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The Journey, not always what you wanted..

15 Apr

Photo of Jeep after accident and upside downLife doesn’t always turn out the way you envisioned it. You make plans from the time you are a young child, growing up in the midst of what one hopes will be a loving family and your only wish is that you’ll find somebody with whom you can spend the rest of your life with.

You dream of somebody who will love you, for all of your eccentricities, your foolishness and your difficult and sundry ways. You hope such a person would see past your darkest moments and remember all of the times you were able to bring a smile to their face and the glow of hope into their heart.

I mean, we all pray that one day our knight will arrive on his white steed and whisk us away, off into the sunset for what is to become everlasting happiness.

But life isn’t a fairy tale…

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16 Dec

Cartoon depiction of sad & happy faces with baby bottle and pacifier off to sideThe longer I live, the more I realize nothing really changes … unless you make it a priority, worth changing for yourself.

I’ve quoted her before; I’m going to quote her (Maya Angelou) again, “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Some people are kind and endearing, gentle, upbeat and drama-free; others, not so much. There are people who just thrive on drama (I know two such people that I see on a daily basis in my real life, Monday thru Friday). Everything is an emergency; everything is major drama — and everyone (but these two individuals and their closest of friends, which can change on a whim, by the way) in the world is a screw-up. Life around them is a major drama-fest.

And for the life of me, I don’t understand why it has to be that way.

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Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture?

25 Nov

This entry first appeared as a comment by myself on another’s blog… but as my own blog is dedicated to sharing my thoughts and opinions about those things which either affect my life or are simply “in the news” I felt the comment should appear here, as well. You’ll understand as you read more of this entry.

The blogger’s entry explains why he feels that being gay is primarily a matter of “choice” (at least, that’s the message I believe he intended to send). I myself disagree, for a number of reasons that you’re about to read about below.

In response…

Firstly, thanks for saying “I [do not] believe” because, let’s face it, what you have expressed is an opinion based on the living of your own life. The belief that one’s sexual orientation is a “choice” does not ring clear with me, nor has it ever been my experience.

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Conflicts, just whose problems are they?

12 Nov

Depiction of two persons resolving personal conflictI’m the kind of person who [generally] likes to avoid conflict. I don’t always come across as such; I sometimes appear to be just the opposite — the “combative” personality who must win at all costs (and my own mother will attest I tend to burn my bridges all too often, as my tongue is somewhat SHARP ~ meaning, “I have a talent, if you want to call it that, for making very cutting comments”).

The truth of the matter is I’m combative only when I’ve been driven to the wall time and again (such as when my boundaries or the “line in the sand” has been crossed many times over). When that happens, I’m likely to overreact and behave in irrational, unreasonable and reactionary ways.

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Texas in the moonlight

24 Sep

Photo of downtown Fort Worth (Texas) with full moon rising

Full moon rising over skyline of downtown Fort Worth, Texas. (Slideshow)

In the spirit of these past few blog entries, I’m encouraging those who are reading to enjoy every moment of your lives.

Regardless of whether or not we get an opportunity to come back as another person or not (rebirth), the truth is “one lifetime, by comparison to the number of years that have already transpired – goes by in the blink of an eye.” As children, it doesn’t seem so; in fact, it seems as though the days just drag on as we look forward to being “grownups” or while waiting for Christmas day to arrive.

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Vipassana, grace and sin..

23 Sep

Today’s entry is written to clear up a misunderstanding with regard to morality, sin and “judgment”. A comment was made on on my last entry, “Digging Deep within (Part #2)” which deserves clarification.

As I consider my earlier statement (“A thing/experience is not good or bad; it simply ‘is’“), I realize I should have spent some time talking about “Sila“. Sila is a Pali word meaning ethical conduct; put another way, it might mean “morality” and forms the basis of the Buddhist practice for a spiritual life. We will be discussing the Precepts which lay the foundation for a spiritual life further on in this entry.

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Digging Deep within (Part #2)

19 Sep

Photo of pile of sawdust
We are as grains of sawdust, each grain representing a fraction of the greater Whole

In “Digging Deep within“, I spoke of how all of our history helps to mold us into what we are today. Moreover, I ventured to share with you my ideology that we’ve a hand in our own existence, in so much as who our parents will be and also in the course that some of our life’s circumstances might take.

A comment made on that entry brings me to my next point; a linear existence.

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Digging Deep within..

15 Sep

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It’s said every step along a path leads us to a singular destination and that is true.

Granted, there are many turns along the way. From the day we are born, through childhood and our teen years we are influenced by everything that is said and which happens around us. If we are one of the very few, we will enjoy lives that are happy and seemingly absent of all that is sad but more often than not, “into each life some rain must fall“.

The suffering sweet nectar of God’s tears from above are what help to mold us into the men and women we will one day become.

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Jumping Ahead..

06 Sep

Photo montage of drunk on park bench, commode and popeA man who smelled like a distillery flopped on a subway seat next to a priest.

The man’s tie was stained, his face was plastered with red lipstick, and a half empty bottle of gin was sticking out of his torn coat pocket.

He opened his newspaper and began reading.

After a few minutes, the disheveled guy turned to the priest and asked, “Say, father, what causes arthritis? ”

“Mister, it’s caused by loose living, being with cheap, wicked women, too much alcohol and a contempt for your fellow man. ”

“Well I’ll be damned!” the drunk muttered, returning to his paper.

The priest, thinking about what he had said, nudged the man and apologized. “I’m very sorry. I didn’t mean to come on so strong. How long have you had arthritis? ”

“Oh, I don’t have it father! I was just reading here that the Pope does.”

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Lemons into Lemonade

01 Sep

Photo of homemade lemon merignue pieSometimes when life hands you lemons, ya just gotta make lemonade (or in this case, homemade Lemon Meringue Pie).

Mom often compliments me on my cooking and tries to be dismissive of her own influence in my life as she goes on and on about how she can’t cook (which isn’t true, by the way — she can cook just fine when she puts her mind to it).

The thing that upsets me about Mom — and perhaps I even do this with myself, to some extent — is she doesn’t give herself enough credit. None of us is perfect and I don’t pretend to suggest that Mom is, but she’s quite admirable and has given up a lot over the course of her life to see to it her family was/is taken care of. She and Dad both did, though Dad was stubborn and had his own demons (depression) he was squabbling with after my Uncle Bill died many years ago.

You see, I’m the product of a family that most would call “broken” but in truth, what was “broken” did eventually evolve into a loving, productive (in my opinion) and tight-knit family.

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