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Cancer, Mothers and Custody Battles…

13 May

Photo of Alaina Giordano with her two childrenShould a mother lose custody of her children just because she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer?

If you think like I do, you’re thinking, “What the hell? Why on earth would they even consider such a bold and ludicrous decision?” One judge, Nancy E. Gordon has passed down just such a ruling against a North Carolina mother (Alaina Giordano) who is fighting to survive Stage 4 breast cancer.

A petition has been circulating in the hope that the governor of the state of North Carolina will step up and convince the judge that the ruling is not in the best interest of the children. However, as with any “tale” there are always two sides to the story. The judge expresses a number of concerns that are revealed upon review of the order.

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The “Patriot Act” – Friend or Foe?

20 Feb

Cartoon about the Patriot Act and its intrusion into our individual privacyI’ve had problems with “The Patriot Act” from the time it was first passed by Congress (at the impromptu encouragement of George Walker Bush). You will get no argument from me that the terrorists who killed so many on 9-11 in 2001 were deserving of much worse than they ever realized; that their acts of cowardice and senseless violence were beyond any reasoning, but…

That doesn’t mean I believe our country should ever have given in to the “Middle Eastern” fear mongering by allowing those very same terrorists to motivate us to take away or even diminish the freedoms of which we here in America do enjoy. Our country is built upon a foundation of principles and when we “give up those principles” because of some senseless fear of some tyrant and the mindless sycophants who hang on his every word; well, we send a message that eats away at everything that our country stands for — and that is NOT acceptable in my book.

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Pride Go’eth before The Fall

14 Nov

Depiction of Straight Pride, as opposed to Gay PrideIt all started during “Ally Week”, a week set aside by the St. Charles High School in Chicago to bring “attention to the bullying of gays, lesbians and transgenders.”

Three students attended classes wearing “Straight Pride” T-shirts bearing a Bible quotation from Leviticus that is often used to condemn homosexuals. The matter was escalated when some of the school’s students complained about the shirts.

Read the entire article as it appears on here, then feel free to return and read my response (and offer your own).

In my own words…

I initially felt it was silly of the staff to prohibit the wearing of “Straight Pride” shirts … but I’ll offer up this observation. EVERY day is a “Straight Pride” day in a world that, for the most part has felt heterosexuality is normal and homosexuality is both, abnormal and immoral (and as well, a choice *coughbullshit!*). I don’t have a problem with allowing groups of people, who seem to be perceived or treated as “lesser” persons (who are still fighting for many of the same rights as others presently do already enjoy) to have specific days set aside for pride celebrations, etc. Doing so gives them the opportunity to reach out and come together in support of one another.

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When a “step forward” isn’t

17 Aug

Seal of the 9th Circuit Court of AppealsI find it so amusing when a group of people are so caught up in their “cause célèbre” that they mistakenly perceive that an action taken by the judiciary system was a win in their favor.

As I indicated earlier this month, Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling in favor of the plaintiff’s for Prop 8 was a step forward for marriage equality as regards couples of the same sex. I did also state it was likely not, nor should it be the final word on the matter and that the LGBT community would most likely BENEFIT from an appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and [eventually] even the Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS).

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Age of Consent?

14 Aug

Photo of post-pubescent teens cuddlingLet’s discuss “sexual consent” today. More specifically, the contrast between the age of consent for those whose relationships are homosexual as compared to heterosexual relationships. The age of consent is simply the age at which one is “legally recognized” as being able to give his or her consent to have sex.

Why is this coming up? Well, the subject was broached on a thread over on Topix. I know, I know.. I’ve said I wouldn’t be spending much time over there anymore ..and I don’t (spend nearly as much time on that site as I have previously) but I do have some friends I’ve made on the service so I occasionally drop in to see what’s going on and to connect with them.

It’s pretty much the same old thing; conservatives crying foul over Judge Walker’s ruling on Proposition 8 and as well, their making false claims that homosexuals represent all of the evils this world has to offer. It’s rather pathetic, actually. Their ridiculous claims remind me of a time when such comments were leveled in response to an interracial couple’s desire to get married and (going further back in time) to when the south was up in arms over the efforts to do away with slavery.

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The Origins of “Marriage”

08 Aug

montage of wedding photosThere has been a lot of talk about the origins of marriage over the past ten years; especially, during the last year or two.

The discussions are important and those on both sides of the issue are passionate and have a right to their opinions. On the one hand we have those who believe marriage is rooted in religion and that the institution is reserved ONLY for couples comprised of one man and one woman.

Others believe marriage has little to do with the gender of those involved but more so with whether or not the two love one another and are committed to live out their lives as a family, devoted to and willing to share in the responsibilities that are inherently involved in such a relationship, setting aside any ties to religion altogether.

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Percentages, Who Do They Benefit?

07 Apr

 Montage of roulette wheel, slave, interracial and gay couplesDoes anyone really benefit from beating the odds? I mean, if you’re in Vegas it’s great to return with extra cash but it doesn’t happen all that often (as the odds favor the house).

Then there’s politics; here in America we pride ourselves on having a Democracy. We the people get to decide who our next Commander in Chief will be by casting our votes in a public election. He (or she) who gets the most votes will be the President of the United States for the next four years. The same thing goes for all the rest of our elected representatives, state by state.

Do you feel as though that has been working for our country of recent? It’s clear there are some periods of American history we should be immensely ashamed of and I sometimes wonder if we aren’t making some of the same mistakes all over again.

So when do we stack the odds in our favor, or better yet do away with them entirely?

I’m proud to be an American and I think as a general rule our country’s form of government works better than most others. It is by far, more representative of the “will of the People” — but perhaps therein lies part of a greater problem.

• • • • •

We’re a country OF the people, FOR the people — our form of government, intended to take action based on the majority’s wishes as expressed at the polls.

But what if the majority is simply trying to force their narrow-minded viewpoints, using the polls as their tool of choice to “control” a minority?

Historically, there is a lot of evidence to support such a statement.

Read on…
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The War on Drugs

10 Sep

Cartoon, war on drugsDrugs! Why the interest? Really.. I just don’t get it; my life hasn’t been perfect and there have been times I’ve wanted to find a way to numb my mind to whatever I was going through at that particular moment in time … but I never turned to drugs. Don’t get me wrong; I know that people make mistakes and I’m certainly not willing to overlook a person’s efforts when he or she realizes the error of their ways and makes an honest effort to clean up their act.

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The President, Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Ms Deborah Dark

27 Jul

While I’m happy we no longer live under (yet must endure its long-standing effects) the leadership of George W. Bush, I cannot say I’m completely at peace with the representation in the Oval Office these days either. Is it better than the past eight years? I believe that it is but Barack Obama is not, in my most humblest of opinions, the answer to all of the nation’s ills nor has he “attempted” to do nearly enough to keep many of the promises he made on the campaign trail (which were of interest to me personally). This isn’t all that surprising considering so few candidates EVER seem to remember or act on the promises they’ve made while campaigning for public office.

However, the subject of today’s blog is two-fold. First we have an unfortunate moment (and the inappropriate [imo] response of the sitting president) last week when a lady, thinking she was doing her neighbor a favor when she observed what she thought were two men breaking into her neighbor’s home, called 911 to report the incident. Second, the ludicrous actions of the French court system which I pray are never repeated here within the boundaries of the U.S. but probably have been or will be.
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Fly the Friendly Skies

23 Jul

Seventeen year old smooth talking “Adam Tait” (not his real name) takes air industry bosses on the ride of their lives. “His exploits are reminiscent of those of Frank Abagnale Jr, who convinced the Pan Am airline that he was a pilot while still a teenager,” say the TimesOnline.

Regardless of what you might think of the teen’s actions (let’s face it, there are any number of laws he had to have broken somewhere along the way) you have to give him credit for his creativity. According to his father the boy suffers from a form of autism and has a phenomenal memory; he also describes his son’s behavior as “challenging.”
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