV-positive and outspoken, I really REALLY identify with him!) LOL!!!.
  • → Hot, hunky men and interesting articles of interest to gay men!

Miscellaneous links:

  • Steve Beal | PHOTOGRAPHY → Photography blog; well worth visiting if you’re into photography.
  • Jim Frederick Studios → Link to a friend’s website; he’s an artist, fellow blogger and someone I hold in high regard for all that he’s done in the face of being HIV-positive. Jim is a true trooper and survivor.
  • Eighty Seconds” → The experience of a women who died during surgery in October of 2001. (This tale vibrates with the truth for me for I KNOW that the most important task we’ve before us is in how we live our lives and serve “our purposes” here on earth.) The story appears as an entry on the The International Association for Near-Death Studies, Inc. (IANDS) website.
  • Personal website →
  • Charity Navigator → Find a charity you can trust!
  • Craigery Morgan → He’s cute, he’s twenty and he’s destined for something much, much bigger. Watch and enjoy the antics of a sizzling h-h-hoOT young Floridian, Craigery Morgan, as he wends his way up the rungs of success on the Comedy ladder.
  • Being Boringly Gay → Photos of cute, hot guys (some nude) – blog format
  • The Body → Described as “The Complete HIV/AIDS Resource”
  • PozIAm → Social Network for people living with HIV/AIDS and the people who love them.
  • → Website dedicated to and for Lightworkers across the globe, providing a “platform where Lightworkers can connect in an environment that is tolerant and loving.”
  • Cathedral of Hope → Official website for Dallas’ Cathedral of Hope church (non-denominational and open to all walks of life)
  • Crossroads Community Church → Official website for Dallas’ Crossroads Community Church (non-denominational and open to all walks of life)
  • → Free of all agendas save the gay one
  • David Vance Prints → Professional photographer; has a number of beautiful and tastefully done erotic nude photos (NOT porn!)
  • Holiday Smart → List of holidays
  • → Leaving behind Heart prints; a website dedicated (with flash movies) to thoughts of inspiration
  • Davidsfarm on YouTube (If you’re into cars and big air then this is the place for you)
  • The Week Show with Matt Chin → Comedy; cute Matt Chin from Canada hosts The Week Show.
  • → When you visit this site you can enter an address and a map will pop up with a small icon of a house (depicting the location of the address you entered). There will be red, blue and green dots surrounding the entire neighborhood. When you click on these dots a picture of a criminal will appear with his or her home address and the description of the crime he or she has committed. This is a good way to familiarize yourself with a registered list of sex offenders in your neighborhood. I’m not suggesting you go out of your way to make their lives difficult but am simply providing this link in the hope you will do a bit of research and be aware of who lives in your immediate area. Protect your children by identifying sex offenders in your neighborhood and warn your child to stay away from them. The best thing is that you can show your children these pictures and see how close these people live to your home or school. This site was developed by John Walsh from Americas Most Wanted. This is another tool we can use to help us keep our kids safe.
  • The Founding Documents of America (from the 1776 American Dream website) → Includes links to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.
  • U.S. Constitution ONLINE → A very good place to start, if you really want to understand the values that our country was based upon.
  • Songs of Praise → Website from which more than 400 songs of worship may be accessed.
  • Interactive Database → for finding out who made donations in support of Proposition H8 (as well as donations made for its defeat).
  • thedailygreen → A digital consumer’s guide to the green revolution.
  • The Oyster’s Garter → Miriam Goldstein, a doctoral student with Scripps Institution of Oceanography, shares her thoughts on science and the affect we’ve had on our oceans.
  • Deep-Sea News → Miriam continues blogging at a site dedicated to “the earth’s largest environment”. For those of you who haven’t taken the time to read Miriam’s original blog, The Oyster’s Garter, you really MUST acquaint yourself with her informative and amusing writing style. I encourage you to read “Female snails in Australia are just happy to see you“.
  • Fundraising For A Cause → Website for fund-raising merchandise.
  • Stephanie Laird’s Artistic Elements | Photo Gallery → Some beautifully done artistic photographs!

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