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Pretty much says it all…

29 Nov


Sanctity of Marriage, WTF?

03 Nov

Who of these couples best exemplifies the merits and sanctity of marriage?

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries filed for divorce seventy-two (72) days after being married (earning an estimated $18-million from the debacle). Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas, married for a mere seventeen (17) days while Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds toughed it out for fourteen (14) days before going their own separate ways. Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman? Nine (9) entire days (of course, I can’t really blame her).

Kim Kardashian and Kris HumphriesAnd No. 1 on the wedded bliss “short-timers” list?

Britney Spears and Jason Alexander, married for 55 hours. Blink and you’d have missed it!

My point? All of these straight couples enjoying the opportunity to wed while gay couples who only wish to marry their long-time partners are told, “No! Marriage is SACRED!” and “You are scum! You’re worse than scum; how dare you consider yourselves worthy of sharing in such a time-honored, cherished tradition!!!”

Perhaps Kim would have been better off to have taken a page out of Jim and Al’s book or better yet, John Mace, 91, and Richard Adrian Door, 83. If it’s a younger couple they’d much prefer to model their relationship after, how about Bradford Wells and Anthony Makk? They’ve been together for nineteen years and the only thing threatening their relationship is the government itself via that despicable piece of propaganda b.s., the “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA).

I’m certain it’s all the fault of the liberal left,
the homosexual agenda and non-Christians who are tearing down the poor beleaguered newlyweds just to make a point.
Yeah, right…
{ hear the sarcasm in my voice? }

To be fair, the truth is that when one considers only whether the participants are of the same or different sexes “no one relationship is any better than another.” What makes for a successful relationship; a relationship that is worthy of mention and emulation, is when the couple love, respect and are there for one another (in good times and in bad). Such couples come in all shapes, sizes, sexes and colors and it really isn’t for anyone outside of the relationship/marriage to say whether the couple’s commitment is real or imagined.

Read more about Brad and Anthony’s situation here.


An Interesting Twist On the Marriage Argument

06 Nov

Photo of icons as shown on wall of St Catherine's Monastery in KievI really don’t wish to get stuck in a rut; to again appear as though the only thing that matters to me is securing marriage equality for GLBTQ persons (so my comments and/or reflections within this particular entry will be brief).

A friend posted links (on another site) earlier today that I found to be rather interesting.

She posted these in response to those who have been arguing against extending same-sex couples the same right to take their relationship to the next level and marry, thus securing the same 1138 rights, provisions, protections and privileges as heterosexual couples do presently enjoy across the nation today… These same critics have [often] used the argument marriage is an institution that is solely religious by nature and one which ought to be regulated by the churches. The vast majority of the naysayers claim Christianity has “never” approved of same-sex unions.

Perhaps they are wrong; keep reading…
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No Smoking vs. No Marriage?

04 Nov

No smoking vs. Same Sex marriages?I know that I haven’t blogged in a while and perhaps I’ll get into the why of that later on. For now, just know that I’ve been focusing my attentions elsewhere (ie. job hunting, photographs, feeling sorry for myself, etc.) Okay, the latter hasn’t played as big a part as the former two. LOL

But I recently revisited some of the threads I sometimes follow over on Topix and (of course) the topic of discussion has been politics and the never-ending arguments with regard to marriage equality.

I’ll be honest with you; I’ve pretty much said all I could possibly say on the subject of equality as regards a gay couple’s right to take their relationship to the next level (marriage). The points about taxes, visitation and decision making if one of the two is hospitalized and (worst-case scenario) what happens when one-half of a gay couple passes on and how the surviving partner is generally at the mercy of the deceased’s family. You’re welcome to read any number of blog entries that I’ve written on this subject; just click here.

But one commentator on Topix recently brought something up that I’m inclined to address here (by basically copying the response I made to him over there).

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When a “step forward” isn’t

17 Aug

Seal of the 9th Circuit Court of AppealsI find it so amusing when a group of people are so caught up in their “cause célèbre” that they mistakenly perceive that an action taken by the judiciary system was a win in their favor.

As I indicated earlier this month, Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling in favor of the plaintiff’s for Prop 8 was a step forward for marriage equality as regards couples of the same sex. I did also state it was likely not, nor should it be the final word on the matter and that the LGBT community would most likely BENEFIT from an appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and [eventually] even the Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS).

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Proposition 8, as “Appealing” as it might be..

10 Aug

montage photo of appeal prop 8Let’s discuss a few facts which opponents of Proposition 8 have seemingly given very little consideration to.

Many of those who would have liked to have seen the decision go the other way have been talking about appeals involving the 9th Circuit and the Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS). However, before Judge Walker’s ruling may be overturned it will need to BE appealed. That can happen only if the the defendants or the plaintiffs appeal the ruling; NOT their Intervenors (unless SCOTUS or the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sees fit to handle the case differently than they have in the past).

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The Origins of “Marriage”

08 Aug

montage of wedding photosThere has been a lot of talk about the origins of marriage over the past ten years; especially, during the last year or two.

The discussions are important and those on both sides of the issue are passionate and have a right to their opinions. On the one hand we have those who believe marriage is rooted in religion and that the institution is reserved ONLY for couples comprised of one man and one woman.

Others believe marriage has little to do with the gender of those involved but more so with whether or not the two love one another and are committed to live out their lives as a family, devoted to and willing to share in the responsibilities that are inherently involved in such a relationship, setting aside any ties to religion altogether.

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Judge Walker Rules on Prop. 8

05 Aug

Poster for fall of Prop. 8Having written about this topic so very many times before I’m tempted to let this pass… Quite honestly, I’m just tired of expending energy on something that should be a “no-brainer.”

After all, even though the judge has ruled in favor of the plaintiffs there’s still the matter of those appeals that are sure to come. Those who are so hell-bent on denying same-sex couples the same rights and assurances as straight married couples do now enjoy will not rest until they have exhausted all legal measures they have at their disposal.

And why shouldn’t they? Certainly, if they feel strongly about this (even though I myself disagree with their claims), they should stay the course and invest their all into it.

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Ain’t that a kick in the seat!

09 Jul

DOMA Prop 8 PosterEvery fight for equality, from freeing the slaves(1) in America (further affected by the black civil rights movement) as well as woman’s suffrage and the eventual passage of the 19th Amendment(2), has been met with setbacks from time to time.

Similarly, each fight has eventually been won when cooler heads and open-minds were allowed to prevail.

Our country was founded on the premise that all men are created equal(3); that no one person, judged on his or her gender or race, among other considerations, is any lesser of a man or woman than any other citizen of the United States. This isn’t to say we haven’t our own fair share of history that is stained with bigotry, prejudice and attempts to oppress others but as our country grows and matures, so too do our attitudes and the documents upon which this great nation was built.

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While D.C. sits, Google implements a solution..

07 Jul

Google office

Say what you will about the Internet, but some will argue that Google is THE place to work!

While the rest of the nation argues about what is acceptable and what’s fair, often ignoring the real costs to gay couples in America (that straight couples have an opportunity to avoid altogether), Google has taken a bold step to address the issue.

Can they do this? Was it the right thing to do or have they only created a new set of problems that will now have to be addressed? Was their heart in the right place?

I don’t know the answer to the first two questions but I’m inclined to respond with a resounding YES on the last; they did what they believed to be the only right thing to do. They’ve provided compensation for the added cost to gay, committed couples who are presently unable to marry and benefit from the option of filing their [income] taxes jointly with a raise to offset the additional taxes. They certainly didn’t have to do this but I’ll give them a big high-five for taking the high road.

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