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YouTube getting more and more annoying

25 Jan

I wrote the following in response to a post in the YouTube Community Help Forum. The individual who had begun the thread, mrwadlo, was talking about how his account had been deleted after years of existence, with no provocation and with no real warning or a reasonable explanation.

@mrwadlo, none of this surprises me.

I found my way here while trying to find somebody to email regarding YouTube/Google’s popups and the fact that they have commercials playing WITH AUDIO that constantly interfere with my attempting to WATCH content I’d specifically come to the site to view and listen to.

YouTube and Google are quickly losing any small amount of respect I ‘may’ have had for either service.

They do not make it easy for a viewer/contributing partner to make contact with them. In fact, they do everything they can to DISCOURAGE any real, meaningful 2-way conversation that might benefit either party.

And for the record, if I wanted to be redirected to some other damned page to view a commercial for Windows 7 tuneup or some such other windows programming crap commercial – I’d have Google’d the subject matter and gone there myself. Quit opening pages on my damned behalf, Google!

Furthermore, how does it make sense (to anyone save those who are intelligence-impaired) for a service to automatically start playing a commercial with audio while a viewer is already watching and listening to real content, both video and audio? Your willingness to pull this crap only makes it impossible for the viewer to enjoy the video HE/SHE chose to watch and totally negates any value to the company advertising with you as the commercial is as well, unintelligible. Google, you do yourself a disservice by discouraging viewers from visiting the site when you pull this crap. Just as important, you CERTAINLY are not motivating viewers to purchase products and services from those who advertise with you (because when this happens I immediately place those businesses on my “I won’t buy a damn thing from you if you’re the last company standing” list. Advertisers, take note!)

YouTube = fail
Google  = fail

Now let The Lady From Uncle and all of the little Google-fanboys and fangirls come out from under their rocks to say what a ridiculous rant this has been and what an ass I’ve made of myself. (Do I care what they think? Nope, not really.)

As to what you have experienced, mrwadlo, I’m sorry this happened to you.

I feel your frustration and completely understand your anger over this. I’d feel similarly.

To those who feel that seven (7) days isn’t enough time for Google to have responded, you’re a part of the problem. You are giving the provider “the excuse they need to NOT improve their response times.” They will never be motivated to give an indication they even give a crap about their contributors or their viewers if you do not band together and make your disappointment in the service known.

Instead of assuming the worst of mrwadlo, perhaps you should instead look at the track record of service providers who have [obviously] made some very questionable decisions.

Such service providers have indicated time and again (through their actions) they are afraid to encourage REAL conversation and (in the case of Facebook, anyway) some have gone public with no tangible product to offer in return for their highly overrated and ‘perceived’ [stock] value.


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Sex Ed of the Past (1942)

08 Feb

OMG! The places I end up when I go travelling around Youtube… {shakes-head-in-disbelief} LOL

While sex education and protecting oneself against sexually transmitted diseases is very important (VERY important!), I wasn’t quite expecting to stumble across this 1942 US Navy training film about sex hygiene when I went online earlier today.

(I might add, God have mercy on my soul but I DON’T want to be sitting on one of those cold-ass seats built into the sink described as a “prophylactic station” back in those days either! Might just as well shove an ice cube up my ass and call it a day if my poor tushy has to be exposed to such a harsh change in temperature. ROFL)

All kidding aside, I totally agree with one of the comments made in response to the video.

“OMG!!! So ##ing awesome!!! Why can’t we go back to the days when they just gave people simple straight forward information that promoted general well being! Sure it should be updated for 2012 and include homosexual contact as well… but see the military knew from the get go!! Put on a ##ing rain coat!! No glove… no love!!”


And the comment “made-in-China condoms are 20 percent too small”… Funny! (and true, sorry to say). At least this video was easier to stomach than the one about the death of Herman, the pimple Don’t click on that last link! Don’t. Don’t. (I knew you would! LOL)

Have a great day!


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The power of Prejudice

01 Jan

I understand “some” (ONLY some) of the reasoning behind the Polynesian man’s statements in this video (at right) — but trust me when I say, “That does NOT mean that I support prejudice; I certainly do not” (even though I imagine each one of us entertains some prejudicial thoughts to one extent or another).

Watch the video. This is a clip from a show that aired for a season here in the United States, modeled after another award-winning program in the United Kingdom. In the pilot episode of “Without Prejudice”, one of the judges initially voted against the contestant only because he was black. When he was called out for his attitude, some of the justifications he gave were things like:

  • I don’t like ’em; I never have and I never will.
  • I’m sick and tired of people thinking we owe them something.
  • I’m tired of affirmative action.
  • We (anyone besides black people) don’t have an NAACP to come to our aid.
  • Polynesians don’t have a BET.

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Is It Real? (Does That Matter?)

05 Dec

A 13-year-old boy posts a very moving video on YouTube in August of this year. The video goes viral because it comes across as sincere and hits so close to home for many young kids; both, today and many [kids] we can no longer help. Most of Jonah’s friends have moved on to high school and at the time he posted the video, he only had one person whom he considered to be a really good friend left in middle school. From the video, it’s painfully obvious he is hurting.

Fast-forward four months and Jonah posts a follow-up video with his friend, Kira(sp?)—telling everyone he is really popular in his school and everybody likes him. There was a backlash and many viewers felt he had lied in his earlier video. (Apparently, if you’re depressed and have ever been suicidal, you’re supposed to remain that way and never get better. *sigh*)

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Pride (and Prop.8)

08 Aug

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George Sampson, dancer with heart!

18 Jul

He didn’t make it in 2007 but “Britain’s Got Talent” was not to have seen the last of him. George Sampson came back the following year, in 2008 and took the stage by storm. He comes off as a humble young man (well, kid really) but deserves every compliment and all of the rewards he is sure to reap in time. The kid has talent; clearly, as he went on to win the competition.

Watch his winning performance (below) as George Sampson dances his way to success.

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Pray for Power

10 Jul

Photo of Hibiki Kono

Modern-day Spidey, Hibiki Kono of Cambridge.

Yep, all is well until the power goes off…

“Hibiki Kono of Cambridge, England, is sucking up lots of media attention because of a wall-climbing device he invented that uses two 15-pound vacuum cleaners. You don’t have to ask this kid who his favorite superhero is. Not surprisingly, it’s Spider-Man.”

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    Lest’ you think that Hibiki was the first person to think of this (he wasn’t). Watch as Jem, from the BBC’s “Bang Goes the Theory” scales the BBC’s White City building in West London.
  • ‘Spiderman’ Vacuum Gloves Part 2:
    Can Jem make it to the top at the BBC, with just suction gloves built from ordinary vacuum cleaners?


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Warning! For mature audiences only..

11 Jun

Don’t watch this video if you have a weak stomach in combination with a vivid imagination or no sense of humor.

It shouldn’t but it never ceases to surprise me how some people just do not understand that you cannot put everybody in a box. I mean, I’ve heard the stereotypical comments that all black people are lazy (not true). I’ve heard some refer to all Mexicans as “illegal aliens” (not true). I’ve heard the claims that all Puerto Ricans are thieves (not true). On a more personal note and on any given day
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Somebody Asked If I Would

28 Jun

Someone asked if I was going to blog about this. I thought long and hard about it, opting not to at first but having seen the onslaught of jokes and knowing that it’s probably going to be an “open season” on the man for at least another month, I might just as well say my piece. Ever since the news of the death of Michael Jackson came out I’ve more or less held my tongue (but many have not). Now I’m going to explain my position; my opinion of the man and my response to what so many have accused him of. I won’t argue and speculate further on whether he was or wasn’t guilty of molesting some of the children he spent time with. I wasn’t there, I never knew the man personally and now he’s dead. It’s entirely without merit to argue about it without any real perspective or knowledge of “the FACTS.” That said I do want to make a couple of points and that will be all I’ll say on the matter.

So often is the case where our minds are made up by what we see in the press, on television and hear from our peers as being factual. Never mind that the media, as well as our favorite gossip ragazine found on the racks at the checkout line of the local grocery store, are each competing in the same game. They’re all attempting to grab our attention via sensationalism. With that in mind and at the risk of offending some by seemingly defending someone whose interest in children has long been speculated over I’ll speak my piece, shut up and turn the floor over to others to voice their own opinions if they wish.
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I Love You

11 Jun

It is the phrase we all yearn to hear; just three little words which when spoken by the right person makes our heart skip a beat, our hormones to rage and results in a level of joy that is addictive.

As teenagers we begin to develop dreams of what we want our future to include; from choosing a career upon which to embark to the kind of car we will drive or where we might live. Many will model their [adult] lives after those of their parents, looking forward to the day when they have children of their own and a wife or husband to stand by their side. But even if children aren’t a part of their plans pretty much all of us long for the love of a partner with whom we can share our life. For some, he or she may represent validation; that we are in fact a decent person who is “worthy” of being loved. Others need no such affirmation but simply enjoy the feelings which accompany sharing one’s life selflessly with another. One who “makes everything that much more REAL; that much more vibrant and meaningful.” As a couple they can’t imagine what their lives would be like without the other.

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