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Mitt Romney; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

28 Oct

Pledge to "National Organization for Marriage" as signed by Mitt RomneyI have always said (and still maintain) that every person is entitled to vote his or her conscience, for the man or woman he or she feels will do the best job.

We all know that the President’s powers are limited but the office is not without its influence. I posted a link to a Youtube video the other day about an interview of a schoolteacher who sat across the table from Mitt Romney, during which he responded to her most unkindly and rudely when she indicated she had a suggestion for how some of the issues relating to the education of our children might be addressed. Romney cut her off, saying, “I didn’t ask you a question.”

In my personal opinion, the man is totally UNQUALIFIED to lead this country.

Status post as shared on Facebook page; says it all, folks!I’m not saying that Barack Obama has been the best of leaders during the past four years; I take issue with some of the things he has done, as well. More so, I take greater issue with the actions of both the Republican and Democratic parties (as both have put the interests of this nation on the back burner while playing “partisan politics” and creating gridlock in Washington, D.C.)

As anyone who knows the slightest bit about me know, I’m a gay white male. I did NOT “choose” my sexual orientation; it simply is what it is, just like the color of my skin, my gender, the family to which I was born, etc.

That’s a far cry from those things we DO choose, such as whether to believe in a religion, what we do for a living, where we live and what we drive, etc. The LGBT community has been fighting for acceptance, understanding and equality for years; we’ve made some (a lot, actually) progress but we are nowhere close to being treated with the respect deserving of any man, woman or child just for being who he or she was born to be.

Same-gender relationships are not recognized, though most are every bit as loving and respectable as any [other] relationship between a committed man and woman. If my partner becomes ill and must be hospitalized, I’m not considered “family” and therefore not given the same access and consideration I might receive were I a straight, married male and my “partner” were a woman.

Same-sex couples who are in committed relationships, who have chosen to build a life with one another starting with the purchase of a home, vehicles, shared checking and savings accounts, etc. do NOTenjoy the same protection under the law should one or the other of them die.

Certainly they [we] can have legal documents drawn up but in the end, even that does not guarantee that their wishes will be followed — and it’s a hell of a lot more expensive than the simple execution/signing of a marriage certificate which opposite-sex couples may enjoy. ONE WOULD THINKthat since we are not given the same consideration and protection under the law that we would not have to pay taxes that are commensurate to those [straight couples] who DO enjoy all of these protections and freedoms.

Such is NOT the case; we are taxed equally to all others, regardless of our sexual orientation and acceptance.

This is why I get as angry about this issue as I do and it’s why I’m saying “Screw you, Mitt Romney!”

To those reading this blog entry, who are taking the statement I have just made personally, as an affront to your delicate political sensibilities (regardless of whether you’re family or a friend)…

If you cannot understand WHY those of us who do NOT fall into the category of heterosexual, are so angered by the personal agendas of the conservatives to restrict and diminish the civil rights of others (in this case, me), basing their actions on a SECULARbelief that we are immoral and therefore undeserving of the same consideration as any other citizen of this great nation…

Some might say that if you cannot stand WITHus in an effort to achieve what is rightfully “everybody’s” then you are standing against us.

I understand that unless you are gay or bisexual, that this might not be considered “your fight” but I’ll remind those reading of “The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have them treat you.” If you cannot stand up for the rights of others, how then can you expect them to stand up for your own rights if and when you yourselves are on the losing end of a constitutional matter/discussion?

You may have your reasons to vote for Mitt Romney and far be it from me to tell you to do otherwise (as I think every vote is important, regardless of whether it is how I myself would or would not vote). But if you cannot at the very least TELL THIS F#KERthat you do not stand with him on this personal agenda of “hate” (and that IS what it is, regardless of how some may color it), then you are no real friend to those closest to you (including family) who identify as gay or bisexual.

If you are standing with a bigot who puts his “religious” beliefs above his ability to uphold the precepts of our founding documents and all that they stand for (“EQUALITY”) without at least telling him you disagree, then you’re a part of the problem.

Personally, I feel that this hateful man is “ill-equipped to lead this nation” and he doesn’t have the interests of our country and its citizens at heart. I won’t be voting for him in the forthcoming election; he’s shown his colors on many the occasion and I just cannot stomach their shade.


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You haven’t been discriminated against…

10 Apr

Life on the street till you’ve been singled out by a homeless person!

True story, a coworker has a gay friend (actually, she collects us like she collects hand bags but that’s a whole nuther matter!) We’ll call this particular friend “Chuff” for the time being. Chuff makes it a habit of buying a sandwich for the same homeless guy in his neighborhood (he lives in or near downtown) on Friday of each week.

Mind you; not on a Monday, Tuesday, Saturday or even on Wednesday; Chuff turns good Samaritan each and every Friday, buying this fellow a sandwich.

For now we’ll just refer to the homeless guy as “Billy Bob.” Billy Bob KNOWS to be at the same place every Friday afternoon or early that evening but LAST week was a bit different. On Thursday, Billy Bob went out of his way to get Chuff’s attention as he was driving up to the building where he, Chuff, lives. Billy Bob waved down his benefactor who, feeling as though he was already doing his charitable duty, reminded the homeless man “it was Thursday and to please leave him alone.”

Billy Bob says, “Naw, I’m not looking for my sam’wich today… I jest had a question for you. I hear tell you’re a little bit funny! Is that true?”

Chuff, thinking about the question with an earnest but quizzical look on his face, responds, “What? Funny? Well, I guess I could be described as funny.” Billy Bob realizes Chuff doesn’t understand what he’s suggesting so he repeats himself. “No, I mean funny” (while wiggling his hand up and down in a sort of effeminate manner). This is when Chuff realizes the homeless man is asking him if he’s “gay.”

(I’m certain, at this point, Chuff is thinking, “Are we REALLY having this conversation?”)

Billy Bob goes on to say some of his pals and he had been talking and they had said Chuff was “funny” — to which Chuff just says, “So? What does it matter?”

Get ready for it!

This is where our homeless fellow decides he’s simply got too much in the way of sound family values going for him and he’s GOT TO take a stand! He says, “Well, we can’t hang out anymore if you’re ‘funny.’” (Hang out? Is THAT what they were doing? I thought that Chuff was only buying Billy Bob a sandwich, as he had been doing for many years now.) Seriously, I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried!

Chuff (who’s now in a HUFF) is thinking, “What the hell?!” Why is the homeless community talking about MY sex life? Haven’t they got anything better to talk about or to be concerned with?

So there you have it, folks! Chuff, who NEVER asked for anything in return – who only acted out of the kindness of his heart, has now been officially snubbed by the homeless man with values, never to be allowed to slip a little salami to Billy Bob ever, EVER again! (Did you really think that I could resist saying that? Come on! LOL)

Reminds me of the old Rodney Dangerfield quote: “I get no respect!” Sorry but if it’s a contest between family values and a roof over my head, food on the table and silver in my pocket I’ll take the latter as opposed to the cardboard box every time, my friend (and I’d wager so would you).

But lest you think this changes my attitude toward the homeless; it doesn’t. I’ll still go out of my way to give a person a hand-up if and when I’m moved to do so (which is fairly regularly). Just because “Billy Bob” is a di** doesn’t mean they are all narrow-minded a$$hats. {wink-wink!}

Speaking of douche bags, have you heard? Rick Santorum decided to suspend his run for the presidency. There is hope for America yet!


DADT Goes Down [finally]…

20 Sep

McCain grousing about the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"I’d be remiss to not recognize today as the day that the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) law was repealed — and about freaking time! Gays, lesbians and bisexuals have been serving in the military for years; in the words of Staff Sgt. Jonathan Mills, it isn’t as though we’ve “just popped up today, we’ve been here all along.

And he’s right!

For those who are quick to accuse Bill Clinton of “giving in” when DADT was put in place, watch his response to Katie Couric on the subject here. Do I believe him? Yes, I do but then, I’m a supporter of his (despite the fact I would have sliced off his privates if I’d been Hilary and caught him cheating on me with Monica Lewinsky).

In this day and age when the Internet connects so many of us across the globe, 21-year-old soldier, Randy Phillips (funny, my little brother’s best friend has the same name… and I used to give him shit and flirt with him JUST to make him feel uncomfortable — LOL!!) has kept track of and shared his coming-out experience with over 98,000 subscribers on YouTube. On this, the very day of the repeal of the law that was clearly all about discrimination, Randy comes out to his father who is back home in Alabama. The video of the account is touching and more importantly, his father’s reaction to his son’s news was heartfelt, positive and reassuring; it can’t get any better than that.



The following is part of a message I sent to Steven Randy Phillips earlier today (11/21/11), after watching an interview of him on another blogger’s website. It expresses the sentiments I would express to any young man who 1) has come out to the world via the Internet, and is 2) in some ways seemingly being used as the poster boy for coming out.

         Steven, first and foremost I hope this message finds you well, healthy and happy. You’re a unique, special guy from everything I’ve seen of you online and you deserve a long, healthy life filled with all the things that will bring you the happiness you (and we all, really) want and deserve. I tried to locate your page on Facebook but there were a number of Steven Phillips registered there and I wasn’t certain which might be your own page so figured I’d just send a message here to show my support instead.

         I stand behind you fully as you adjust to what I can only describe as “this next phase of your life.” You’ve embraced your sexuality and that’s great; not that you are gay but that you’re completely comfortable with who you are. I don’t have to tell you that “being gay isn’t what defines you; it is only one small, minor detail of what makes you uniquely you.” The most important values a man or woman can be judged by are simply that they’re honest, are taking the time to fully enjoy their lives and are kind/considerate and respectful of other persons. I don’t know you but I try always to give folks the benefit of the doubt (unless given a good reason to believe otherwise) and am guessing you are all of these things.

         My prayer (I’m gay so don’t take that as an indication that I’m a religious zealot trying to get into your head and convert you—not the case, though I am spiritual and faithful) for you is that your relationship with your Mom is as strong as it was prior to your coming out, and that it will only improve in time. Remember this, you’ve had your entire life to come to terms with being gay; this is all new to those around you who did not even suspect such might be the case. In time, I would think they will see that you are the same beautiful, loving and devoted man that you’ve been all along—but it does take time. Meanwhile, remember to take the time to care for yourself; don’t allow yourself to be used as “the poster boy for coming out” to the detriment of your own health, happiness and whatever time you need to adjust to a new “open” way of living. I do NOT want to read about you, one day, as though you’ve become a statistic in a long line of statistics where closed-mindedness and an unfounded fear of others (in this case, yourself), based on the premise that they seem different, has led to a backlash of some kind.

         In many ways, you remind me of a young man in the Navy whom I dated when I was in my twenties (twice those now, I’m an old fart! LOL) Stay strong, gentle, courageous and trustworthy; those qualities (among others) will lead you to the realization of the dreams in your heart.

Hugs from Dallas (TX),


The Heterosexual Checklist

22 Jun

Photo of a hot guy with washboard abs and cute nipples; tat above left pec.I first saw this list on Davey Wavey’s “Break The Illusion” blog but it has been around for a while and posted all over the net (so I don’t really feel badly for reposting it here). The truth is that if you take the time to read through the list, it really does give you a lot to think about. That isn’t to say that I believe we, as LGBTQ persons, should feel like victims (I don’t and personally speaking, I think that having dealt with the bullshit I’ve had to endure and address over the years has only made me a stronger person in many ways). So, let’s consider all of the things that a “heterosexual” individual can take for granted.

On a daily basis as a straight person…

  1. I can be pretty sure that my roomate, hallmates and classmates will be comfortable with my sexual orientation.
  2. If I pick up a magazine, watch TV, or play music, I can be certain my sexual orientation will be represented.
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Pride Go’eth before The Fall

14 Nov

Depiction of Straight Pride, as opposed to Gay PrideIt all started during “Ally Week”, a week set aside by the St. Charles High School in Chicago to bring “attention to the bullying of gays, lesbians and transgenders.”

Three students attended classes wearing “Straight Pride” T-shirts bearing a Bible quotation from Leviticus that is often used to condemn homosexuals. The matter was escalated when some of the school’s students complained about the shirts.

Read the entire article as it appears on here, then feel free to return and read my response (and offer your own).

In my own words…

I initially felt it was silly of the staff to prohibit the wearing of “Straight Pride” shirts … but I’ll offer up this observation. EVERY day is a “Straight Pride” day in a world that, for the most part has felt heterosexuality is normal and homosexuality is both, abnormal and immoral (and as well, a choice *coughbullshit!*). I don’t have a problem with allowing groups of people, who seem to be perceived or treated as “lesser” persons (who are still fighting for many of the same rights as others presently do already enjoy) to have specific days set aside for pride celebrations, etc. Doing so gives them the opportunity to reach out and come together in support of one another.

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News from the Job Front

10 Nov

unemployment linesHave you ever become so tired of something that “if I never had to do this again, it’d be too soon?”

I had begun to feel that way about my job back in 2007 and 2008, then on Christmas day (2008) I was called up in New Mexico and told I had been laid off. In some respects it was like a blessing; in others, the beginning of a nightmare.

It’s unlikely that anyone in their teens, twenties or possibly even in their early thirties can fully understand but ageism is alive and well in this country. It doesn’t matter that those of us who’ve been around the longest have “experience” to offer, as well as usually haven reached the point that we’ve already sown our wild oats and are simply more inclined to live a much quieter life (which can benefit the employer, let me tell you). Nobody likes it when the young twenty-something comes in with a hangover and isn’t able to do his job because he was out partying the entire night before.

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An Open Letter to Martin Ssempa, pastor in Uganda

13 Jun

Thumbnail of Martin SsempaThe other day I wrote about pastor Martin Ssempa and his propaganda of hate in Uganda. The blog entry appears HERE and is simply entitled “For mature audiences only…” (I’ve made available within that entry a copy of Sempa’s nasty and adult oriented video.)

The more and more that I think about what he is doing over there the angrier I get so (this morning) I sent a message to him at his website, The contents of my message appear below.
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Warning! For mature audiences only..

11 Jun

Don’t watch this video if you have a weak stomach in combination with a vivid imagination or no sense of humor.

It shouldn’t but it never ceases to surprise me how some people just do not understand that you cannot put everybody in a box. I mean, I’ve heard the stereotypical comments that all black people are lazy (not true). I’ve heard some refer to all Mexicans as “illegal aliens” (not true). I’ve heard the claims that all Puerto Ricans are thieves (not true). On a more personal note and on any given day
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“Go Back in The Closet!”

09 Jun

U.S. Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) appeared on the Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch Weekly” radio program earlier last month to discuss the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). King was quoted as saying:

Rep. Steve (R-Iowa)If homosexuals want to avoid discrimination they should be more discrete about being homosexual, U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Kiron, said Tuesday on the radio program of Family Research Council President Tony Perkins.

King and Perkins were discussing the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a bill that prohibits workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Perkins expressed fear that “someone could come in dressed one day as a woman or a man, the next day they come in dressed as the opposite sex” and an employer would be “helpless to do anything about it.”
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And a child shall lead them

10 Feb

Photo of Will PhillipsThe world needs more children who are willing to stand up (or “sit down” as is the case in West Fork, Arkansas) against prejudice when they see it.

Will Phillips refuses to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in his classroom until, in his own words liberty and justice exists for all persons. He points to the fact that gays and lesbians cannot marry and that racism and sexism is still very much a reality in our country.

Watch of the many videos taken of the young lad and form your own opinion of him. He is well-spoken and mature for his age, and he has the conviction to stand up for what he believes. So what if he allowed his frustration to get the better of him (after being pressed for several days to recite the pledge) when he told the substitute teacher she could “go jump off a bridge.” He said it with style (lol) and I believe he has even apologized for any perceived disrespect toward the teacher. She should apologize to him for being an asshat and not respecting his right to exercise his freedom of speech (or lack of it, in this case). Watch any of the videos and form your own opinion though.

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