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Coming Out in A Faithful Family

25 May

When a family has been exposed to one of our group (the LGBT community) in a positive way, they’ve the opportunity to grow and evolve past the prejudice that may have been present before. We have to remember that prejudice is first learned and cultivated in a vacuum of evidence while it is dissipated through experience and an open mind.

For young adults and teens growing up within the confines of religion and religious families, I completely understand the reasons behind the fear of coming out (or being out’ed).

It isn’t easy to take that leap of faith, in the hope that your family will react favorably to the news that you aren’t what they’d assumed you were (all these years later). You and I have had time to reach some level of comfort with and acceptance of our sexual orientation. Even while some members of our family may have “suspected” it at times, the “news” that we are gay is still that; news that they have to process.

I always tell young people who are contemplating the act of “coming out” to their families, the most important preparation for that day is to be certain that you love and respect yourself and as well, that you have a support system in place to fall back on if your “coming out” doesn’t go as well as you may have hoped.

Growing up I was surrounded by family members who were very religious. I was fortunate in that they didn’t “seem” to be the kind who would react dis-favorably if and when I came out to them. (That didn’t make it much easier.)

All but one has been fine with the disclosure. A few were, and are, perhaps uncomfortable talking about the subject matter but that’s only because they, like so many others, seemingly think of it as being only about sex and little to do with who we are in our heart of hearts). For those persons, I wish you would understand that in the end it’s no different than how you feel; it’s a matter of whom we feel most comfortable sharing our lives. That’s it.

I came out years ago (to my mother first, around 1988 and the to the rest of my family the following year.

To be honest, I don’t for the life of me understand why they never figured it out on their own. I never dated [girls] and if anything, the hidden young man’s underwear section of the Sear’s catalog in my bedroom along with what Mom repeatedly described as my “snot rags” (ROFL!) back in those days should have been cause enough to clue the family in.

People see what they want to see I suppose.

I’m well aware there are families that are more religious than mine, whose members have spoken and acted out hatefully while discussing homosexuals, our pride events and/or actions intended to bring about understanding, equality and tolerance. I understand the hesitation and fear [some] feel over the thought of coming out, even in this so-called more accepting and enlightened age. The truth is there are no guarantees and it’s that “not knowing” that often paralyzes us into inaction.

Prior to coming out, take stock of the situation carefully. Gauge your circumstances and come out when YOU are ready to do so, not a moment before and certainly not at the bequest or perceived need of another (a boyfriend or girlfriend perhaps). Will it be as though a burden has been lifted? Many have said it’s like finally being able to breathe. I know that sounds like every reason to do so but I always tell young people to not act in haste; to come out only when they are in a position to care for themselves if necessary (or have verified they’ve the support of others if worse comes to worse. Sometimes this means waiting until after you’ve completed your secondary training (college, etc) and don’t for a moment feel guilty about that.

The world is a wonderful place but it isn’t always fair; sometimes it is anything but [fair]…

The day arrives, and…

Sometimes it goes well and at other [times], total chaos and dissension ensue. I’m aware of young teens who were disowned and told “leave and never look back.” {sigh} It’s heartbreaking to me when I read of this happening (and obviously worse yet for the young person who’s lost all of the family he ever knew growing up). It isn’t right and depending on the circumstances, can lead to any number of bad decisions on the part of the youth; actions taken just to “get by” and/or secure love and affection from anyone who will accept him into their life.

My response to every young person who experiences the worst from their families after coming out is, “YOU are still the very same person you were before they knew. You are worthy, intelligent, loving and certainly deserving of a happy future. Don’t let the ignorant, unreasonable reactions of others, even if they are your family, make you feel any less of a person than the blessing that you are. If they are incapable of seeing you for who you are, that’s their loss. Don’t make it your own by losing faith in yourself.

In closing and to those reading who are young and contemplating coming out under what may prove to be difficult circumstances and duress. Look to those “you trust” for the support that you will need. Be very observant, careful to recognize the signs if a person is offering his or her shoulder to lean on (but in truth, has a personal agenda). There are good people and bad people in this world; some have ulterior motives and their “support” is anything but free and without strings attached. I want you to be liberated of your own closet (when you are ready) but please try to do so without stepping from one set of confines into another that may be much, MUCH worse for you in the long-run.

To put it bluntly, do everything within your power not to become a statistic; one who is taken advantage of emotionally (and perhaps even physically) during the process of coming out to your family.


Resource Links:

  • LGBTQ Youth Rights by Vickie L. Henry, Director of GLAD’s Youth Initiative — On first glance, this appears to be a fairly comprehensive and well thought out resource for LGBTQ youth growing up in families of faith.


Ryan Robertson: Beautiful Baby Boy

04 Jan

I’m sharing this for all of the parents out there reading. Perhaps more so if you are the parent of a child who identifies as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered) and especially for those parents who might be thinking God would wash His hands of a child for not identifying as anything other than straight.

Watch – Listen – Hear (the message of a faithful family whose oldest son came out to them at the age of twelve).

While “your own” journey may not be taking the same path as that of a gay/lesbian child of God, this doesn’t mean the LGBTQ person’s journey is any less genuine or real.

As you watch the video (and I hope you will), I’m asking you to think about the pressure a young man or woman growing up with a “different” sexual orientation is made to endure, be that pressure originating from his or her peers, family or self-induced because of the fear and assumptions of what others may be thinking. (While there are some tragic stories out there where parents have responded badly to news that their child is anything but straight — just as often, if not more so, parents do come through for their children and respond as a loving parent should. In such cases, the fear and concern of the child who has yet to “come out of the closet” is proven to be unfounded but no less genuine and worrisome at the time. I know; I worried about how my own parents would receive the news, choosing not reveal my true nature until I was about 26-years old and living 500 miles away from them.)

Understand that this is one reason why “some” LGBTQ persons turn to drugs and alcohol, or even unhealthy sex addictions. Some do so in order to distance themselves from the pain, self-loathing and the worry; from the judgment and hurtful comments by others… There is a very real, increased risk of suicide amongst the younger generations within the LGBTQ community. No person wishes to be alone in life and the vast majority of children and young adults, regardless of what they might say, truly only want the love and respect of their families. Most children do not intentionally set about trying to embarrass or disappoint their mothers and fathers and nobody wants to feel he or she is “less than” anyone else, especially when being so seemingly comes as a consequence of something he or she never felt they’d any control over.

Many [people] have asked me over the years, “How do you even know you are gay if you’ve never been with a girl or a woman?” They either did not understand or were simply unwilling to acknowledge that it’s not a thing you generally develop through experimentation… Certainly there are many young men and women who may experiment as they go through puberty but for the most part, it just isn’t the same thing as trying some new exotic food for the first time. It’s in your nature; something you feel “at home with” — as if, for you, this is just the most natural thing in the world. It’s a part of what defines you as who and what you really are. It isn’t all that defines you but it is certainly a very real and finite part of what makes you, “uniquely you.”

Can I appreciate the beauty of a good-looking woman? Yes, but that’s pretty much it for me. The sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world can’t fill the void that the love of a good man I care deeply about will fill. The sexiest, most alluring woman in the world isn’t going to give me “wood” like a beefcake with abs, great legs and a handsome, masculine face. In point of fact, the idea of sexual relations with a woman is about as (pardon my saying so) as much of a turnoff for me as it would be for a straight man to think about having sex with another man.

Anyway, I ask you to watch the video and give some serious consideration to what this mother and father are trying to tell you. They aren’t trying to say that being gay is any better or worse; only that they regret responding to their son as they [originally] did and had they known better at the time, they would have handled matters much differently. (As for the video itself, it was originally made accessible from “Gay Voices” on the HUFFPOST website).


Just Because He Breathes — Official website and blog by Linda Robertson.

I’m so stoked right now because I received an email from Linda Robertson (Ryan’s mother) in response to this blog entry. I won’t share the details of the message because it would just seem as though I were patting myself on the back, which is silly because there are plenty of things I’ve written in the past that would open me up to much criticism. (Yeah, I know… I go on rants too much. Politics just gets under my skin and so much of what we endure in this world is the direct consequence of politics and nasty people. Linda clearly didn’t read any of the other entries, besides this one here — or perhaps she’s just very forgiving of other’s failings, and God knows I have many! LOL)

Anyway, I just wanted to share this news with anyone reading the article. Linda is truly a kind and precious person; so too [obviously] is her husband. Their family was deeply affected by the loss of Ryan and they’ve done a wonderful job of reflecting on how they might have reacted differently. His loss was senseless, in that the family was healing and coming back together when he, in a weak moment gave in to the addiction he’d come back from (no judgment there from me). My heart truly goes out to this family and I am very appreciative for the fact that Linda and her husband are reaching out to others in an effort to make it easier for LGBT youth to come out to and be accepted more fully by their families.

Thank you, Linda for your very kind and uplifting email.

   — Michael


Handouts and Who To Vote For?

30 Aug

I'd Like To Vote "None of The Above!"Honestly? I did not vote for Barack Obama in the last presidential election. (I take exception to his position on inheritance taxes and capital gains taxes and as well, do NOT believe in his attitude with regard to the “redistribution of wealth” — and I don’t care how you ‘splain or try to justify it, that is his attitude.)

If you want something, get off your ass and work for it. I’ve done that my entire life and I’m quite sick and tired of those who feel “entitled” to free handouts.

I am all for giving a person a much-needed hand-up but I’m tired of those who just want a handout so they can sit on their asses and get a free ride at the expense of those who ARE working, who DO pay taxes on salaries that are the direct consequence of their having worked for them (as opposed to a “salary” that was simply given to him or her under the guise of some government subsidized welfare program).

This isn’t to say there aren’t people out there who are deserving of a hand-up to survive; they exist (I know they do).

I’m just saying that “If you want the help, GIVE SOMETHING BACK in return! Don’t just take the money and run.

You can pick up trash, volunteer to do some data entry in a government office or a charity, help out with programs for the elderly or those who are physically unable to get out to pick up their prescription medications or to do their own grocery shopping. There is always something a person can do to give something back to the community that is [financially] helping him or her. Hell, volunteer your time to be a part of a phone bank to answer frequently asked questions relating to city/state services or [again] a charitable organization of some sort.

You might get the impression I’m a Republican, listening to me say these things; you’d be wrong.

I’m a registered Democrat; I have been since I first registered to vote many years ago. Having said this, I’m also an equal-opportunity offender.

I cannot stomach the gas-bags in the Republican party who’ve an interest in legislating morality but neither do I support the idiots in my own party who want to buy votes by offering every lazy-ass citizen (and those who enter our country illegally, who’ve little to no desire to work toward their citizenship) with a handout). I am equally disgusted with both parties.

Certainly, I get that circumstances are seemingly more difficult in some of the other countries and I understand that families there are just trying to make a living and survive… That explains why some of them cross the border illegally to try and find work here. But it REALLY isn’t all that much better for a lot of our own citizens in the States (America).

We’ve a lot of homeless people on the streets; we have a lot of families who are living from paycheck to paycheck, only days away from being turned out of their own homes should luck turn against them. One thing that makes me angry is that much-needed resources, resources which could be used to assist citizens who are here legally, who have been working and have been paying their taxes all along… Those resources are mishandled and given freely to people who are NOT here legally, who have NOT been making the contributions that make those very programs possible, by paying their fair share of the taxes you and I pay (if only because they are here illegally, have been paid under the table and there’s no record of their being employed).

Sorry Mexico… You take care of yours; we’ll take care of our own, thank you very much!

There has never been an argument made in my forty-nine years of living that will convince me I’ve a responsibility to every other person in every other country, be they across the border or around the world. I do my part to help others when I can … but it’s because I “want to”, not because I feel I MUST and am expected to.

If I willingly choose to give of my own resources (those which are mine and mine alone to give) to somebody, that is one thing (and quite honestly, we should all help when we can). But it’s quite another thing for a group of politicians who are living the fat life off of our sweat and hard work, whose only agenda is to get re-elected, to STEAL the fruits of our labors and just give them away, acting dismissive toward the interests and expressed priorities of our own citizens in the process.

You think I’m kidding? Just read about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Tomorrow I may write about how I feel that Ron Paul was screwed by the GOP during the Republican convention (and in the days that led up to the convention). No surprise there, given that NEITHER party understands the concept of integrity and acting on behalf of the interests of the average citizen.

In closing, if you were to ask me who I’m voting for in the upcoming election I’d have to say “I don’t know.”

I’ll probably vote for the Democratic ticket (with reservations) simply because I cannot stomach voting for the elitist Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Ryan wants to gut Medicare and Medicaid; I’m sorry but as fiscally conservative as I am, I have serious misgivings with regard to that little shit’s attitude toward our seniors who, after having paid taxes all their lives then find themselves in need of medical assistance only to discover that the funds are no longer available for their use.

On a more personal front, I am offended by the Republican Party’s attitude toward LGBTQ issues. Many of their number are as homophobic as they come! So, for those of you who are Republican and can’t understand why I’m not on board with your causes, think about it… If you’d get the hell out of my bedroom and quit trying to legislate morality, we might be able to reach some common ground.

Till then, the Republican Party can kiss my ass (but all things being fair, color me “disgusted” with both parties!)


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A Word to Christians Everywhere

15 Aug

No apologies for my faithfulness; I’m gay but I’m also a man who believes in a higher power. God, Creator, Yahweh, Spirit, The “One”… choose whatever label you are comfortable with. I simply do not believe life is just a co-inky-dink; that we are simply born, die and that’s the end.

I believe in so much more!

We are not alone; we are not a “happenstance” — some mingling of two molecules that somehow, quite by accident did miraculously combine, resulting in our creation. There is a reason, a purpose for our being here.

Here is where my brand of faith diverges from that of many whose faith is more “traditional“. While I do believe we exist for a purpose (to experience, grow and evolve), I do NOT believe we’re some experiment in God’s proverbial lab upstairs. He isn’t testing us to see if we are deserving of His company in the afterlife or an eternity in hell. Nor do I believe that we get only “one shot at life” (I’ve addressed the fact that I believe in reincarnation in other blog entries – no good reason to rehash that here).

What we are is God incarnate; we are made in God’s image, each one of us and as such we’ve a choice in our birthright. We’ve power over our lives, the likes of which few will ever fully realize in this lifetime.

(That will sound like blasphemy to those who ascribe to an orthodox brand of faith and again, I make NO apologies to such people.)

The traditional believers did get one thing right; we have free will. While I believe we choose the circumstances into which we will be born (to best set ourselves up for the experiences that will most likely help us to evolve), our lives and all that will happen to us is not “carved in stone” (there is no such thing is pure destiny). The path that our lives take will be affected by every life-altering decision we make, from the time of our “birth” until the very moment our physical bodies cease to function. Our lives will become what we make of them; peaceful, fulfilled, chaotic and disorganized, loving or bitter… There are as many outcomes as there are stars in the heavens.

This doesn’t mean I’m blind to science though; I do believe in evolution.

In fact, I think it is not only silly but downright irresponsible that some institutions teach only creationism. It isn’t God’s intention for us to walk through life with blinders on, oblivious to the fact that “life evolves.” God doesn’t ask that we remain ignorant of how our lives and our environment are affected by science.

If anything, I believe He would ask that we continually question and search out the truth. Anything less is a waste of our intellect which, if one is to believe that all things come from God so too do the minds with which we use to reason with each day.

And yet, there are many who cling to tradition; even in the face of a preponderance of evidence indicating they do not fully understand that which they judge. Their inability to move past their fear and hatred give them cause to do things in the name of their “faith” that is unwarranted, anything but Christ-like and downright inhumane.

I am appalled by the vast majority of those who are quick to proclaim themselves as Christians or devout Catholics, who cloak themselves in religious doctrine to the extent they set aside human dignity for their fellow man.

These individuals are so quick to try and justify their prejudice through a “book” written thousands of years ago in Hebrew (with the exception of a few chapters written in Aramaic). It was written during an era when the language did not even have “words” for some of the things “Christians” and others of faith attempt to pass judgment on today. For instance, many assume God held homosexuality in disfavor when only one or two scriptures make mention of persons of the same gender laying with one another. (Even then, it takes a stretch of the imagination and gross misinterpretation of those scriptures to justify their stance on the matter.)

Leave the judging to He who knows us bestThose who use the Bible to justify their prejudice against (and the hatred or disgust they feel toward homosexuals) more often than not will disregard all scripture which may present their own actions in an unfavorable light. Such persons choose instead to focus ONLY on passages that appear to support their not so Godly agendas. They much prefer to criticize and condemn rather than leave the judging up to Another who might know our hearts so much better than our peers EVER could.

How ironic is it that they cannot see the correlation between the arguments used by those who preceded them, who relied on the Bible in a failed attempt to justify slavery and preempt couples of mixed races from following THEIR OWN hearts and marrying one another? Those same arguments are eerily similar to the ones given in the “present day” while trying to prevent same-sex couples from marrying, a right opposite-sex couples often take for granted. (We simply wish to secure the same protections for our loved ones as any other “married couple” might enjoy under the (sic) watchful eyes of the government.)

But setting aside the issue of marriage equality for now…

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LGBTQ-Related Suicides during 2012

09 Jun

The number of LGBTQ suicides for the year 2012 currently stands at...As indicated in an earlier [blog] entry, I’ll continue to focus my thoughts on everything I am thankful for (which is quite a lot) and I refuse to allow the works of those whose actions are born of hate to have their desired effect on me. That does not mean I will ignore the tragedies that are left in the wake of their hatred, however. Bullying a child for any reason is wrong, whether the abuse comes from another child or an adult. Sadly, there is a lot of bullying that is originating from BOTH these days; most notably (at the moment), from those who are trying to secure the nomination for the Republican ticket in the upcoming presidential election and as well, from the uber-conservative “we’ve got a stick up our arse” State of Tennessee!

This entry isn’t going to be a full-on rant but understand one thing… I will revise the entry each and every time I hear of yet another child or young adult whose suicide or death is somehow related to LGBTQ intolerance and bullying. It isn’t intended to be a depressing blog entry (though by its very nature it will be).

Rather, it is a reminder to any who read it of just how many senseless deaths are taking place in this one year (2012) alone as a consequence of prejudice and intolerance.

“God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference.”

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To paraphrase

05 Jun

For those who can’t seem to wrap their heads around homosexuality, who justify their prejudice by regurgitating misinterpreted scripture from the Bible (or don’t even make that much of an effort to excuse their narrow-mindedness)…

Instead of focusing on “what you believe” sets us apart, why not try understanding how much we have in common (with you)? We bleed the same, we love the same, there are many gay men and women who yearn to raise families… A good many of us are faithful/spiritual/religious; a good many MORE would be if only we weren’t always being told God doesn’t condone our acceptance of ourselves. We live, we die, we work, we play… We are sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Some are over-achievers while others; well, not so much (no different than any other group of persons I suspect). Some of us are fit while others are chubby; some are clean cut and others identify as “goth.” Some work as models, hair stylists, artists (right alongside their/our straight counterparts). Still others make their living as lawyers, firemen (and women), police officers and judges, accountants, CEOs, ditch diggers, fry cooks and any number of other jobs that your average run of the mill straight guy or gal might hold. Heck, just like our heterosexual peers, some of us even play professional sports. There isn’t one single segment of society where we aren’t represented. All one need do is keep an open mind and quit spending all of his/her spare time worrying about what we’re doing behind closed doors, at home and in our own bedrooms with the one we fell in love with (who is every bit as important and an integral part of our lives as your own might be to you).

I’m not saying that every gay man or lesbian fits a certain mold. Certainly there are some who are promiscuous and hesitate to settle down, no more so than any straight man or woman in the world who feels the same calling to play the field … but don’t judge us all by the actions of some.

…If you still don’t see how much alike we are, you and I, then you’re really not trying all that hard.


Calling Gay People Out: A Response

22 Apr

I have to chuckle in the face of this (watch video depicted at right)…

I’ve been saying the exact same thing for years and years (yes, I am that old). Our community can be one of the most hypocritical communities (as can any other group of oppressed peoples) one can point a finger at. We don’t like it when we’re discriminated against by persons of a straight persuasion and we (rightfully so) take offense when those who oppress us attempt to justify their prejudice and narrow-mindedness with religious beliefs… Yet so many who are LGBTQ do the exact same thing. How many times have I read comments targeting the older gays and lesbians that are derogatory; slams made against those who are heavy, not masculine (too effeminate) or in the case of lesbians, “TOO” butch/masculine?

Dave From Canada says:

Davey, try to be patient with the Gay Community – They(we) are just starting to come into their own rightful place in society and they are letting off a lot of bottled-up steam….the nastiness, the bitchey remarks, the tremendous anger that they still feel from years (centuries!) of repression. There’s a lot of Internalized Homophobia coming out from a group of people who are just starting to see the Light at the end of the tunnel. This too shall pass. It gets better. And again, be patient. Their are a lot of hurting brothers out there – You’re doing your part to help them with your very thoughtful website. Your kindness and concern is appreciated. Peace Out ( and remember, you can’t save the world or the gay community – but you’re helping!)

I understand the comment made by “Dave From Canada” (at left) but disagree. The gay community isn’t something that has just come about. We’ve existed for many, many years. It’s true that some among us are just letting off a lot of bottled-up steam but that (just as those who use religion against us) is only an excuse for behavior that is unacceptable and unproductive.

How many times have I read on BreaktheIllusion, comments that make sweeping accusations against all persons who identify as Christian or have a belief in God (or some similar higher power)? OFTEN!

Not all persons of faith are “against us” [LGBTQ community]. Many are very accepting, as they’ve been motivated to question what they’ve been taught over the years or have discovered firsthand just how unfair the labeling of “queer persons” might be because family members of their own have since come out to them. I’d like to say that a good many of those who embrace the personality traits of bitchiness and venom are simply “much younger” and haven’t yet grown up — but that isn’t true. Many of those who make bitchy, venomous comments are in fact grown adults and their acts of [consistently] trashing others only reveals (so very well) just how childish and immature they are, even at their age.

DW said it best when he said, “Everybody wants to change the world but no one wants to change themselves.” Change must ALWAYS begin at home. How can we expect others to give to us what we aren’t even willing to give to them?


For what it’s worth, none of us can be perfect and appropriate 100% of the time. We’ll all stumble and occasionally express ourselves in a way that is anything but just and mature (regardless of our age). The above comments are directed at those who make it a habit to behave like immature, bitchy queens — the kind of person who seemingly lives only to trash and degrade others.


You haven’t been discriminated against…

10 Apr

Life on the street till you’ve been singled out by a homeless person!

True story, a coworker has a gay friend (actually, she collects us like she collects hand bags but that’s a whole nuther matter!) We’ll call this particular friend “Chuff” for the time being. Chuff makes it a habit of buying a sandwich for the same homeless guy in his neighborhood (he lives in or near downtown) on Friday of each week.

Mind you; not on a Monday, Tuesday, Saturday or even on Wednesday; Chuff turns good Samaritan each and every Friday, buying this fellow a sandwich.

For now we’ll just refer to the homeless guy as “Billy Bob.” Billy Bob KNOWS to be at the same place every Friday afternoon or early that evening but LAST week was a bit different. On Thursday, Billy Bob went out of his way to get Chuff’s attention as he was driving up to the building where he, Chuff, lives. Billy Bob waved down his benefactor who, feeling as though he was already doing his charitable duty, reminded the homeless man “it was Thursday and to please leave him alone.”

Billy Bob says, “Naw, I’m not looking for my sam’wich today… I jest had a question for you. I hear tell you’re a little bit funny! Is that true?”

Chuff, thinking about the question with an earnest but quizzical look on his face, responds, “What? Funny? Well, I guess I could be described as funny.” Billy Bob realizes Chuff doesn’t understand what he’s suggesting so he repeats himself. “No, I mean funny” (while wiggling his hand up and down in a sort of effeminate manner). This is when Chuff realizes the homeless man is asking him if he’s “gay.”

(I’m certain, at this point, Chuff is thinking, “Are we REALLY having this conversation?”)

Billy Bob goes on to say some of his pals and he had been talking and they had said Chuff was “funny” — to which Chuff just says, “So? What does it matter?”

Get ready for it!

This is where our homeless fellow decides he’s simply got too much in the way of sound family values going for him and he’s GOT TO take a stand! He says, “Well, we can’t hang out anymore if you’re ‘funny.’” (Hang out? Is THAT what they were doing? I thought that Chuff was only buying Billy Bob a sandwich, as he had been doing for many years now.) Seriously, I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried!

Chuff (who’s now in a HUFF) is thinking, “What the hell?!” Why is the homeless community talking about MY sex life? Haven’t they got anything better to talk about or to be concerned with?

So there you have it, folks! Chuff, who NEVER asked for anything in return – who only acted out of the kindness of his heart, has now been officially snubbed by the homeless man with values, never to be allowed to slip a little salami to Billy Bob ever, EVER again! (Did you really think that I could resist saying that? Come on! LOL)

Reminds me of the old Rodney Dangerfield quote: “I get no respect!” Sorry but if it’s a contest between family values and a roof over my head, food on the table and silver in my pocket I’ll take the latter as opposed to the cardboard box every time, my friend (and I’d wager so would you).

But lest you think this changes my attitude toward the homeless; it doesn’t. I’ll still go out of my way to give a person a hand-up if and when I’m moved to do so (which is fairly regularly). Just because “Billy Bob” is a di** doesn’t mean they are all narrow-minded a$$hats. {wink-wink!}

Speaking of douche bags, have you heard? Rick Santorum decided to suspend his run for the presidency. There is hope for America yet!


Matt Moore on the Straight and Narrow

29 Mar

Oh joy, here we go again… Another article from The Christian Post that talks about a young man who’s “seen the error of his ways and turned away from his [homosexual] orientation.”

It never ceases to amaze me, how some people are so quick to embrace the hypocrisy surrounding the belief the Bible “states” homosexuality is a sin. Untold damage has been thrust upon youth and some adults who find themselves struggling to accept their same-sex attractions as “normal” (for them). “Old-school, traditional churches” have tried to impress upon these same young men and women, throughout their lives, that it’s a terrible sin and surely one cannot find grace and redemption unless he/she chooses not to act on such attractions.

Many churches have re-engineered their message of bigotry and bias, now professing that “being gay (homosexual or same-sex attracted)” isn’t a sin that’ll condemn you to a life-everlasting in hellfire and damnation but “acting upon” the attraction will.

Translation:  You can “be” gay but must choose not to “act” on your natural inclinations. If successful, you get an A+, can pass “Go” and proceed directly into the arms of the heavenly Father upon your earthly demise.

It’s really sad that a lot of LGBTQ youth and young adults buy into that line of reasoning. Not because we “need more queers to make ourselves the mobile, ever-more-formidable force that we can be” {sarcasm} but only because such a reaction means they’ve given up any hope of realizing a full, loving and productive relationship with someone they can be “FULLY” attracted to. There’s nothing wrong with love, people.

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Giving up on Virginity?

25 Mar

Tim Tebow, Bronco's quarterbackThere’s a lot of peer pressure on teens to lose their virginity. It shouldn’t be that way but in most towns, cities and rural areas across the U.S. — it is.

Kids are growing up way too fast these days. Part of the problem is simply nature. Let’s face it, when you’re a host to an onslaught of testosterone every waking hour (and even when you’re asleep), all you pretty much want to do every day is get your rocks off. Then your friends start talking about their own sexual adventures (some of which most likely exist ONLY in their minds) and the pressure to keep up is on.

Today’s blog entry is in response to another blogger’s talky blog (video).

Most of what I’ve written is for the benefit of those feeling pressure to lose their virginity. Don’t be in such a hurry; that’s my advice but read the response so that you understand why.
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