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Mitt Romney; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

28 Oct

Pledge to "National Organization for Marriage" as signed by Mitt RomneyI have always said (and still maintain) that every person is entitled to vote his or her conscience, for the man or woman he or she feels will do the best job.

We all know that the President’s powers are limited but the office is not without its influence. I posted a link to a Youtube video the other day about an interview of a schoolteacher who sat across the table from Mitt Romney, during which he responded to her most unkindly and rudely when she indicated she had a suggestion for how some of the issues relating to the education of our children might be addressed. Romney cut her off, saying, “I didn’t ask you a question.”

In my personal opinion, the man is totally UNQUALIFIED to lead this country.

Status post as shared on Facebook page; says it all, folks!I’m not saying that Barack Obama has been the best of leaders during the past four years; I take issue with some of the things he has done, as well. More so, I take greater issue with the actions of both the Republican and Democratic parties (as both have put the interests of this nation on the back burner while playing “partisan politics” and creating gridlock in Washington, D.C.)

As anyone who knows the slightest bit about me know, I’m a gay white male. I did NOT “choose” my sexual orientation; it simply is what it is, just like the color of my skin, my gender, the family to which I was born, etc.

That’s a far cry from those things we DO choose, such as whether to believe in a religion, what we do for a living, where we live and what we drive, etc. The LGBT community has been fighting for acceptance, understanding and equality for years; we’ve made some (a lot, actually) progress but we are nowhere close to being treated with the respect deserving of any man, woman or child just for being who he or she was born to be.

Same-gender relationships are not recognized, though most are every bit as loving and respectable as any [other] relationship between a committed man and woman. If my partner becomes ill and must be hospitalized, I’m not considered “family” and therefore not given the same access and consideration I might receive were I a straight, married male and my “partner” were a woman.

Same-sex couples who are in committed relationships, who have chosen to build a life with one another starting with the purchase of a home, vehicles, shared checking and savings accounts, etc. do NOTenjoy the same protection under the law should one or the other of them die.

Certainly they [we] can have legal documents drawn up but in the end, even that does not guarantee that their wishes will be followed — and it’s a hell of a lot more expensive than the simple execution/signing of a marriage certificate which opposite-sex couples may enjoy. ONE WOULD THINKthat since we are not given the same consideration and protection under the law that we would not have to pay taxes that are commensurate to those [straight couples] who DO enjoy all of these protections and freedoms.

Such is NOT the case; we are taxed equally to all others, regardless of our sexual orientation and acceptance.

This is why I get as angry about this issue as I do and it’s why I’m saying “Screw you, Mitt Romney!”

To those reading this blog entry, who are taking the statement I have just made personally, as an affront to your delicate political sensibilities (regardless of whether you’re family or a friend)…

If you cannot understand WHY those of us who do NOT fall into the category of heterosexual, are so angered by the personal agendas of the conservatives to restrict and diminish the civil rights of others (in this case, me), basing their actions on a SECULARbelief that we are immoral and therefore undeserving of the same consideration as any other citizen of this great nation…

Some might say that if you cannot stand WITHus in an effort to achieve what is rightfully “everybody’s” then you are standing against us.

I understand that unless you are gay or bisexual, that this might not be considered “your fight” but I’ll remind those reading of “The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have them treat you.” If you cannot stand up for the rights of others, how then can you expect them to stand up for your own rights if and when you yourselves are on the losing end of a constitutional matter/discussion?

You may have your reasons to vote for Mitt Romney and far be it from me to tell you to do otherwise (as I think every vote is important, regardless of whether it is how I myself would or would not vote). But if you cannot at the very least TELL THIS F#KERthat you do not stand with him on this personal agenda of “hate” (and that IS what it is, regardless of how some may color it), then you are no real friend to those closest to you (including family) who identify as gay or bisexual.

If you are standing with a bigot who puts his “religious” beliefs above his ability to uphold the precepts of our founding documents and all that they stand for (“EQUALITY”) without at least telling him you disagree, then you’re a part of the problem.

Personally, I feel that this hateful man is “ill-equipped to lead this nation” and he doesn’t have the interests of our country and its citizens at heart. I won’t be voting for him in the forthcoming election; he’s shown his colors on many the occasion and I just cannot stomach their shade.


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Did Anybody Hear the Bell?

18 Nov

Republicans vs DemocratsI seldom listen to the radio while driving these days. Mostly because I just enjoy the quiet while I’m travelling from Point A to Point B (although I do listen to audio books when I’m traveling for lengthy distances like, for instance, between here and my hometown to visit family. That’s a 500-mile trip and it gets rather boring if you don’t have something to keep your mind preoccupied during all that time. LOL)

Anyway, I’ve been listening to talk radio the last few days while driving to and from the office where I’m working as a temp. Maybe that’s not such a good idea; all it’s managed to do for me today is piss me off.

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The Three R’s (Ronald Reagan Revealed)

29 Mar

Ronald ReaganI’ve been embroiled in a conversation about Ronald Reagan and his own response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It isn’t that I think Reagan’s legacy is without merit (though I’m going to review a few things his presidency has been credited for). I am sure that we as a nation benefited to some extent from his time in office, but we also suffered. The same can be said of every man who ever occupied the White House (and when the arrives that a woman is elected president, the same will be said of her).

I will also say right from the start, I am biased — but NONE of us is impartial. We are all a product of everything that has ever happened in our lives up to this point in time.

To pretend we can ignore everything we have experienced and be completely neutral(?) — you’re fooling yourself if you think you’re capable of that. Each of us will ALWAYS be biased to some extent; I think we’re just wired that way. But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to get the facts, regardless of our own preconceived notions. So I’m going to revisit an issue that I long ago stepped away from… Just what was Ronald Reagan’s contribution to the HIV/AIDS crisis overall? Did he help; did he hurt? With regard to the pandemic, are we better or worse off because of what he did or didn’t do during his years in political office?

Some will most likely accuse me of being prejudiced because I’m a registered Democrat. Whatever. My party affiliation has nothing to do with my overall opinion of Ronald Reagan.
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Cast of Characters

05 Aug

Unlike (probably far too many) others in my family I’m no fan of Rush Limbaugh. He’s a hypocrite, acting as though he’s much better than those he enjoys passing judgment upon when he himself is, was, will again be(?) addicted to OxyContin.

In actuality Rush Limbaugh is nothing more than a fat blowhard who enjoys his own little cumshot every time the limelight is cast upon him… (THERE is a disturbing image! Rush Limbaugh in porn. LOL!!) My skin crawls when I hear him on the radio, much the same as when the screeching voice of Dr. Laura Schlessinger is within earshot. Neither of these personalities have much to contribute to the betterment of the human race as far as I’m concerned … but of course, that is only my opinion; others are welcome to follow and/or sing their praises if that’s their own desire.

Recently Los Angeles made the news when anti-Obama sentiment took the form of a poster campaign depicting Barack Obama in makeup not dissimilar to that of Heath Ledger’s “Joker” character from “The Dark Knight”
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The President, Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Ms Deborah Dark

27 Jul

While I’m happy we no longer live under (yet must endure its long-standing effects) the leadership of George W. Bush, I cannot say I’m completely at peace with the representation in the Oval Office these days either. Is it better than the past eight years? I believe that it is but Barack Obama is not, in my most humblest of opinions, the answer to all of the nation’s ills nor has he “attempted” to do nearly enough to keep many of the promises he made on the campaign trail (which were of interest to me personally). This isn’t all that surprising considering so few candidates EVER seem to remember or act on the promises they’ve made while campaigning for public office.

However, the subject of today’s blog is two-fold. First we have an unfortunate moment (and the inappropriate [imo] response of the sitting president) last week when a lady, thinking she was doing her neighbor a favor when she observed what she thought were two men breaking into her neighbor’s home, called 911 to report the incident. Second, the ludicrous actions of the French court system which I pray are never repeated here within the boundaries of the U.S. but probably have been or will be.
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An Open Letter…

27 Mar

Photo of Barack ObamaA member of my family (could just as easily have been anyone else) recently sent this email with a number of anti-Obama bumper sticker images. No problem; detractors of George Walker Bush, myself included, have done the same (of course, we had a much easier target).

The difference is Barack is barely in office and already those who oppose him expect “all of our problems” to have been resolved. We didn’t get into this mess overnight and I won’t pretend to blame George Bush for all of it (although in my opinion he’s done a considerable amount to stir the pot). It’s going to take more than eight weeks to put some distance between ourselves and eight years of “Moving America forward,” a failed road trip at the wheel of the previous administration. It will take considerably more than eight weeks to effect lasting change on an economy that is clearly in the toilet. It will take more than eight weeks to pull our troops back home from the Middle East.

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17 Sep

2008 Presidential CandidatesI have basically come to the conclusion that this next election is a total loss. If I vote for Obama/Biden I get screwed with MUCH HIGHER taxes, given his position and the Democratic majority to back him. If I vote for McCain/Palin, my vote would be cast for a winch who has again and again shown that she will, if others will allow her to, push her VERY conservative values through to the extent that any progress made relating to gay rights in recent years stands to suffer. Biden is tied closely to the lenders (regardless of what he would have us believe) and… Well, you get the picture. I feel very much as though I am again going to be voting for the lesser of two evils, based upon whatever I decide is most important to me come November.

We can’t continue going the way that we have, as a nation. It’s time to pull up our pants, put on our boots and do some very, VERY hard work. This means doing what is right for the nation, for us and for our neighbors, even if it pisses off some. We need to take a very close look at how tax dollars are being spent, doing away with ‘some’ programs and introducing creative solutions with some real meat to them.

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How far can Barack Obama distance himself?

15 Mar

Side by side photographs of Barack Obama and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Barack Obama (Left) pictured with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (Right)

In the early days of his campaign, I was impressed by what Barack Obama had to say. (On some level I’m hoping he’s an honorable man and really believes and supports the positions he has taken – but I am presently unconvinced.)

That said, while I really am uncertain about Barack I know I am truly, 100 percent, totally and completely sick and tired of the path our country has been led down for the (now nearing) past eight years. I’m usually not a person who simply votes the “party” (in this case, Democratic) … but I will during the upcoming election. Regardless of who is in control come November, I will vote “Democrat” and I’ll vote the party ticket straight across the board.

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Bill Maher’s reaction to the subject of Flag pins

15 Oct

Sometimes I watch too much television but seldom do I hang my ear on the news these days. The news is depressing and politics is infuriating (most of the time) and much of what’s left … well, often just isn’t fit to watch inasmuch as “content” is concerned. So if it’s not HGTV I’m usually watching something along the lines of sci-fi or Law & Order or something that is equally entertaining but not mind-deadening.

But Bill Maher… When I turn on the television and he’s on I’m seldom disappointed. He calls it like it is. (Of course, those of you who think I’m just another liberal idiot won’t agree with me — but, whateva’.)

I managed to miss Bill’s show where he spoke about flag pins and the media’s reaction to Barack Obama’s response when asked why he doesn’t wear one on his lapel. Oh God, HOW did I manage to miss that episode of the show??? Well, it came to my attention when one of my friends over on myspace posted a bulletin to another friend’s blog on the subject. What appears (below) is the text of Bill’s segment, as well as a YouTube video of the show.

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