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Gov’t Funds Study of Penis Size for Gay Men

14 Nov

An 'Uncle Sam' hat spilling currency out underneathArgh! When will our government learn? When will WE learn and hold our elected officials accountable for how they spend our money?

The response you are about to read may come as a surprise to some (but it shouldn’t, if you really know me at all). It’s true the federal government funds any number of studies. Sheesh, you can get government funding for pretty much anything, including it seems, a study of the “effect that a gay man’s penis size might have on his sex life and general well-being.” I kid you not! (Read about it here.)


I don’t even remember how I stumbled across this bit of news. I’m guessing I was doing a Google search for something that might give me an idea (or serve as a jumping off point for an image) for my previous blog entry. What I do recall is how I reacted when I first read about the study. (See my response below.)
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It all started with “Gun Control”

01 Oct

Folks, what I’m about to share is a rant but I feel that it needs to be said. It isn’t a quick rant (I know, that will come as a great surprise to many — LOL) but I’ll make it plain and simple, for all to understand, Democrat and Republican alike.

I registered as a Democrat early in life (once I came of voting age, LONG ago) because “I mistakenly thought” the party had my back and would somehow, eventually succeed in pushing through the legislation necessary to level the playing field for LGBT couples. I honestly don’t care if the unions are called marriage, civil unions (whatever the hell you want to call it), so long as the union comes with the same 1141+ rights, privileges and responsibilities that a government-recognized marriage comes with. If a couple loves one another and are committed to one another, they’ve every reason to hold the expectation that their relationship WILL BE recognized when it matters the most.

  1. If one of the two is hospitalized, that the other WILL be recognized as family and no institution would be able to keep the two apart and that lacking the wherewithal and being of sound mind and body, his/her partner would be able to make life-saving decisions for the one he/she loves.
  2. That worst-case scenario, when one predeceases the other, his/her surviving partner will not be tossed aside and thrown out of the home they both worked so hard to purchase and build (just because the deceased’s homophobic, uncaring and/or greedy family decides they’d much rather achieve some personal gain at the expense “of that faggot who corrupted their brother, sister, aunt or uncle”).
  3. And each year come time for the Government to again rape and pillage its citizens (under the guise of collecting those God-forsaken taxes that they’ve NO FRIGGEN CLUE HOW TO SPEND RESPONSIBLY), that homosexual relationships would count for something, just as any other committed heterosexual’s relationship; that same-sex loving and committed partners would have the option of filing jointly “if they so desired.”

These are ONLY A FEW of the reasons why I feel so strongly about marriage equality BUT LEST YOU THINK THIS IS THE ONLY ISSUE I GIVE A CARE ABOUT, YOU WOULD BE VERY VERY MISTAKEN.

I am truly disgusted by BOTH parties, Democrat and Republican alike, at this point in my life. I’m disappointed in the Democratic party for not pushing the envelope on issues they should be raising and as well, at them for sometimes doing so in a way that is detrimental to the overall health of our country. I’m pissed off at the Republican Party for seemingly being comprised of so many openly homophobic rednecks who cannot see past their own prejudice and still believe that being gay is only about sex. BOTH parties are so agenda-driven and addicted to power, they no longer seem capable of representing the citizens of this wonderful country in a way that is healthy for us. Instead, they consume their time in office with party-politics and campaigning for “more time to do nothing.” We waste more resources creating legislation that reverses legislation that the opposing party somehow managed to get through (when they had a majority on the hill – were in power) that it’s NO damned wonder that it’s so unlikely that anything of real value ever gets accomplished in Congress any longer. (And do NOT get me started on the Internal Revenue Service, our country’s officially-recognized thugs, enablers and bastard sons and daughters of all that is evil and wrong in the world. Oh, was that a bit harsh? It’s a description they have worked very hard to earn in my most humble of opinions!)

I’m disgusted COMPLETELY at both parties for being so self-serving, non-reactive and spending us into oblivion.

The economy is in a bad way (putting it mildly) and it’s only going to get a whole lot worse until we, the citizens of this great nation, stand up and hold our elected representatives accountable to the extent they do their job.

Just as importantly (perhaps even more so), we should all recognize we each have every bit as much responsibility in getting this train wreck of an economy back onto the tracks.

Last evening, I had problems accessing the Internet and had to call AT&T’s support line; where do you think I ended up? In India, that is where. I’m writing AT&T a scathing letter that will explain why I am now seriously considering cancelling my DSL, home phone and mobile service in the very near future (once I find companies I’m convinced I might be happier with, to replace said services). You see, I pay AT&T over $200.00 collectively, each and every month, for their crappy service and when I need to speak with a technician or support personnel to resolve an issue, by God, I want to be talking to an American who speaks English, right here in the United States. How much would you like to wager, AT&T receives credits of some sort from the federal government and they’re sending jobs overseas?)

I am also completely fed up with having to purchase crap-merchandise that is manufactured in China, India, Thailand or Indonesia, all because big business has closed its doors here within the states and moved their factories overseas. I recognize elected POLITICIANS have had some influence in these decisions, what with taxes, both personal and business, rising, rising, rising… A company is compelled to cut costs where they can and certainly the federal government has not made it easy for family-owned, small (or even substantial), local businesses operating here within our country to stay strong and competitive when they feel they can outsource jobs, more easily and at a lower cost, overseas.

And we’ve stood idly by, expecting that the problem would not grow worse, worse, worse while our taxes are continually rising, rising, rising and the jobs go away, away and AWAY!!!!!

Now some half-baked, nitwit of an Attorney General wants to say I, as a citizen of this great nation, do not have the right to own and bear arms (when I myself feel I need to maintain that right, if for no other reason than to PROTECT MYSELF and my loved ones from the tyranny of an ever-failing leadership that seems hell-bent on increasingly stripping its citizens of one right after another). Seems to me that our government (or somebody) wants us to be defenseless and at their sole mercy. Sorry but that will NOT be happening! As my father said when he was alive, “They can take my guns from my COLD, DEAD HANDS (and not a moment before!!).”

Am I concerned with the rising violence in this nation? Yes, I am.

Do I believe gun control is the answer? No, I do not!

The issue at hand is to address (CLEARLY AND FORCEFULLY) that which is at the root of much of our violence. The drug cartels and those who manufacture and/or bring drugs into our country illegally, sneaking them across our southern borders. The problem is with the rising popularity of “gangs” (they’re of no damn use to me!!!) The problem is with the rising unemployment rates and an ever-lessening number of jobs that are available within our own borders. The problem is with the decline of good public education.

Here’s a novel idea; let’s try “SUPPORTING OUR TEACHERS” instead!! Let’s give them the resources necessary to not only teach and encourage our children to reach for new heights, but to discipline those same children when they’re misbehaving and/or preventing OTHERS from learning in our public schools. The problem as I see it is that current generations are more concerned with what they mistakenly feel is “owed them” — than they are with figuring out how they themselves can not only do FOR THEMSELVES but also, how they might make their communities a better place to live in. Let’s quit wasting money on subsidies for the children of illegal immigrants and as well, set aside this ludicrous idea that the public curricula needs to be taught in both English and in Spanish just because of the vast influx of illegal immigration into and across our southern border. Let us take the money we’re spending on having school books translated into Spanish and instead hire the best teachers and really “teach” the children of good, tax-paying citizens who deserve the best that their tax-dollars can buy.

Do the children of illegal immigrants deserve an education? I’m not saying they don’t but I believe the first issue at hand is that they 1) learn there are consequences for breaking the law, and 2) that while America IS a great nation comprised of many different nationalities, we DO require that you at least follow the rules and enter our borders legally. If you haven’t enough respect to do this, why should we want you here and why should we expend the resources to teach your ungrateful ass at our expense?

Perhaps the biggest problem of all is that far too many have lost the
motivation to take pride in themselves, in their families, in their local communities and in the nation as a whole!

Maybe, just maybe, we have grown so accustomed to receiving the second, third and fourth-rate representation from our elected officials that we no longer feel we’re deserving of any better. We’ve forgotten what it was that our forefathers were fighting for when they rose up in arms and broke free of the tyranny of a British crown that placed troops among us, taxed us and gave us “no say” in how we lived our lives. That is, after all, much of what goes to the root of our uprising and fight with Great Britain when we first declared ourselves a sovereign nation.

And now some hack-job, Attorney General, wants to say we’ve no right to protect ourselves with force if the need arises? Wrong! I’ll keep my guns thank you very, very much!

And here’s another thing, mister Attorney General (and all those in government listening in)… If you do not have the money, DO NOT spend it!

I have one credit card, which I use sparingly and pay off every month WHEN I DO use it. I don’t spend what I don’t have. As one among many in our government, LEARN HOW TO BALANCE THE FUCKING BOOKS! If you do not have the money, don’t spend it. Don’t give loans to countries that have no intention whatsoever of paying us back and/or are going behind our backs to work against us! Don’t spend money with the expectation you can raise OUR taxes to make up the difference during the coming year or in the years to come! Don’t spend the money “just because it is ear-marked for your use.” — if the expense isn’t really necessary, give me my damned money BACK! You work for me, not the other way around!!! Did you ever hear of a “Savings Account”? This wasn’t such a strange idea years ago… We were taught from the earliest age on, to save our money up for something we might want down the road (or just “for a rainy day when things were tough”). Clearly, our present form of government doesn’t recognize the need to save where it can, in order to lighten the burden on its citizens and govern responsibly. They increase spending during good times and in bad, with no thought to what it means for the future.

GET A CLUE OR GET THE HELL OUT ALREADY!!! (That is my message for those elected to public office)

Sincerely and with all true intent,
Michael R. Marshall

One citizen (among many, I imagine) who feels
disenfranchised, misrepresented and abused by his elected officials.

If you agree with the sentiments expressed herein, feel free to share this message with your friends and family. I only ask that if you’re doing so via email that you consider doing so as a “Blind Carbon Copy” to prevent others from harvesting email addresses easily for spamming.

The email-forward that pushed me over the edge and motivated me to write this “rant” appears below. (Know that one day I will be dead and gone and on that day the cares, disdain and disappointment I have in and for our politicians this day will be of no use to me whatsoever. It is our future generations who will have to take up the cause and speak their mind, or rather instead, choose to live with mediocrity. Ask yourself this, “Do you want to be a part of the solution, or an enabler of the problem?”)

Own a Gun? Please Keep This Moving!

Guess they weren’t happy with the poll results the first time so USA today is running another… Vote now!

Attorney General, Eric Holder, has already said this is one of his major issues. He does not believe the 2nd Amendment gives individuals the right to bear arms. This takes literally 2 clicks to complete. Please vote on this gun issue question with USA Today. It will only take a few seconds of your time. Then pass the link on to all the pro gun folks you know. Hopefully these results will be published later this month. This upcoming year will be come critical for gun owners with the Supreme Court’s accepting the District of Columbia case against the right for individuals to bear arms.

Here’s what you need to do:

First – vote on this one.

Second – Launch it to other folks and have THEM vote – then we will see if the results get published.

There is one distinction I would like to make about the issue of guns… I’m not in favor of owning or selling fully-automatic assault weapons; please don’t for one moment believe that’s the issue here. No, when I myself am talking about the right to bear arms, I’m talking about handguns, rifles, shotguns; the kinds of weapons that are used for self-defense and or hunting to put food on the table. Fully-automatic weapons are (or should be) intended for our armed forces; for the men and women who are tasked with defending our “country” and its borders. I don’t need a fully-automatic machine gun to feel safe and empowered so don’t for a second think that is what pisses me off when I hear the phrase “gun control.”

But to pass legislation that prohibits U.S. citizens from legally owning handguns, rifles and shotguns ONLY makes those who are law-abiding citizens, who believe in the right to own and bear arms, into criminals. If one thinks for a moment that the “existing criminal element” will willingly give up their guns because two branches of the government have said they must; well, that’s wishful thinking and irrational thinking/stupidity on the part of others. The ONLY thing radical gun control could ever really accomplish is that it would remove the ability for each one of us to lawfully protect ourselves from those criminals who DO have guns — and that isn’t something I’m willing to resign myself to, now or ever.


Welfare and Food Stamp Reform?

16 Jul

Photocopy of receipt for over $100 worth of lobster and porterhouse steaks paid for with food stampsThe receipt pictured at the right is alleged to have been found in a parking lot of a grocery store in Menominee, Michigan.

Look closely at the receipt:

  • 120 cans diet Mountain Dew;

Translation: One in seven Americans currently on food stamps certainly appreciate the opportunity to dine on lobster and porterhouse steak at YOUR EXPENSE

What’s for dinner at your house tonight?

How’s that “Hope-y, Change-y stuff working out for ya?”

When forwarding emails, please consider deleting all the forwarded name history (including my name if it’s on there). Also, when broadcasting messages to groups, use the “Blind CC” option, which allows only the recipient to know who is receiving the message. Erasing the name history helps prevent spammers from collecting names and can help keep viruses from spreading.


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My thoughts on the Middle East and our Departure

22 Aug

Photo of tank with rocking chair on flag backgroundNo one person can, rather simply and with certainty, nail down just why the Middle East conflicts continue today but there are many contributing factors of influence which drive the war(s) that carry on. I doubt that our entering into the frakkus, post 9/11 really matters so much but there are compelling arguments some might make concerning our involvement prior to the terrorist attacks that fateful September day.

I’m proud to be an American and quite proud of what “America” stands for … but in this matter, our hands are not without their own fair share of blood.

My opinion has consistently been that we should never have allowed George W. Bush to drag us into two full-scale wars; one in Iraq and another in Afghanistan. I also believe there was much more going on behind the scenes, in the White House, than any of the nation’s constituents have ever been aware of. Had we been, we’d have probably been yelling more loudly for our own government’s reform and as well, impeachment, than we were for Osama Bin Laden’s head on a skewer.

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Can a single voice make a difference?

20 Aug

photo of Ms Sleeman

Jennifer Sleeman calls for boycott of Sunday Mass, citing Catholic Church’s treatment of women as cause

Perhaps if it moves a greater number of voices to join in.

Jennifer Sleeman, mother of Fr Simon Sleeman (of Glenstal Abbey), has done just that. The eighty-year old lady is encouraging women to boycott Mass next month (September 26th) in response to their collective feelings toward the Catholic Church and its treatment of women.

Say what you will about the Protestants but many among their faith are at least willing to treat women with ‘some’ sense of equality. They’re allowed to hold high-ranking positions within their churches; even recognized as ministers. Attempts to do so within the Catholic Church are met with criticism and even retaliation from the Vatican in the form of excommunication.

After all, “Good Catholics don’t ordain women”.

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Immigration reform and a rebuttal from the O.C.

26 Jul

Photo montage of Statue of Liberty in front of a beautiful sunsetFirst off, I did not write what appears (below) in the ‘pink’ box. This was sent to me as an email by a friend.

That isn’t an attempt to distance myself from the sentiment expressed within the letter. I agree with pretty much all that was said; I just want you, the reader, to know that I cannot take credit for it.

I think it is a good thing that our nation is comprised of immigrants; many different peoples of many different colors and backgrounds. It gives us the diversity from which to grow stronger, imo.

There is, however, a process to go through in order to immigrate into the United States and if people are unwilling to comply with the process, or to show pride in the country to which they are trying to immigrant to (in this case, ours), they are more than welcome to return to their country of origin and be happy there.

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Ain’t that a kick in the seat!

09 Jul

DOMA Prop 8 PosterEvery fight for equality, from freeing the slaves(1) in America (further affected by the black civil rights movement) as well as woman’s suffrage and the eventual passage of the 19th Amendment(2), has been met with setbacks from time to time.

Similarly, each fight has eventually been won when cooler heads and open-minds were allowed to prevail.

Our country was founded on the premise that all men are created equal(3); that no one person, judged on his or her gender or race, among other considerations, is any lesser of a man or woman than any other citizen of the United States. This isn’t to say we haven’t our own fair share of history that is stained with bigotry, prejudice and attempts to oppress others but as our country grows and matures, so too do our attitudes and the documents upon which this great nation was built.

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An Open Letter to Martin Ssempa, pastor in Uganda

13 Jun

Thumbnail of Martin SsempaThe other day I wrote about pastor Martin Ssempa and his propaganda of hate in Uganda. The blog entry appears HERE and is simply entitled “For mature audiences only…” (I’ve made available within that entry a copy of Sempa’s nasty and adult oriented video.)

The more and more that I think about what he is doing over there the angrier I get so (this morning) I sent a message to him at his website, The contents of my message appear below.
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Special Privileges do exist (But we are Not the Ones Enjoying Them)

09 Aug

An open letter to all of faith who oppose GLBT equality:

In the interest of understanding you better please explain why homosexuality is of such importance to those who share a disdain of persons attracted to members of their own gender. I honestly do not get it. Fundamentalists and/or conservatives who themselves believe the bible teaches homosexuality is a sin use that [belief] as justification for judging us as second-class citizens, actively working to withhold certain legal and social (not faith-based) protections and/or rights. That is the “best case” scenario; at worst, our detractors use their prejudice to excuse
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Outrage Over AIG

15 Mar

aig2Knowing that I shouldn’t be I am still shocked this is happening. Are the executives at AIG really so damned stupid they believe they can continue to get away with pocketing ridiculous bonuses even after the company has accepted funds from the government in the form of a “bailout”?

We all know about the $440,000 they spent on a weekend retreat and we know about the 2nd retreat that was scheduled (cancelled only after public outrage over the first).

The ONLY people over at AIG who have earned any semblance of respect from me are prior CEO (Robert Willumstad) who turned down a $22 Million parachute severance package when he left the company and [maybe] the sitting CEO, Edward Liddy.
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