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An Open Letter to CBS

17 Aug

CBS's television shown, "Wheel of Fortune"You think your antics are going unnoticed but they aren’t. I get it, CBS has something to sell and Time Warner is your former (and now, prospective) customer. Am I a fan of Time Warner? No, I’m a former customer who cancelled their sorry butts over a year back because of their price-gouging. In fact, I’m a former consumer of cable television altogether, one who refuses to be held hostage by an exorbitant cable bill at the end of every month (but I digress).

The fact of the matter is Time Warner doesn’t like the pricing you (CBS) wish to charge for your product/service so they basically cancelled you just as I cancelled them last year.

We ALL know that’s the culprit behind the company’s decision to no longer carry the CBS channels (including Showtime) because we ALL know they’d still be airing those stations if they were agreeable with the fees you charge for the privilege of doing so.

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The power of Prejudice

01 Jan

I understand “some” (ONLY some) of the reasoning behind the Polynesian man’s statements in this video (at right) — but trust me when I say, “That does NOT mean that I support prejudice; I certainly do not” (even though I imagine each one of us entertains some prejudicial thoughts to one extent or another).

Watch the video. This is a clip from a show that aired for a season here in the United States, modeled after another award-winning program in the United Kingdom. In the pilot episode of “Without Prejudice”, one of the judges initially voted against the contestant only because he was black. When he was called out for his attitude, some of the justifications he gave were things like:

  • I don’t like ’em; I never have and I never will.
  • I’m sick and tired of people thinking we owe them something.
  • I’m tired of affirmative action.
  • We (anyone besides black people) don’t have an NAACP to come to our aid.
  • Polynesians don’t have a BET.

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Beefcake! Andrew Lee-Potts AND Rob Lowe II

19 Feb

Photo of actor Andrew Lee-PottsI was certainly a little harsh on the British in my last blog entry so in the spirit of making up, let me point out yet another scrumptious, good-looking little stud-muffin who hails from the United Kingdom. Yes, yes, another actor from Primeval; what can I say? He plays the part of “Connor” on the show and by God, he’s going to be my Valentine next year (he just doesn’t know it yet). ROFL!!!!

Well, my Valentine will either be Andrew Lee-Potts or Robert Lowe II — they both have some very redeeming qualities (but it’s Andrew’s kind demeanor, luscious lips and puppy-dog eyes that I crave … LOL)


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Beefcake! Ben Mansfield

16 Feb

Photo of actor Ben MansfieldHe plays the part of Captain Becker on Primeval and he is such a freaking STUD-MUFFIN! I am, of course, talking about Ben Mansfield…

I don’t know what it is about this television series but they have MORE than their fair share of cuties on the show. I’ll be sharing photos of a few other male actors from the series at later dates. Meanwhile, click on the image to the right to bring up a larger photo of stud’ly Ben. 😉


P.S. Here’s wishing you the best and naughtiest of dreams.

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George Sampson, dancer with heart!

18 Jul

He didn’t make it in 2007 but “Britain’s Got Talent” was not to have seen the last of him. George Sampson came back the following year, in 2008 and took the stage by storm. He comes off as a humble young man (well, kid really) but deserves every compliment and all of the rewards he is sure to reap in time. The kid has talent; clearly, as he went on to win the competition.

Watch his winning performance (below) as George Sampson dances his way to success.

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Are These People Serious???

08 Jun

Just like the little old ladies from the 1980’s who were always asking, “Where’s the beef?!!” … the question begs to be asked, “Where’s your head at?!!!” when reading comments such as those depicted in the image to the right. This apparently appeared in the Carlsbad Current Argus (the local newspaper in my hometown of Carlsbad, New Mexico).

I really have to wonder what this person was thinking. Does he or she REALLY believe meat products at the grocery store are simply “made there” and no animals were harmed in the process? Good Christ almighty, we really do need to do a bit more “edjuma’catin” if such people do truly exist.


Follow this link to see a Canadian commercial about breast exams which was banned. I don’t understand why they banned the commercial myself, aside from the simple fact that some people are entirely too sensitive and can’t see their way clear to be amused at the same time that we’re talking about a serious topic (cancer) — but that’s just me I suppose. Having already been down that road myself I understand the severity of cancer and I’m certainly not suggesting we “make light of it.” But I also realize life is short and we should loosen up a little bit and enjoy it while we have the opportunity to do so. At any rate feel free to check out the commercial. (Cam is cute! 😛 )



My Thoughts on American Idol (2009)

21 May

By now anyone who has followed American Idol this season is aware that Kris Allen was the front-runner in the competition. Adam (Lambert) came in second but the truth of the matter is that all top thirteen competitors were winners to some degree or another, especially the top three.

I generally don’t follow Idol unless or until someone catches my attention. I didn’t start watching it this year until I read something about Kris Allen (and saw a picture of the cute young man from Arkansas). I still wouldn’t have bothered to watch any of the episodes if the talents of Adam and Kris hadn’t caught my ear (they’re both, imo, really quite good). I believe that Adam is the stronger of the two in voice and showmanship; Kris is stronger, I think, at making a song his own vocally – and if I’m not mistaken he has written some of his own material as well. I’m not certain of that last point.

Regardless, it was a toss-up for me as to who was going to win the contest. I sort of expected Adam might [win] but somewhere in the back of my mind I suspected Kris would be the upset. I think Kris’s humble attitude and looks made him the darling of the teeny-bopper girls (and I admit, some of us perverted old men … LOL). For me I admit it was his uncanny resemblance to the first guy I fell for in my life [Paul], right down to the soft baby-stubble mustache above his upper lip. (And just like Kris, Paul was a damn good singer. He played the sax, was cute and had a beautiful voice; it’s no wonder I’ve a weakness for musicians.)

Danny Gokey deserves to be recognized as well. It’s rather sad that he lost his wife only a little over nine months ago but I’m hopeful he’ll receive a contract and will have the opportunity to share more of his music with others. I may not be Christianity’s ideal poster boy but all the same I enjoy listening to good gospel music from time to time (goes back to both Paul AND my upbringing) and I can see myself buying a Gokey CD if he were to release one.

As for some of the “professional” musicians and bands which made an appearance last evening on American Idol, some were impressive while others were not.

I’ll always enjoy Rod Stewart because his voice takes me right back to my late teens when I was working in radio. Granted, his voice is not ‘quite’ what it used to be but I wouldn’t expect that after all these years. I was surprised to discover Steve Martin has a musical side to him. I won’t say a lot about KISS other than to say they put on a good show, just as they always do—but it’d be really nice if the ‘new’ group could take it upon themselves to come up with some NEW material rather than just riding on the coat-tails of those who came before. Actually, this begs the question: SHOULD a band’s name survive unto perpetuity even when few (or ANY) of the members of said band were around when the band came into being – especially when they seem unwilling to do any new material??? Just a thought.

It was nice to hear an old song from Queen as well. (None of you young whipper-snappers will have as much appreciation for these OLD songs as some of the rest of us, I am certain. ROFL!!! Lord, I’m getting old.)

I’m not sure what to say about the “Black Eyed Peas.” As I was watching the show and listening to the lyrics and all at once the audio went silent and the “American Idol” logo started revolving about on the screen it occurred to me that their lyrics were, as are FAR TOO MANY today, too nasty at that point to air. Considering that the phrase that aired just prior to the censoring ended in “swaggot” (or something like that) I speculated that the following phrase was homophobic. At that point I said to hell with it and fast-forwarded the DVR past the group’s shot on the stage. It may not make a damn bit of difference to the promoters but there are some things I won’t tolerate; language, especially that which I believe to be prejudice and degrading, is right up there at the top of the list. If in fact I was correct to believe their lyrics were homophobic (and I suppose only somebody who’s heard the full song can say whether it is or not) than American Idol should be shamed for even including them in the lineup. Doing so may determine whether I EVER take the time to watch the show in the future. Okay, ‘nuff said about that.

Now, as for those who are trying to turn this into a gay vs. straight thing (I’ve been reading a lot of that shit on various “Non-MySpace” blogs across the net), I think that’s preposterous and saying such things cheapens both finalists by distracting us from the awesome talent imbued by both Kris [Allen] and Adam [Lambert]. Yes, it seems apparent that the “New Life Church” of which Kris is a member rallied behind him but the same is true of Adam and his own following. That’s all a part of the game, folks; it isn’t “JUST” about who has the better voice but who [ultimately] motivates the most voters to call or text in. I’m not saying that there aren’t some who allowed their feelings for Adam’s sexuality to taint their opinions of him (see footnote below) but to suggest this was the primary reason that Adam lost is an insult to the man and his talent.

What are some of your thoughts on the show and on this year’s front-runner?


I’ve a cousin who made a comment to me via a social networking site last evening, claiming he felt Adam had an awesome voice but that he (my cousin) was ‘repulsed’ by him for what he only described as “obvious reasons.” I’ve given him an opportunity to explain what he means by this but I’m fairly certain already that his reasoning is because Adam is gay. I can only say “kiss my ass!” in response to that kind of thinking — and if he ever grows a pair and owns up to his prejudice, that WILL be my response.


Alive and Well

11 Feb

Not to worry, I’m alive (though there were a few minutes this evening that I was pretty danged concerned that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time!) We had a pretty furious storm line flow through, the worst hitting us at about 9:45 to 10:00 p.m. while I was out in the garage making room for the truck (long story). All of a sudden I’m in the garage stacking crates of boxes up against the wall and I hear what sounds like a damn freight train rolling through in the distance. “Um, I am SOOOOooo stupid for being out HERE in the garage with nothing to take cover under – but cardboard!” LOL! Okay, well – good thing is the garage is now repacked and the truck is safely inside. (Come to think of it I guess I should run out there and hook the garage door opener back up. I had disconnected it in case the power went out so that I could still get the truck out if necessary.) Anyways, the storm appears to be over and I have not been blown [away]. hahaha

Sidebar: I’m watching TMZ on television while I’m typing up this blog. I’m not normally into guys with long hair but there’s this young blonde guy on the show with the most gorgeous complexion, manly face and kissable lips! Hubba-hubba. Lord, just let me win the lottery tonight so I can head on over to TMZ headquarters to see if blondie wants a sugar-daddy! ROFL!! (Just kidding – or am I? :D)

Ya, ya, ya… I’m all over the place today with my blog. Sorry. It happens sometimes. (Jeff’s ADD must have rubbed off on me this evening, all the way from the East coast. “Hey Jeff! Take this ADD thing back [please]. It’s SOOOoo difficult to concentrate on one thing. ;-)” Oh well, I guess Jeff is too busy ironing his Christmas ‘shirt’ or thawing out the chick in his freezer. *giggles* 😀

So, former ultimate fighter Jon Koppenhaver (aka “War Machine”) gets busted at the Krave Nightclub in Los Angeles for fighting. Poor Jon; I wonder what the problem was. Did he get rebuffed by the stud on stage? What a dill-weed!

And there’s been much to-do about Michael Phelps taking a pull off a bong during a party (as evidenced by a picture taken by another in attendance at the party). Whatever. Michael’s a big boy; he’ll survive this. After all, Rob Lowe survived the release of those amateur videos of him and another guy bonking an underage girl way back when and just look where HIS career is today! Michael will no doubt weather the storm. But here’s my take on the situation nonetheless. As I told another friend of mine earlier today I really don’t have a problem with people smoking weed so long as they’re still “present enough” to take care of their responsibilities, aren’t “tokin and driving” (thus risking an accident that could bring harm to others) and aren’t stealing to support their habit. Pot does nothing for me and I’m content to get my own highs out of “LIFE” but to each his (or her) own. I do, however, draw the line at HARD drugs. I’ve seen too many people’s lives go down the toilet when they decided they needed something much stronger to get their high from – plus those who do the harder stuff usually end up doing REALLY stupid things to support their habit (like stealing from family – like I suspect my cousin of having done with my own mom). In point of fact, I’ve got TWO cousins who are addicted to the stronger drugs – and I’ve disowned both of them. Even Mom knows not to bring them up in any discussions we have on any given day. …but as far as Michael Phelps smoking a bit of pot at that party; I really don’t care.

Kellogg’s, on the other hand, has chosen not to renew their endorsement of Michael Phelps at the end of this month as a result of his actions. There are those who are finding fault with Kellogg’s decision but I don’t fault them at all. As I said, Michael [Phelps] is a big boy and certainly he knows that everything he does is going to be subject to public opinion. As such he also knows, better than most maybe, that there are consequences to one’s actions. Furthermore, it’s Kellogg’s right to weigh the pros and cons any association they might have with a public persona who is caught breaking the law (even if it’s a law that I don’t necessarily agree whole-heartedly with). Bottom line, Michael will be fine – and I STILL very much respect the talent he exudes in the pool. (That said, he does come off as a stoner on video. LOL!) ..but there’s much more important things to worry about.

Okay, well – I’ve taken up enough of everyone’s time with my silliness tonight. I think I’ll go do a search on TMZ’s website and find out who this cute blonde hunk on there is! 😛



Top Design's "Preston"

03 Nov

The Pains of Change (and getting older)… (c;

12 Oct

Most of us will not be affected by televisions no longer broadcasting in analog in February of next year. Many if not most of my friends who are reading this blog already have sets which are capable of receiving digital signals (I imagine)—but some of you still have elderly family members that I’d bet are going to look a LOT like this lady come next year. Watch the video. It’s highly entertaining (at the expense of those who have been hesitant to embrace the technology of the present/future)… I’m SOOOooo missing my Granny Smith today, after watching this video. This is SOOoo what she would have been like. (Well, eventually—she probably would have thrown the television set through the front window and gone out to purchase a digital set rather than go through all of this hullabulloo.)

Enjoy the vid!