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Prejudice, Who of Us Is Innocent?

01 Dec

This is the “other” post I thought I’d make before I occupy my time today with the tasks of the day. I [usually] try to discourage others from embracing prejudice of any kind.

After all, if you “feel the need to judge”, you would fair better by taking their personal and uniquely individualistic characteristics into consideration — remembering that we ALL fall far short of perfection on any given day.

Of course, such advice is sometimes difficult to follow and far too often it falls on deaf ears.

Do I have a prejudice? Yes, I must [sadly] admit I’ve at least one.

Such a prejudice has been cultivated by many years of reading the “death to Americans” bullshit propaganda that usually comes out of the very countries where we purchase much of our raw oil (from the Middle East, etc.) Our money is desired but our presence and our very lives are seemingly held in disdain in these regions.

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I said I wouldn’t

08 Jan

Friends who are blindly liberal (many of whom are gay themselves) have given me a lot of grief for expressing my outrage at Barack Obama over his performance in the White House. Many are shocked when they hear I didn’t vote for him in the last election. (After all, I am a registered Democrat. “How could [I] turn my back on my party that way?”)

They can’t understand how any self-respecting queer could ever vote for a republican rather than the man who promised to repeal DADT and end America’s participation in the war in Iraq. I’ll admit that Barack kept his word on DADT and he did [finally] get our boys and girls back home from Iraq but there’s still much about the man’s leadership that I question and some that I even despise.

Mark Levin (somebody I often find myself raging at because of his ultra-conservative positions on many issues and his willingness to “buy the Kool-Aid” that is doled out by those who blindly follow(1) the agenda of the Republican Party) had a caller on his show recently.

Neurosurgeon places call to the Mark Levin show

A caller who identifies himself as a neurosurgeon returning from Washington, D.C. claims patients over the age of seventy will receive “comfort care” instead of life-saving neurosurgery to treat the illness or disease under the Obama health care plan. The surgeon, a member of the AANS, then goes on to describe how the HHS describes “patients” as “units”, a term that dehumanizes the patient and can only be justified by trying to make it easier to base one’s medical decisions on “profit vs. the health and well-being of the individual.”

The man who called in explains how a patient who may be seventy years of age with a bleed in their brain might come into an ER but the physician will be unable to get an ethics panel (made up of administrators, not physicians) to convene at 3 o’clock in the morning to authorize the surgery. His and the term used by many others who oppose Obama’s idea of health care reform refer to the ethics panels as “Death panels.”

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Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture?

25 Nov

This entry first appeared as a comment by myself on another’s blog… but as my own blog is dedicated to sharing my thoughts and opinions about those things which either affect my life or are simply “in the news” I felt the comment should appear here, as well. You’ll understand as you read more of this entry.

The blogger’s entry explains why he feels that being gay is primarily a matter of “choice” (at least, that’s the message I believe he intended to send). I myself disagree, for a number of reasons that you’re about to read about below.

In response…

Firstly, thanks for saying “I [do not] believe” because, let’s face it, what you have expressed is an opinion based on the living of your own life. The belief that one’s sexual orientation is a “choice” does not ring clear with me, nor has it ever been my experience.

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Warning! For mature audiences only..

11 Jun

Don’t watch this video if you have a weak stomach in combination with a vivid imagination or no sense of humor.

It shouldn’t but it never ceases to surprise me how some people just do not understand that you cannot put everybody in a box. I mean, I’ve heard the stereotypical comments that all black people are lazy (not true). I’ve heard some refer to all Mexicans as “illegal aliens” (not true). I’ve heard the claims that all Puerto Ricans are thieves (not true). On a more personal note and on any given day
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Why not bat for our team?

10 Feb

Photo of Be Straight haircare productI hear it all the time… People say, “I just don’t get it; why would you ‘choose’ to be gay? Why AREN’T you interested in women? Have you ever tried it? You know, you might like it if you tried just once.” Then there are those who take it a step further, making crude comparisons between the orifices of a man and a women.

(Like I really want to hear about va-jay-jay!)

Here’s an example; this is what somebody on Topix wrote earlier today:

fed up writes:

..if you wanna bang a hairy guys @ss why not join our team and bang a woman’s it would be the same thing right? same spot, same feeling, just a nice smooth hairless hot woman though, oh yeah and i’m sure she smells better.lmao.

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NAMBLA, Just Whose Best Interests DO They Serve?

16 Jul

Those who are up to speed on where my priorities have been of recent know that, among others (such as attempting to find work and keep some sense of sanity about myself through my photography), I’ve been participating in discussions about homosexuality (our oppression, misunderstanding and intolerance of, etc.) on the topix forums associated with the local paper in my hometown. Some of the discussions have been heated as you may well imagine. After all, Carlsbad is a small town and the only reason I first became involved in these talks was because of the ridiculous outcry of the local phobes in that area against members of PFLAG using the public parks for one of their barbeques around July 4th (I know, quite pathetic).

Anyway, as with so many of these discussions the topic of NAMBLA did come up
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