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26 Feb

A reminder; comments made on this blog need to be “on topic.” I’m not interested in having a discussion about a dialogue that may have taken place on another blog, between myself or two total strangers. If somebody has seen a comment made by myself, on another’s blog, and he or she has an issue with or wishes to discuss it – it should be discussed there or in private.

Also, life is too short to spend a lot of the time pissing up a wall or in the wind (where you only end up getting wet anyway!)

Future comments will be considered more closely, to determine whether they’ve merit to the blog entry upon which they’re made. If it is obvious that the comment was only made as an attempt to promote an atmosphere of dis-ease and malcontent, it’ll not be approved.


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Taking A Break

12 Oct

I'm taking a break, folks!

I don’t know how long it will last, but…

Michael is taking a much-needed break from blogging for the time being. I’ve some things going on in my personal life that I need to be focusing my attentions on and to be honest, I’m just tired of the negative energy that is so evident on the Internet these days. Everywhere you look you read horror stories about how the economy sucks (gee, I already know that — what else is new?) and the news of those in politics, that never changes. Most of our elected representatives, Democrat and Republican alike, are corrupt and for the most part, seemingly hopeless. I’m tired of reading about them, tired of writing about them — just tired of them, period.

And then there are the issues facing the LGBTQ community; while having improved over the years, the issues are still very much the same and will continue to be so until both, the liberal and the conservative factions can pull their heads out of their collective asses and reach some kind of a compromise. Good luck with that fight.

I’ve grown older, heavier and into somewhat of a disheartened, cranky old fart these days.

Simply put, I’m tired…

So I’m going to spend some time cleaning out my email, both current and [email] messages I’ve archived over the years.

I’ll clean out the old address book as well, removing entries for people I no longer really stay in touch with. The idea is to purge my life of as much of the destructive (negative) influences and plain, useless crap that has been accumulating over the years in preparation for a quieter, calming period of life. It’s possible that I might spend some time getting back to doing some volunteer work at the AIDS Resource Center or for some other cause (don’t really know). I will definitely be doing a lot of walking each day for a bit of exercise and perhaps spending some time doing a bit of camping this Fall and even Winter, provided my health holds.

Have some tests scheduled for Friday; CT-scans to see if all is still well with regard to being in remission for the cancer. As some may recall, I’ve been a bit concerned about that for a while now but because of a “preexisting conditions” clause with my health insurance when I was hired on full-time earlier this year, I had to wait a full six (6) months before they would cover anything related to the HIV or cancer I’d previously been diagnosed with.

I’m not overly concerned about it; I’m either alright or I’m not but I’m at peace with it, either way. Life is short and it’s time to spend some time enjoying it for a while rather than talking about it. Take care.



A Reminder..

06 Oct

This is a reminder to all who submit comments on this site that personal attacks will not be tolerated. This includes attacks on myself as well as upon others who have or are participating/commenting on this site.

All who visit are welcome to make whatever comments they wish, provided such comments are not by their nature personal attacks or are clearly intended only to create an atmosphere of contention, etc. Life is short and we are, each one of us, faced with challenges on any given day. Adding to the problems by stirring up unnecessary drama via a snarky comment that names or otherwise identifies another poster is discouraged. If such a comment is submitted, it may be redacted (“edited” to omit the offending content) at my discretion. As I have previously stated in the FAQ section, repeat offenders who are consistently using the site to attack others will have their IP address blocked and/or comments deleted with no further explanation given.

Does this mean you are not allowed to make negative observations/comments? Not in the least; I want to know what you’re really thinking but again, read the FAQ.

The truth is that I write about many topics that are controversial and offer up my own personal observations with which others may disagree. You’re welcome to voice a different viewpoint (and I encourage you to do so). I may or may not choose to respond to comments that I disagree with, but all are welcome to make their observations regardless (provided the comment isn’t a personal attack).

What might constitute a personal attack? Calling somebody else who is making an observation stupid or using libelous, inflammatory labels to describe him or her (ie. fag, fudge-packer, pole smoker, queer, imbecile, dunce, etc.) You’re welcome to offer up your thoughts as they pertain to a group of people or a public figure; just don’t make it personal by attacking myself or someone else who has made a comment on this site.

For what it’s worth, I may be more forgiving of comments made with regard to public figures — but even then, those who submit as much are to be aware and understand they are solely responsible for what they say (not I, as the blog owner).

— Michael


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Avatars, how do I get one??!

13 Aug

A friend expressed an interest in having an avatar (photo) appear next to his name/user-id for comments that he makes on this blog. To be honest, I had completely forgotten how I had accomplished this. No comments about Alzheimer’s is necessary; I already know that I’m old as dirt and am losing my memory (mostly short-term). LOL!!

Anyway, now that I’ve remembered how I accomplished this myself, I’d like to share the information with you.

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An observation of sorts…

05 Aug

Photo of ink pen being used to write a response on paperToday’s blog entry is in response to another blogger on the net. I seldom comment on his blog because well, quite simply, we’re not on good terms anymore and he seldom approves comments that are the polar opposite of his own (that’s been my experience anyway).

Here’s a link to the original blog entry so that you will understand the context from which my comments/observations are being made.

My observations

Some men and some women, REGARDLESS of their gender, are simply sexual by nature and will take their release wherever they can get it (meaning they really could not care less if they’re having sex with a man or a woman). We are well-advised not to toss these persons into the category of being ‘gay’ just because of the gender of whom he or she is having sex with at some given point in time. It comes down to whether or not they are “sexually AND EMOTIONALLY capable of being attracted to, exclusively, members of the SAME GENDER. It isn’t a matter of just being physically attracted to somebody. Furthermore, I’ve known (and heard about) more than my fair share of men who have had sex with another man, using the excuse that he was “just curious” — when in truth, he was just looking for a way to get his nut off without having to masturbate). Two in particular come to mind but I’ll leave it at that.

Then of course, if a person is attracted to members of BOTH sexes, they’re thought of as bisexual, but…

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Profile for “Stromo Uncut”

02 Jun

I’ve been asked to periodically contribute content for a new website (“Stromo Uncut“). What follows is the profile I’ve submitted for that site:

Michael: Michael is a 47-year-old cancer survivor and has lived with HIV since 2001. Raised with a conservative upbringing in New Mexico; now lives in Dallas, Texas. Believes in a higher power – however, his faith is more along the lines of non-traditional. His mantra is “My rights end where yours begin; your rights end where mine begin.” Respects the right of all to entertain whatever religious and/or spiritual faith they wish — only asks that you respect his right for the same in return. As for secular rights/benefits/protections (those afforded by the nation and state), believes religion should not play a factor in such. Despises politics but wishes he had gone into the field (has a compassion to help others and believes most in politics today only have a compulsion to help themselves). Favorite pastimes include camping, photography and cycling on occasion. Most obvious dislike is cleaning the house. Does not tolerate closed-mined, judgmental personalities easily and politics are a mix of liberalism and conservatism. Personal blog @ No professional degrees (unless you consider a lifetime of experience); supports the following charities:

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What makes for a good blog?

08 Mar

photo of hand extending from laptop monitorMain Entry: blog
Pronunciation: \’blo?g, ‘bläg\
Function: noun
Etymology: short for Weblog
Date: 1999
: a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site
blog•ger noun
blog•ging noun

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Problems leaving comments?

06 Mar

A friend of mine told me he was having some difficulty commenting on my blog earlier today. I got all excited, thinking to myself, “Maybe THAT’s why I haven’t had many comments lately! It certainly couldn’t be the subject matter, after all!!” {facepalm} Oh, I know… My sense of humor is sometimes lost on others. I’m old[er]; whaddya expect?!! LOL

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A Blog Worth Following

06 Feb
Background image of Blogging 101 sign

This blog entry is dedicated to a much younger friend (he turns 22 on April 26th of this year), Michael. I could never say enough about this young man; what he has gone through and how tremendously well he has responded to his own demons. His life has not been an easy one but if you will take the time to share in his journey, by following the blogs he will (in time) share with his readers you will benefit greatly…

— Loving regards,

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Writing, An Endangered Art?

19 May

Recently I’ve been reading the blogs of a young man in Arkansas. He’s an inspirational writer; by that I guess what I mean to say is “he writes from his heart.” I find a person’s willingness to write or speak from the heart to be one of the most attractive traits a person can have. Part of the attraction I suppose is their willingness to risk being judged, to put themselves out there. The larger attraction is that sense of authenticity which comes through their willingness to share their innermost thoughts in a heartfelt manner. You can tell a lot about a person from what he or she is willing to share. If you’re amenable to taking the time to listen — to REALLY listen — you can learn a lot about them and you might even make a lifelong friend in the process. (I’m not saying that’s what will happen here; in fact, it’s doubtful because of the age difference but I do enjoy reading his blog. Quite the creative mind there.)

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