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When a “step forward” isn’t

17 Aug

Seal of the 9th Circuit Court of AppealsI find it so amusing when a group of people are so caught up in their “cause célèbre” that they mistakenly perceive that an action taken by the judiciary system was a win in their favor.

As I indicated earlier this month, Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling in favor of the plaintiff’s for Prop 8 was a step forward for marriage equality as regards couples of the same sex. I did also state it was likely not, nor should it be the final word on the matter and that the LGBT community would most likely BENEFIT from an appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and [eventually] even the Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS).

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Proposition 8, as “Appealing” as it might be..

10 Aug

montage photo of appeal prop 8Let’s discuss a few facts which opponents of Proposition 8 have seemingly given very little consideration to.

Many of those who would have liked to have seen the decision go the other way have been talking about appeals involving the 9th Circuit and the Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS). However, before Judge Walker’s ruling may be overturned it will need to BE appealed. That can happen only if the the defendants or the plaintiffs appeal the ruling; NOT their Intervenors (unless SCOTUS or the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sees fit to handle the case differently than they have in the past).

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Judge Walker Rules on Prop. 8

05 Aug

Poster for fall of Prop. 8Having written about this topic so very many times before I’m tempted to let this pass… Quite honestly, I’m just tired of expending energy on something that should be a “no-brainer.”

After all, even though the judge has ruled in favor of the plaintiffs there’s still the matter of those appeals that are sure to come. Those who are so hell-bent on denying same-sex couples the same rights and assurances as straight married couples do now enjoy will not rest until they have exhausted all legal measures they have at their disposal.

And why shouldn’t they? Certainly, if they feel strongly about this (even though I myself disagree with their claims), they should stay the course and invest their all into it.

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Ain’t that a kick in the seat!

09 Jul

DOMA Prop 8 PosterEvery fight for equality, from freeing the slaves(1) in America (further affected by the black civil rights movement) as well as woman’s suffrage and the eventual passage of the 19th Amendment(2), has been met with setbacks from time to time.

Similarly, each fight has eventually been won when cooler heads and open-minds were allowed to prevail.

Our country was founded on the premise that all men are created equal(3); that no one person, judged on his or her gender or race, among other considerations, is any lesser of a man or woman than any other citizen of the United States. This isn’t to say we haven’t our own fair share of history that is stained with bigotry, prejudice and attempts to oppress others but as our country grows and matures, so too do our attitudes and the documents upon which this great nation was built.

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I Have THE Power!

01 Jun

Photo of cartoon about Gay MarriagePick your poison, folks. The truth of the matter is there’s an epidemic goin’ around. Those afflicted with this ‘bug’ are a tribe of sorts; as a friend likes to call them, they’re the “Great Right Hope!” The symptoms of the disease are not always readily identified as its carriers prefer to get a foot into the door first and ONLY then do they begin to do their damage.

Some among their numbers will do all they can to restrict and/or nullify individual’s rights and influence the governing bodies so that other’s freedoms (and how we pursue our individual joys) might all be influenced by what was written in a book thousands of years ago (the Bible).

Of course, not all of what is written in the good book will apply.

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You Can’t Say THAT In School!

20 Mar

I know it shouldn’t but it’s baffling to me how some people can get elected. Do they really represent the opinions and wishes of their constituents or are they simply expressing their own prejudice; attitudes born of an ignorance going back hundreds of years?

stacey-campfieldTake Tennessee’s Representative Stacey Campfield of Knoxville for instance. He filed legislation in January which if passed will prevent “any instruction or materials discussing sexual orientation other than heterosexuality” within public elementary and middle schools.

Claiming that this was in response to a resolution by the National Education Association that suggests schools provide information on diversity of sexual orientation and gender identification in sex-education classes, Campfield stated that schools “should stick to the basics: reading, writing and arithmetic.” He goes on to say, “It confuses a lot of children that are already in a difficult part of life, and it’s a very complex issue.”

Extracted from Hey, ya know [what] makes that “difficult part of life” even more difficult? Not being able to speak openly about your sexuality. Or, let’s say, gay writer Tennessee Williams, who last we checked still counted as an important part of America’s education.

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Neil Patrick Harris, musicals and Prop 8

06 Dec

This is likely to be a short blog. (Yeah, yeah… you’ve heard that before. LOL) But seriously, I’m covering this topic in more detail in my Christmas newsletter which will be made available later this month so really I’m just putting this up to provide you with a link to an interesting “musical” about Proposition 8 (you know, that fine piece of hate-legislation that was passed in California last month).

(If nothing else, you get a good look at that cute young hunk, Neil Patrick Harris.)


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Fresh Beginnings and Hope?

06 Nov

photo depiction of Barack Obama's stance on Proposition 8The campaigns have been run; elections are over and the results are in. By now everyone has heard that Barack Obama is the new President Elect. He’ll be sworn in on January 9th and we’ll finally be rid of the George W. Bush administration—but not nearly out of the woods. There is much work to be done in order to lift this country up out of the many problems we presently face. Who really knows how much can be accomplished within the next four years … but if nothing else a new administration represents a fresh start and affords us an opportunity to hope for a better tomorrow.

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